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Hammy vs. Mek: Extended

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Author Comments

Remember that GREAT cartoon, Hammy vs. Mek I submited that one day? Well now, its totally finished! With the help of Justin (he made the finishing story boards) I've finished the whole thing. I got Flash 8 and decided I wanted to redo this cartoon and make it longer. So I did. If you liked the original one, you'll like this one a lot more!

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Fast and good action

This had good action and lots of animation, the "MUSIC" seemed to fit just perfect and flowed with the wild content, anyways decent work with some decent art style, keep it up.


Excellent movie.

This movie had some impressive elements in it, including the graphics and sound and much more. The movie starts as the hamster and mouse meet and begin to fight, at this point, an introduction as to why the two are fighting each other with such rage would have been nice. Thinking of a deeper plot would be very interesting. Just about anything will due, it is also your chance to insert some well needed humor… I will demonstrate: Hamster: “ You were there when they sent my girlfriend to the lab, and did nothing, for this I will kill you”. Mouse: “Bring it rodent…” Any sort of introduction like that would contribute so much to the movie, of course I will also be flattered if you use my idea. Besides that, I had trouble understanding why in some small parts of the movie, you made the hamster into a button.. The button of course leads no where but I noticed it is a button and I wonder why. The animations of the characters and the fighting was well done, you of course used the Dragonball Z effect of the yellow aura ( Get your own ideas… Kidding ). Also if any one stuck to the end, after the credits roll it continues to show the moving road and nothing more, a replay button would help, as I’m sure people would like to watch it more than once. And as for everything else, well done and keep up the good work, I have also seen the original and I like where this idea went.

And now, after that long paragraph, I take you to the detailed explanation of your statistics:

Graphics: 9, The animation style was very good, drawing effects including FBF and the blur effect worked out well, same with the animation. It moved very gracefully and smoothly, and most importantly, the sounds of the music synchronized very well and on time.

Style: 8, clearly an action movie, no one can deny that. But it was well executed and all, everything was great except that a fighting movie needs to be surrounded by this modern blasted invention called plot, once you add one, this movie will go sky high.

Sound: 10, Music was great, I couldn’t notice any sound effects because of the music but still, the music was exciting, exhilarating, and perfect for the tone of the movie, very powerful and heavy. Great fighting music in my opinion.

Violence: 9, Even hamsters and mice are fighting now, now that’s a world of real violence. The fighting was plenty and all but it was also funny. You used energy balls for some of the fight, which was alright and common in these genres.

Interactivity: 6, Just what it needed a play button, directions to the original and your website. Though it’s a shame I didn’t see what the first version of this movie had, a seek during the movie for more control if you need to stop it for some time or anything of that kind, just add what was in the first version and you will be set.

Humor: 3, Earlier I suggested you add more humor, and I stand by it, just some minor funny plot would solve to problems at once.

Overall: 8, Overall a very good movie, I hope you keep making them. So far it looks very good as long as you work on the things I suggested.

XxwaSSupxX responds:

Haha... I really know know quite what to say! I acutally read all that. And thanks! NG needs more people like you. who don't just leave reviews "oh this was crappy crap" or "oh this was great, make more" I'm glad someone actually goes into detail about whats good and whats not


ok me like although the hampsters didnt move......

i tink me like speically the hamsters fightin though i think u could do a better job about the lines when they fight just add detail. also if u could help it try and get the feet movin and also the people try and get them as though real physics kick in. for instance when the hamster catches the people it looks like those barrel monkeys, the same shape. pretty sweet animation though very smooth and almost no flaws when it came to the tweening u should totally think about more like this, it was funny and mostly original one thing i do recommend changing though is when hammy goes that flammiey thing make him blonde just for humor, cuz thats wat they do in db(dragon ball, yes i used to watch it when i wuz a kid) anyway keep up the good work and try to work on what i told you i think it will totally help.

Great animation

Good animation except you used could have made a little better zoom than just lines. or made the lines a bit better.good fighting and song. a bit humorous wiht the people falling off the edge of the building. there should be more animations from where this came from

too much like dbz and a hint of superman @ the end

wow this hamsters can really fight but its too much like dbz

Credits & Info

3.43 / 5.00

Jun 21, 2006
10:40 PM EDT