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This was created YEARS ago, so don't play it. Seriously.


Doesn't really need anything..

Well I played your game about snow first, and comparing the two it seems you just took the basic idea from this game and changed the blocks to snowflakes really for that one.

That being said I find this one is much better. I like the music, the graphics are better, and it just plays better.

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(( FUN ))

This was fun, it was very fast though, fun game and nice graphics like the color wals and such, anyways nice feel to a classic game, nice job.

Maybe make the screen abit larger if you could.

A fun classic with fast paced action.



Very nice, maybe add a little variation with the blocks, also slow down the ball/paddle and increase the framerate to make it smoother.

i rember this on ps1, it kicked ass

graphics - to grey, make the paddle and ball different coulour

style - this rekindled all my child hood memorys of the game on ps1. thank you!

sound - i dont like that sort of music but it went well with the game

violence - there was none but none was needed, so i gave 5

interactivity - needs to be controled by the mouse, like the game apple eater. also make the ball slower and coulour the pad and ball

humour - was none, you could have done some, like a walking talking pad at the start. shame on you!

overall - you deffinatly need to change the coulour of the pad and ball, and may want to think about moving the pad with the mouse.
other than that well done dude! 4/5! i want it to stay. and yes, my auras light.

not bad

There are a few details that need to be looked at.

One the back ground tends to make it hard to see the ball, if the logo wasn't there or was less apparent it would make it less of a headache to follow the ball.

Also the paddle is slower then the ball moves, this makes it very difficult to keep up with the fast moving ball

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2.27 / 5.00

Jun 25, 2006
10:45 PM EDT
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