Gamma Bros

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GAME INFO (controls, powerup info, etc) is in the "info" section on the main game screen.

If you want to play this game bigger (fullscreen), faster and with higher quality audio, please visit games.pixeljam.com to get the downloadable home game. Mac and PC versions available.


The Gamma Brothers spend their days working in a huge space station near Jupiter. What could they possibly be working on? Something very important, no doubt.

The Gamma Brothers also understand the importance of not working. Every day at quitting time they hop into their commuter vehices for the long, difficult journey back to earth. Every day, to and from work, they must survive many vicious and clever alien attacks!

It is up to YOU to guide the Gamma Brothers home. Prepare yourself for the ultimate space commute battle!

CONTROL : A,W,S,D fires in 4 directions, and directional keys move. You can reconfigure this under the game's "info" section. The controls may seem strange at first, but it's necessary for the more intense parts of the game. You'll get used to it quickly.

In the hangar, press 'return' to select your player.

Collect coins to buy better weapons from the little orange space capitalist who shows up every now and then.

Shoot asteroids to collect gems, which may come in handy later.

Your bro will come by every now and then for a tag team. This will probably help out if you take too much damage.

If you want to jump right into crazy action, use the level password GOLVL2.

Visit www.pixeljam.com for more games and pixel art!


Art: Richard Grillotti (rg.org)
Programming: Miles Tilmann (webhole.com)
Music + Sound: Mark DeNardo (markdenardo.com)


this game is ok

the problem i had with the game is the controls

Nice game!

I liked it. It was something new, with this arcade feeling the guy before were talking about. The graphics and sounds are excellent too! Good work!

Fun and Addicting

MAn i spent so long playing this game. It is soooooo addicting and a bit challenging. Great job

Quite interesting

Like a combination of Robotron(control scheme) and... something I have yet to play(seriously). It's much different than my favorite SHUMPs. R-Type is harder and much more memory based, Gradius has a different powerup scheme, Thunder Force and Side Arms let you have multiple weapons at a time, Aleste has a wider variety, blah blah blah. On the plus side, it's fun, addictive, challenging, etc. Had this game been released in arcades perhaps around in the mid or late 80s, it would've been a big hit.

A Great Old-School-Style Classic

This game is flawlessly modeled after the old-school, Atari-style, pixellated space games of yore. You control a small man in a small, nondescript space ship, in a top-down shooter, blasting wave after wave of progressively more difficult enemies. Destroyed enemies yield temporary powerups and coins, which are used to buy permanent weapon and ship upgrades available between levels. There are close to a dozen upgrades, as well as bosses, and opportunities to switch pilots between levels. It's not too difficult of a game, but it's certainly not something you can fall asleep playing.

The little details in this game are impressive. When your ship's life bar runs out, you don't just explode. Your little pilot jumps out and fires his weapon by hand. And when your other pilot buys a new ship, your ship-less pilot shows up to claim the old one. There's even a slight modification to the ending if one of your men makes it home without a shop. The sounds are classic. All manner of little bleeps, bloops, and buzzes you'd expect from an old-school game like this. Every enemy possesses unique sounds, movements, methods of attack. While the game, itself, is so simple, the detail behind it is impressive. That shows polish.

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4.21 / 5.00

Jun 25, 2006
8:17 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight