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Create A Saiyan v2

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ok, I have completed 'Create A Saiyan'

please tell me if there are any mistakes


hair:ssgohan black
torso:fighter black and red
boots1:black and red

a sayian born on namek named daka he lernt many things from his namek family growing up there. but years later came a threat the nagrasims a race so advanced they had killed freiza and all the sayians on earth. even gokus ssg form almost defeated them goku and vegeta into gogeta ssg and still lost so the nameks sent daka to a planet so far it had no name yet no life but he could live there another person was there a sayian his name was kiren he called the planet arangi so they became friends and trained with each other becoming stronger and stronger and both became ss
and then they found a dragon ball they didn't know what it was so the collected them 2 years later a group of 5 elite nargrasims came so they fought a deadly battle but kiren died sending daka into rage transforming into a ss2 and then killed all of the rest of the nargrasims and the after he said I wisk kiren was back then the 5 dragon balls flew out of his pouch and somend a god name god named brost and he said is that your wish and he said yes. you have 2 more make them quikly I must goand then he wished back goku,vegeta ,and kiren for his first and then wished back the namek race. goku and vegeta now he wished that goku and vegeta had ss3 god forms
and now kiren and daka were training again. both earnt ss3 and goku showed them how to fuse and left to get revenge on the nargrasims so did vegeta. a group of 3 sayians came to take over but
got there asses kicked by kiren and daka's new fushion kida and they left 2 sayains stayed and 1 was a girl other was a guy. there names are dagi and bell then another group of sayians they were 10 of them all had ss forms but were defeated in the end 2 stayed both girls brasa and arana the other 7 sayains stayed on another side of the planet. a war raged on between the to groups till they made peace and joind together they all unlocked ss3 and protected the galaxy and out of them all daka and kiren were the strongest and called them selves the 14 heros the end.p
ps: daka and kiren unlocked god form lol

Name: Jason
Forms: super saiyan 1 & 2, full power super saiyan/ grade 2 super saiyan
Face: scars, color: peach
Hair: teen gohan, color: brown
Eyes: normal, brow: brown, pupil: green
Mouth: normal
Nose: fat
Ears: none
Body: muscular, color: peach
Hand: gloves 2, color: black
Torso: fighter 2, color: orange
Belt: tied, color: black
Legs: pants, color: orange
Boots: type 4, color, all black
Tail: none
Draggables: none
Aura/Effects: none
background: any
music: none

Jason is a quarter saiyan born of a human named Ashley and a half saiyan named Rick. Jason was the eldest of two, him and his younger sister Talia. His father along with his aunt and uncle were strongest warriors on earth, Jason though older than his younger sister and more experienced was weaker than her because unlike her he didn’t spend all his time training under their father. Jason was always mocked in school because he could never live up to his father’s reputation like his sister. But one day that all changed, a new enemy had arrived, a breed of aliens with no name because no race was ever able to learn it (and because I couldn’t think of a name),
this new race was bent on slaughtering every intelligent race in the universe. Jason, Rick, and Talia went to deal with this new threat but were taken back by their stronger fighters, until Jason-after watching his family get virtually destroyed in battle- ascended to the form of super saiyan, but he was still no match till Rick reached a point of pure rage and parental protectiveness to dig deep down and access his family's sacred form, the legendary super saiyan form. With this power Rick disposed of the enemy with little trouble. After many years of training under his father Jason reached the form of full power super saiyan, while his sister began to surpass him again by going one step farther to ultra super saiyan. Many years past during an era of peace, until one day Jason and Talia learned that their mother was dieing of cancer, the two didn’t want to accept it but they both knew it was true, so they comforted her until she passed, then they were forced to train by their father to stay focused in case of an attack. After 2 years of training his kids Rick left on “business” leaving Jason and Talia to fend for themselves. All was well till a new evil arose and Jason and Talia were the only “defenders”, they fought Valiantly but Talia was struck down putting Jason into an immense rage and ascending him to super saiyan 2, defeated the threat and went to tend to his broken sister, she did live but she could never fight again. After years of training Jason met to figures, one was a saiyan by the name of Devon (similar to how Kakarot/Goku changed his name upon landing on earth, Devon changed his), and Jason’s father Rick, Jason learned that while his father was away he gained immense power and Devon was his pupil, so Jason decided to travel with the 2 and help them on their adventures. No one knows what became of the 3 saiyans, but their legends were past down the generations

(P.S. Rick is from my first story, Devon from my second, you can find both their biographies in farther back pages)

i created : crash

head: none
hair: teen Gohan (red)
eyes: sunglasses
mouth: grinding
nose: pointy
ears : saiyan
body: muscular (peach)
hands: gloves 1
torso: fighter 2 (black and red)
belt: belt (green and green)
legs: pants (black)
boots: type 3 (black and yellow)
tail: none
draggables: R x 2
effect: energy 1
background: snow
music: theme

story: crash is a warrior from era 950 who is stroungley more powerful the goku,vegeta,gogeta,beerus,whis,champa, and lady whis. crash has trained as a student to beerus the god of destruction and chama he master there skilled and became the strongest fight in the multiverse crash was taken away from his own dimension from some unkowned foes, and he has to fight is way back and,he goes back in time to help son goku and friends on there journey but one wrong move and he can curopted history as we now itbut his story doesn't end there he also fought againest his evil self from universe 4 because of the dragon balls

I created: IV4N

Head: None (Peach)
Hair: SS Goku (Black)
Eyes: Blank (Black and Black)
Mouth: Big Frown
Nose: Long
Ears: Saiyan
Body: Muscular (Peach)
Hands: Wrist Bands 3 (White and Black)
Torso: Fighter 2 (White)
Belt: Tied (Black)
Legs: Pants (White)
Boots: Type 4 (White and Blue)
Tail: Tail 1 (Black)
Draggables: R x 2
Effects: Electric
Background: Shenron
Music: SSJ3 Ascend

Bursting Kamehameha
Ultimate Bursting Kamehameha
Definitive Bursting Kamehameha

Bio: Iv4n is a hybrid, a fusion between a Saiyan and Android. Dr. Smith found him wounded in a forest, and being unconscious advantage of the situation and turned it into an android. One day iv4n awoke, but saw only darkness, so I use his strength and fought. He escaped from the laboratory, and continued his life. One day, he met a man calling for help, he was trapped in a cave. Iv4n helped, and in gratitude, the man took him home and gave him something to eat. Iv4n was homeless so the man decided to let him live with him. Iv4n not control his strength, so the man trained iv4n, and thus found iv4n balance. One day, a demon invaded the home of the man and killed him. Iv4n, furious, he killed the demon, and promised the man who would use his strength to help others. After a few years, iv4n met Dr. Smith. Dr. Smith told him that he found and transformed it into an android. After two years, iv4n met Goku. Goku trained him, taught him the technique, the Kamehameha, and let it become part of the Z Warriors.

My only complaint is that you can't make a girl.

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Jun 20, 2006
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