Halo vs CounterStrike

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Update: 6/21/06
WHOAH!! Front page!! I can't thank you guys enough! Thanks to everyone who voted and reviewed this submission, thank you Tom!
For too long I've heard my friends piss and moan about which game is better, Halo or CounterStrike. So I decided to have Master Chief and the Counter Terrorists settle it themselves. Please watch the whole thing, as it did take a very long time to do. Total Length is around 9 minutes or so.

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Nostalgic as hell.

It may not be the greatest animation I have ever seen BUT it was from 2006. The standard was much lower back then. Now personally I really love these types of old school middle 2000's flash animations. Fantastic.

The comedy was great. I appreciate the fact that it is 9 minutes long. That is a long animated video right there. I can't rhink of any 10-year old animation being that long. Now was it "too long"? Maybe. Maybe... but I enjoyed every minute of it! Maybe that is the nostalgia talking but whats you gonna do?

I admit this was too long. Well, the animation wasn't that good. It's still a good premise. I have never played either games. I'm not really into video games that much anymore. I still play them here, obviously.

I liked Snake's appearances. I should have known he'd shown up at the end. I like the simple title. It just could have looked better. I liked when the subtitles just said he was ranting.

Halo will always win.

The memories with this flash takes me so far! This is one the first things I saw on Newgrounds (along side with Sonic's Halloween Costume) and what made me become a fan of flash animations! Voice acting is spot on, the counter strike player is a take on annoying noobs who suck in CS and blame it on lag and other people. the animation isn't that great but hell it holds up as a nostalgia look back when Newgrounds was in the golden days!

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4.54 / 5.00

Jun 20, 2006
11:45 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody