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I made this movie before,and i tried to improve it. so thanks for all the reviews!

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lol, mumu

i like the music... pluuuus i looove tom clancyc splintercel, whoooaa, bet u didnt expect that huh? no0t a bad try, ur thinking but still could work on some better graphics... ps. there used to be shit load of splintercell spoofs and shmoofs n parodies n shit on splintercell where that all go? ps u know any websites that i could get or download videogame music from? send a few linkd if u know... or any1 pretty pretty puh puh puh please id appreash that alot!!!

wow Sam Fischer really let himself go

and I didn't know they made a stealth MuMu.

but I actually kinda enjoyed it u know with all the infiltration and the helicopters and such.

Not bad

The animation could have been a little better but this wasn't a bad attempt :)

not bad infact i like it

it wasnt the greatest cartoon i have ever seen but if this is your first one then good on yeah. if you could add more voice then it would be good but over all it was ok.



It wasnt bad, paint graphics are never really good though, and you had sound but no voices... The speech goes too quickly at one point too for you to read it.
Just wondering, whats the theme tune to that? I always liked it but i've never known the actual name of the song.
Make more =)

shittingsheep responds:

thanks for your review, but the speech is just too show that he talks, it aint interesting what he sais.. the name of the song is just "Matrix batlle theme"..^^thanks

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Jun 24, 2006
5:24 AM EDT
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