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A Side Of Stupidity

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Spaghetti with a side of stupidity. Another random pointless short. Now with subtitles!

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This was abit short, but i found it to be funny and entertaining, the character work was neat, nicee depth and detail, especialy the one guys har hehe, but as for the flash it had some good humor to it, but i thought it should be abit longer, anyways nice job, keep up the
decent flash work.

Make it longer and add some more humor and funny jokes.

Funny and entertaining with decent humor.


you dont need 2 flash submissions

i saw your 2nd episode first.
it led me to watch this one.
you can just put them together.
and i dont get the point of both.

IMMonkey responds:

You should've watched episode 1 first as the description said.

Kind of stupid

^^Good Points^^
In parts of this the drawings were pretty good. The background was drawn well and the guy on the couch was drawn well, as well as the penguin. I liked your voice overs too. The accent sounded natural, and foreign people always make things funnier!

^^Needs Improving^^
The guy who said he had a penguin is drawn horribly compared to your other characters. I'm not sure what happened, but this looks pretty bad. The randomness in this isn't very funny to me. It gave me a little smile, but it's just too random.

IMMonkey responds:

While I agree with your comments, I think you were a little harsh with your scoring.

Its good but thier voices are unclear

This is another one of those shorts that try to be funny by being random, but this one pulled it off :) My only real problem was that I couldn't understand what they were saying, other than that it was a decent flash

IMMonkey responds:

Thank you.


I get that all the dam time, this flash is so true. u know what the next person who only has a penguin when i want spaghetti, im gonne hit him!....

IMMonkey responds:

Don't you just hate that? :P