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Another soundboard?! That's right!
This time, you can listen to 12 songs from the original Half-Life, compressed enough to fit into 5 MB, though they still sound good. I've tried my best to recreate the original HL menu, even the vALVE intro.
NOTE: This may take a long time to load for dial-up users.



That's only.. very.. in violation of copyright, and coincidentially very, very illegal.

TheKGB responds:

Actually... it's very... not in violation because I'm not distributing them. There is no money involved.

very cool

I love the music from half-life where did you get it

TheKGB responds:

I got it from my HL cd that I got in the HL1 Platinum Collection. Just popped in the cd and used Windows Media Player to get it.

Where did you get the music?

I love the music in Half-Life 2. I think it is some of the best game music ever! I'm just wondering, where did you get the music? Or, if you got it on limewire or something, are these the real names? Also, it would be really cool if you could make one for Half-Life 2!


to be honest, i had no idea what to expect when i first looked at this flash. i went into it thinking, this could be either really great, or absolutely terrible. to my surprise (As i thought it would be a little on the poor side) it was actually well-done. ill give you the run down now if you dont mind:

graphics: obviously, there really wasnt anything graphically in this submission. you just left everything black and orange, aside from the half life symbol (not ironically also black and orange). i would have liked to see some different pictures or drawings or something to make it appealing to look at and listen to. it was just extremely barren with only music links.

style: not much to comment on here. you did well making the overall flash. easy on the eyes layout, nothing complicated. i liked those aspects. but still, it just was lacking in pretty much everything else. maybe more colors too? just a thought.

sound: again, its hard to say much (but you probably dont believe that from the review, do you?). you did an excellent job with the quality of the music. it came out loudly and clearly. some of them were actually pretty good and easy to listen to. to be honest, ive only seen the game played once also :P but the sound was excellent. great job here.

violence: self-explanatory. nothing.
humor: same as violence

interactivity: i did have to click to play the songs right? maybe you could throw in a cheesy game to keep people listening and occupied longer. its tough to keep this up while doing other things.

overall: i think you did a great job with what you were trying to accomplish. you got the sound to come out well and had a wide variety of songs to choose from, all with decent lengths to keep you interested. would have liked more to be in the surrounding empty space, but thats just me. actually thought this was really well made. congrats.

5/10 and 3/5. would like to see more from you soon. also, a response would be much appreciated. thanks and good luck.

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TheKGB responds:

Now there's a nice, in-depth REVIEW. Most people (including myself) just make 1 or 2 line comments about the flash, so this was really nice to see for a change.

Now it's time to review your review:

Graphics: ...

No, it's not. Anyway, thanks.


I've always wanted to hear these songs without having to play the game or anything.Where do you get them!?Great soundboard thingamabobber!
Can anyone tell me where to get it!?

TheKGB responds:

I got them from the HL1 cd. I put in the cd and told Windows Media Player to play it.

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