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I'd like to thank all of j00 for the daily feature and i'd also like to than Tom for the front page!

PICONJO's Back!! We're finally back with a New movie, 35+ hours of work went into this masterpeice, I hope j00 all <3 teh Final episode of teh Piconjo Confession saga.

Don't forget to e-mail Tom Fulp and tell him how much you want this on the front page, E-mail: ( tom@newgrounds.com )show teh <3!

~piconjo <3s j00

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This is easily the best in the whole series. It's mostly because it actually has stuff going on! I liked when LegendaryFrog said he loved Piconjo. It actually is kind of sad. I thought you were making a Dragonball reference. Instead, it was just a ball reference.

I'm glad this wasn't THAT vulgar. There's still dick sucking. It's a great way to end this series. Well, I never thought it was that good. Um, it doesn't say you won a Daily Feature.


You know what I like best about Piconjo? Even though he's > all of us, he still <3's us all. That's class right there.

Not Good...

LF is a talentless idiot with a sense of humour that is utterly unbearable to watch in his animations, you on the other hand Piconjo are a very entertaining internet persona with a sense of humour that I personally find to be funny. Sometimes you can be entertaining other times you fail outrightly.

This flash animation of yours can unfortunatly be placed under your 'failures' CV.

(( LOL ))

lol it was funny, not sure if its really the ending, but i like it somewhat random at times, but had me laughing aswell so nice flash very funny stuff.

Make more, but with some compression lol

Funny and entertaining as they all are.


T_T awesome

ññ I hope this´s true n piconjo´s back