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If u like destruction, then this is the game for you :)



That was a fun stick snipering interactive flash. Nice sound fx. Nicely drawn movie clips. The sticks were animated well. Good choice in background music. I liked all the explosions and glass shattering. Very cool stuff.

not too shabby

i was pretty sure what i would encounter when i first looked at this game. naturally, i expected to be sniping stick figures, whether as one from third person, first person, or just as a normal person that likes death and destruction. so i wasnt shocked at this very much. i did have some goods and not-so-goods, however. i think ill share them with you right now...

graphics: a little on the iffy side. i did like the way everything was constructed. you had a pretty good landscape to view and search, and you managed to make pretty much everything combustable. liked that part. however, it seemed a little too hand-drawn and not entirely smooth. i may have missed something or been a little to rash in my judgment, but you can correct me if you like. still, not bad and far better than im capable of.

style: i think we have all played this type of sniping game before. what i think you should do (and maybe have planned) is turn this into another series like assassin. i did like the setup you had with the building and vehicles. the guy on fire was a nice touch. it wasnt the best quality, but you got the game across well and everything worked perfectly.

sound: at the beginning, the chopper was very grating to my ears. again, might just have been me, but i think it overrode and clashed too much with the background music. on the other hand, the music was good when you could hear it. also, the sound effects were pretty detailed for such a short game. good overall.

violence: i think this one is pretty obvious if you played the game. killing stick people is naturally the premise, and you certainly do get to do that. i like the blood on the walls, personall :P and the destroying of...well everything in there helped boost up this score. enjoyed how much you were able to pack in.

interactivity: think this one speaks for itself. you get to do all the shooting is i guess what makes it interactive. but since thats the eitire game, and you made it run smoothly, gotts score high.

humor: the little guy running around on fire gave me a few good chuckles. he just looked to funny with huge flames shooting out of his head. i had to laugh. didnt score too high, but got some because of this little detail.

overall: i think you really managed to pull this off well, considering the size of the actual game itself. i mean, there really isnt THAT much to do or accomplish, but you succeeded in making what there was fun and i actually played it through three times just to make sure i got everything. you managed to get every aspect of a review into this, and i think it deserved a little bit higher score.

6/10 and 3/5. id really like to see this become a multi-level, thought- and timing-based game. could be a lot of fun if your able to make something like that. and as always, comments are appreciated.

thanks and good luck.

Not bad

I liked it but how about new weopens. More lvl that are bigger.


keep workin on this, make levels and turn it inot something big, i think it has potential


I have never seen a game with so much destructibility! You really need to turn this into a full fledged game. It's brilliant!

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2.44 / 5.00

Jun 20, 2006
9:58 PM EDT
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