Good background drawer 2

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There are a few more things i included in this one, like...
Mountins and feilds
And a few others...



First, the music was horrible and sucked.. Second, its a good thing if you know atleast what you are doing.. since you kinda dont. (Everything was explained crapy and the tutorials were crappy and the final products were crappy..). Try again, and cover more topics and ad some kinda backgrounda and dont use crappy techno.. Pretty much it i have to complain about :)

autowepon responds:

so you dont like the music huh? well dont complain to me (well do actually) complain to the guy that made it

Well keep trying i guess :-D

the interactivity is pretty ok i mean not difficult to do that but its good and some of the stuff was informative but again like the other guy said, you need to get better at drawing the actual thing before you put out a tutorial to draw it as though you were a master, the music, good for the first two loops then just plain annoying and i had to make it stop... keep trying because if you were better at drawing i could use the advice but i just am not feeling that im finding it in this game...

autowepon responds:

when it says game i mean more intreractivity tutorial. but i guess my drawings could be better. but this is also just for people who dont know how to draw.


dood i can really draw better backgrounds than tht

autowepon responds:

if you can i suggest you make a tutorial to put in the portal

have you double checked every thing?

Very Badly Polished. Very Ovius spelling errors and sentences get cut off in perpective turtorial.

autowepon responds:

it was the shortest time flash i ever made, ever.


you cant draw baclgrounds very, well, you cant draw very well at all really...

autowepon responds:

well could you tell me what TO improve on then

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2.38 / 5.00

Jun 20, 2006
2:08 PM EDT
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