NG Assassin Ep2

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Mission 2

The NG Assassin and Wade Join forces to kill more Ng characters.

This is not Anti Newgrounds.



I really couldn't stand the graphics, the blood came in huge brush tool blobs which looks terrible, some of the characters looked a little bad... and at the end, the tweens looked awful.
Otherwise, its a good idea, keep at it.

SirHappy666 responds:



Heh, always wanted to leave a review for this. So here it is!
The graphics look like they coud use improvment, but i can't tell you where, i just can't! - Becouse i suck at flash drawings.
The syle was, was avarage. althou i liked the hole squishing part. thats why i gave it a 9. But i mean what is stylish in squishing? :P
I din't find the music to suit the flash very well, i really don't know why. In my opinion it just dint fit!
Since you are looking for improvements and ideas, I'l give you some.
~Maybe add a slow motion effect? When you actually do it, the music should go down and you could add a heart beat.
~Some stunts, for an exampel wall fliping.
~The NG must add more resistance and fight back, poeple erm... flashdrawings don't just want to die!
~Thunder, rain, car, sound effectss etc. The flash can be crap, but if it has very good sound it can still reach the frontpage, as a wise man once said. The sounds will give the flash the mood you want, if used correctly offcorse.
~Maybe give the main character a mouth or a nose or just some evil NG squishing looking eyes? I have NO idea how to NG squishing eyes look like.
~Ambushes, traps, mines, TNT, guns, ammo, rifles, bullet, tanks, missiles, tow, law, aka-47. Those are just some random words that i hope woud help you.
~A came up with 4 new scenarios for a flash, while writing this review.
¤ A meeting, the killer meets the spy, who gives him information on the NG characters, but it turns out that he is one of them and he must die.[Rain, city, traps, cloak]
¤ The killer could make an ambush on some NG characters.[Village, law, Africa, mines, tank support]
¤ If you like to use sound- and special effects, you could make a an episodes where some of the NG characters run away from the Killer, but end up dead, becouse they ran in his traps.[Jungel, forest, panic, low vision, scared, traps, bits]
¤ Final fight with Tom he could resurrect all of the killed characters and act like god.
~Wades head should be in every episode, it coud be a symbol or something.
~I don't know if you are allready, but use a skeleton they make the character look very, very realistic.

I hope these help somehow, sorry about my poor English
Hope you have fun!

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SirHappy666 responds:

Wow big review..

Some good Ideas, If I make another one I'll try an do a few of them. But the Ng assassin is faceless and always will be


I LIKE THIS because i wont to kill tom in real life and the rest of new grounds LMAO just kidding but it was OK

SirHappy666 responds:

Tom will be killed in the Next one I think, But only in cartoon form.


I mean, out of all the way's of killing, could there have been more choices than using just squishing?!? There was a lot of problems with this flash; e.g. the bad syncing. It needs work.

SirHappy666 responds:

I dont know what you mean when you say Bad syncing, Your the first person to say anything like that.

Make more plz

It would be better then the first if he killed them in more ways of squashing but still damn good. Tell those voices in ur head to make more.

SirHappy666 responds:

Maybe I'll pull the heads of things if I make another one. But I didnt really want it to be too gruesome

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