Blan's Guide to Buttons

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This tutorial teaches how to make buttons using AS 2.0. If it doesn't work with AS 3.0 (Flash versions CS3 or above), that's probably why.

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This is a tutorial for beginners on how to make buttons lead to other frames. Please leave reviews on how I can make this better if it isn't already decent! Thank you and good day.

And also, thanks again Tom for adding this to Flash Help.


So simple

....that anyone , and eveyone knows how to make buttons now. I'm still wondering why this crap is on the tutorials page and is still 4+. Animations are too fast, too easy to understand, and is too easy to even be worth looking at.

You fail.

I must give you a 10 out of 10 for making a such a great tutorial (because I AM SHIT FUCKING SICK OF THOSE CRAPPY LOW GRADE BULLSHIT ONES!!!!!!YARGHRGRHGRHGRHG!!). But you fail sorry :(

I put in the action script for stopping a frame (in my frame of course) and I can't get it to work. I press enter and it does not stop at all. I seriously just want to get good at flash so that I can start fucking making something.

Anyways, like I said, this is a good tutorial. It is clear and simple. You can't get lost (unless you don't notice the retractable actions toolbar and only see the properties one that pops up when you click actions) and the humour generally creates a kind atmosphere. I actually enjoy this tutorial. I just hate when the music gets fast. >:(

as never works

this very helpful but i tried to use as and it said an error and it will play anyway so it is a click able rectangle that will keep repeating help me

thankyou sooooo much!!

I finally got the hang of buttons thx to u ^.^


I found six palm trees, lol.

Thanks a bunch, loverly guild and nice music! ;D

I was going to give you a rating of how many palm trees I found, but your guild deserves a better rating than that. Well done! :]

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Jun 26, 2006
1:21 PM EDT