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Ok, this one got less Outtakes mainly because I've been busy on my school work. However it does inculed a good fight scene. Also it goes faster, as many people wanted the Flash movie to go more fast. (reason why I cut the opening off)

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(( this was entertaining ))

lol this was funny made me laugh abit, the characters were neat could have more sharper looking ones but i liked it and it was funny, nice job.

could use some slight reduction in size but not by much.

Funny animation.



these bloopers are freaking AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great that Sonic didn't die as much

The ones from this one was pretty cool also. The beginning was pretty when Sonic was running on the desktop then like "Huh?" when Metal Sonic ran into the Internet Explorer thing and went to Dress-up Ladies. Tails always seems to die a lot in these kinds of things thuogh, but meh. Shadow at the end was also kind of funny, with all that bling and trying to be cool

So bloody.........

I only liked it because Tails(FURBALL)was getting killed.I'd kill Tails.Only if I can make flashes.....--

When I make a flash,TAILS THE FURBALL WILL DIE!!!!>=)

LOL (again)

heh this is just as good as the first one

lol air terminal was my fav