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Cackletta's Revenge (SE)

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Author Comments

Since most of you are clueless about the story...
"Fawful brews the potion he is making with glee. He knows that once he finishes the potion he can revive his long lost master Cackletta. The bubbles have risen, and the potion is ready. Cackletta, come back from the dead..."

ok, now this one is extended, and actually has music. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. If you liked or hated my submission, please write a reveiw. It will help me on what to improve. Also, if you would like to helpme make this movie, send me a pm and it will be much appreciated. Anyways, i like to have conversations (nice ones) about how and what to improve in my movie, because it really helps.


You need to improve on...

Fawful isn't a little wimpy baby girl, you should be using MLSS fawful and cackletta, It doesn't take that long for someone to read the newspaper, and the Do all that and it'll be pretty good."ghostly" music played when fawful is there should be longer and stop pausing.

helping time

ok . since you used cackletta (who is my second favourite mario villian) i'll help in anyway i can

1) a larger screen and don't make it go too fast
2) the superstar saga style cackletta and fawful sprites should be used for this
3) small messages should go sooner and newspapers should have a continue part just like the text

now i hope these advices will come in handy. i suppose the first one you can't really do without a better flash system

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Whats with the super high pitched voice its like "MY MASTER WILL SOON BE AWAKENED *SQUEL*"
1. Fawful is no 3 year old.
2. Fawful doesn't talk like that.
4. Although you did make a flash (an amazingly short flash which you said "you didn't have time" to change the credits.) honoring the Mario bros, which I respect, you dishonored fawful with your high pitched voice.

Now then for some tips. =)
1. Don't use voices in sprite movies, unless there from the game IE Fawfuls laugh, cackletta's laugh ect. Or if its from like a movie.
2. Don't make it so fast paced, I have that same problem whenever I mess around in flash (Meaning the last scene far to fast.)
3. Use the Mario and Luigi sounds from Mario and Luigi superstar/partners in time, not from other mario games.

Now is when I vote 3. Good luck next time, finkrat! =)

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It was okay.

it took forever to load, and it only lasted barely one minute. Also, when Mario reads the newspaper, I found myself becoming impatient. but the overall voiceacting was good, the music fit, and it looked nice. But in the credits, Cackletta's your mom? wtf?

MarioandLuigiman responds:

originally, my mother was supposed to voice Cackletta, but she didn't have time and i didn't have time to cut that part from the credits. The newspaper scene was slowed to a pinch because there are some people out there who read at an alarmingly slow pace. And thanks alot about the sound mate. Cheers!

Hrm... it shows potential...

but it's still very unpolished. :( You have explosions that don't fit, sprites and backgrounds that jump and wiggle unnecessarily, and the voiceovers needed some editing. But I think you can turn this into something good if you work at it.

Also, there isn't much of a story yet. You barely had any content at all in here. What I don't understand is why, for so little movie, it's over 5 megabytes? o_0 Maybe that flash editor you use doesn't compress things correctly. Oh, and that's another thing. It places a watermarked text line at the top that overwrites some of the dialogue boxes in your movie. You might want to think about switching to Macromedia Flash instead. :(

All in all, it's got potential, but I really don't think it's ready yet.

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Credits & Info

2.30 / 5.00

Jun 22, 2006
10:25 AM EDT
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