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Who Goes There? Part 5

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UPDATE 060623
WOW Frontpage again and Daily 2nd Place, Iam truly honored. I will respond to reviwes as soon as possible! Thanks again!
in the end of the film people has said that there was sounds from warcraft, but I had no clue what they where talking about cause I have never played that game, but I figured it out that the sounds from Warcraft is on the last music track, on the song "it has begun" this was pure accidental, when I choose the music track I thought it was just part of the song and had no special meaning, just for the record. anyway thanks for the heads up everyone!

At last I have finished this new part in the series, it's been hard work and to many cups of Coffey, so I hope you all will like it and please review.
The Newgrounds Voice Acting club did help me out on this new part and the old updated parts and I think that there performance did lift the series to a new level so a great thanks to Forbin, James Hall, Triplearrow, Shockdingo and Johan Bodin for all the help.
This episode allsow contain the wonderful music by Helix and Dj Zabar that can be found on the NG audio portal.
And please check out the early parts in the series with the new voice acting.

Thanks! Hope you enjoy the show!

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I know I've missed a lot of stuff. I wasn't able to follow this. The animation was still great. It seems like a great story. It reminds me of Creepypasta. Was that even around back than?

I love seeing all those teeth. I like the mouth designs in general. The action scenes are quite nice. I guess there could be more depth. It was very entertaining.

Felt the need

Deady! OMG, it's Deady the Malevolent Teddy!

Alright, now that I've had my fun, down to business. I've watched all six but I felt the need to comment on this one to make my Deady joke. But also because I enjoyed this one the most. Some people may argue that this one had the least plot build to it, but I disagree. This starts the entire ending to the series. It also has all the elements of what this series was originally meant to be: a horror/action series. It had action and a scary baby alien. Action horrors don't need to have a definitive plot, they just need the aforementioned things. But besides all that, good, more original than most concept, fine animation and very good sound quality, which is something often over-looked.


gj on includeing the whole for kozmadorn thing

p.s for those of u who dont know thats from warcraft 3 bestest game ever!


dont fuck with the ninja doom baby

The grand finale is next!

Okay, so the little doom ninja is good(?) We just need to see how this turns out