V.01 - Chapter 0

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Heres a short piece I made. Its just the introduction to what is to come from the 'V.01' series. Didn't take me too long to put together.

Its also posted it on Deviant Art.



Very Nice

Hey Jade, Loid here. Nice work, Im guessing Jade is some kinda machine? Or is this a flash to represent your Stories you wrote on Deviant? Well nice job there :D To bad I dont play graal anymore or I'd Huggle you with my Zombie Loid!

jadeus responds:

Yep.. Well its the start of many, hopefully. *Hug* Thx luv. <3

Interesting but.....

It won't be worth anything if this is all there is. You said it was an intro. If you make a compelling story to go along with this intro I'm sure it'll be great.


Good work Jade. o_o In the story I didn't expect the intro to be that long, but that's good 'nough. The graphics are maybe a bit crumby here and there, but the whole atmosphere compensate for this. ^ ^

Keep it up, and bring in the other chapters! >:3

jadeus responds:

Aw, thanks Lance <3. I'll try, but you know how slow I am.

The graphics need major work, I agree. Thanks for the review, Vardo >=D


This is good for an introduction to the story, but there should have been more, but still make more so we can see the rest of the story :)

need more

Keep up the great work! I eagerly await new chapters.

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Jun 25, 2006
7:32 AM EDT
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