Snake! The Musical (SoaP)

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A mob boss is going to trial, and the key witness is flying in to testify against him - but the mob will stop at nothing to stop him. Luckily, FBI Agent Samuel L Jackson is aboard as well - but can he get those Snakes on a Plane? Of course he can - with the power of song!

For those curious, this musical is almost entirely improvised (except for the songs "Bad Ass" and "Love's on a Plane"). If you want to download the soundtrack, it is available on NathanielJones.com


ok, ok, i remember my last reveiw was a lttle hars

It's just when I see animating like this put into effect, It just tends to tick me off, because of how hard people work to make it good, but the music was great, even though i personally don't care for oprah music myself, i know other people will. Your music is good enough for broadway, you shouldn't waste your talents on a flash such as this, or maybe consider making your charecter sillouettes and animating them? Don't give up on your music, but flash might not be your thing. Great work, keep it up, try improving on your carecters though, sorry for the last review, i acted like a total jacka$$ and I'm sory for that.


Oh wow! I am actually a musical theatre performer and this cracked me up. It was very inventive, so kudos to you. Even if the grapics werent the best thing that I've ever seen, it was still funny!


It was very boring for how long it was. I literally started yawning during it. It looks like you spent a lot of time on it because of the imence length.

Good try, but it was really boring... =\


would of watched it all. but had 2 get myself sectioned halfway throo.

7 for the music...

I've been in art school for 8 years now, and seen 2 different music theatre departments. You could write musicals. I mean. Not to insult you, it's very creative, but the animation is almost non-existant. It's more like animatics. Musical lyrics are like singing a description of events with some falsetto and flipping around your hands...

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2.67 / 5.00

Jun 20, 2006
4:57 PM EDT
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