VG Quiz 01: BoF I

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Video Game Quiz 01: Breath of Fire I

I made this quiz today because I was bored. I am pretty happy with the way it turned out, and will probably make more. There are a total of twenty questions all about the original game, Breath of Fire, no the entire series. Have fun!

**I respond to all reviews**

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whatever happend to them dancing girls? why did the american cover art make ryu look all buff and manly? (cause he wernt -_-). I was really surprised when i first played (waaay back there). I was expecting some kind of big manly hero but....there was ryu. my favorite game series ever.


I didn't know anyone played BoF 1 except for me. I guess u need to have played it to like the quiz, seeing the ppl below me. 1 point is there should be a reward at the end to make it better.

FattyWhale responds:


i liked it

it was pretty good

i like the pix u put in it where did u find them?

it was alright the music was pretty good

im a pretty big fan of the bof series so ill bless u wit a 5 my dude ;)

keep at it man

FattyWhale responds:

The images were found from a few different fansites, don't really remember exactly which ones at this point


Well,i's a good quiz, but some of theanswers an't be read since in the middle of the quiz there is a backround with way too much white in it, and the last questions are impossible to see, that's probably the most important fact. Maybe it's not necessary to put BoF MIDIs, there are some types of music that could fit well, you shoul also eliminate the checkpoints, at the end that was confusing.

FattyWhale responds:

Hmmm... I don't see how BoF music isn't the best choice for this. And everyone likes checkpoints.

Relatively plain, but not too bad.

Well, I know pretty much nothing about BoF, so I can't rate the questions themselves. That being said, the quiz itself could've been made better. The background was alright, but the buttons felt too simplstic for me. The music was cool, though I would've liked it to turn off when you switched to a different track instead of havig nto click the x. I do like that you threw in 4 songs though.

FattyWhale responds:

Next time I will make each button stop the sound from the previous sound.

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Jun 22, 2006
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