Half-Life Soundtrack

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Another soundboard?! That's right!
This time, you can listen to 12 songs from the original Half-Life, compressed enough to fit into 5 MB, though they still sound good. I've tried my best to recreate the original HL menu, even the vALVE intro.
NOTE: This may take a long time to load for dial-up users.



I've never played/seen/heard anything Half-Life.. but I have heard...aabout it... Anyways awesome job, the music was awesome and the layout was pretty cool aswell. Great job. I guess I'll have to rent this game, since all these other reviews got me curous about the game.

Keep it up.

TheKGB responds:

Never played HL? You have to! I recommend getting the original HL1 for PC first. If you can't play it on PC, rent the PS2 version.


THis is awsome very good keep up the good work you know what you should make a sound board of the people talking there vocies and what would be cool is the sound affects to the game. I like to hear those alliens scream and there monitor go off >,< bad me but yea very neat and orignaly keep up the good work or ill kick your ass lol.

( Also play the new half life espodie 1 its perty good if you havent already got it yet.)

That was pretty good!

even though i dont remember most of the songs that were on Half-life.... i do remember some of them... this was well put together... and you did a good job of trying to make it look like the original menu for HL... Good work... and keep on making things like this!


Excellent. I've never played through the original Half Life, but now I want to.

Is it just me or does the Valve Theme sound a bit too much like the Zerg music from Starcraft?

lol cool

that was fun

TheKGB responds:

lol thanks

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Jun 20, 2006
8:09 PM EDT
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