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is it any good?

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Quite decent.

There's highlights with the frame by frame work. But it really needs more of a dignifying plot.

Very nice graphics

this was nice it had some nice graphics, smooth looking characters, but also looped, seemed abit shorty aswell, but had nice graphics, and good detail, This flash needs a "STOP-ACTION-CODE" it will help for the looping that the flash does, it will make it so that the user presses play and at the end replay, you will also need the propper "PLAY" and "REPLAY" buttons aswell, feel free to stop by the "FLASH" Forums on the newground BBS as they will help you on how to add this script into your flash. so stop by the forums on here newgrounds, and do a sreach for "flash help" or "STOP-ACTION-CODE" and your terms should bring you to the actual stop action code or other help that will help you in stoping the loop., anyways notbad.

Keep up the good work.



good you could make an interactive series wiv dis. just add sound.

Good effort

Of course, it's short and uneventful, but it's animated pretty well, and I like the style. keep working towards better quality.


there is a start, but you must have sound, whit out sound a movie suck, the graphics are nice, and the style too, but you need a prelouder, you can download one from newgrounds,
on the page where all the flash stuff is explaint, maybe its usefull
just add some sound, and you can make some nice flash!

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2.00 / 5.00

Jun 23, 2006
6:34 AM EDT
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