Metal Gear Toast 3

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*HOLY SHIT! Front page! All my years of hard work have finally paid off! THANK YOU NEWGROUNDS!*
*You'll either really love this or really hate this. Either way, give me some constructive criticism. I apologize if my responses are harsh, but some of your reviews are pretty damn unnecessarily harsh as well!*

Solid Snake stars in the most hilarious and random adventure he's ever faced! You'll never guess what crazy thing will happen next, and you'll be laughing the whole time at the pure sexyness that is this humor-filled masterpiece! This is my 10th flash animation, so I went all out to make sure this is the best I've ever created!

So, sit back and enjoy the ride, it's one you soon won't forget!


Farewell MGT!

I see where are you going with that speech. Like you did this ep just for the sake of ending the series. Seems that you're having a lot of fun at college, every weekend getting drunk and stuff. MGT will be missed :)

About the flash, it wasnt as good as the other two. While the other two were random and funny it still had some story (defeating MGT, evil silly buns guy, + random shit) this flash only has random shit. It lacked something or maybe Im just sad that MGT ended :P

I hope to see more of your work.

(If I had to give it a real score it'd be 7, but I'll give ya 10 cuz you're that awesome :)


There is no other way about. We've all been waiting for MGT3 for ages. And it turned out alright! A few bits were... Wateva. But the majority of the film was fucking hilarious. The muth' fuckin' cats on the plane was great. Maybe you could make another flash movies about the mutha fuckin cats. That would be seen.

yeah that was definitly random.....

I laughed so hard.......its no metal gear awesome
but it still kicks a large quantity of ass!


this was funny shit the last boat that fell on snake great reference. keep it up

omg soooooooo funny

dude u are so fuckin cool

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4.02 / 5.00

Jun 26, 2006
2:50 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody