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well, its a short clip, about sticks that my little bro is working on. no sound, no loading screen. i wanted my bros work to be his own so i didn't edit this movie, except for the "game" part. its mainly to show what he's working on and he wanted other peoples comments. so i brought it here! the critics motherland. Be kind.......


((( VERY NICE )))

This was very nice work, allthough they are sticks and im not too fond of sticks, this was still impressive, good action, good fight scenes and awsome effects, onlything i could possibly say would to add some face features to your sticks, other then that it was great stuff...

The stick characters need work, so i would suggest giving them more detail besides the stick themself such as facial features eyes mouth and hair animations, maybe some shoes pants shirts and so on, to make them different then just your avg stick, it would improve on the character and the flash in general...

A decent stick battle with some nice backround effects, nice animation...



It was kinda hard to tell what exactly was going on, but it had some of the best animation fro ma stick movie I had seen in a long time. Congratulate yourself

._. need sounds

I really like the graphics and the movement, but this need some sounds, or some music, or both! Overall I give you a 6 becose music is life ._.


Stick fihts are not really my cup of tea but I will give you this. The way you made this stick fight was very different that the average movie or stick fight. There is a well balanced mix between traditional stick fighting between random sticks and always fairly detailed backgrounds with a fairly well animated choreography scheme. The good thing about these types of movies is that they can always be improved. Perhaps one thing that could be done to improve is the work on the main stick figures to match the quality of the movements. The addition of sound effects, from individual sounds like fighting special effects or just a music look could really help.


its ok but...

needs music

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2.88 / 5.00

Jun 21, 2006
4:25 PM EDT
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