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Create A Saiyan v2

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ok, I have completed 'Create A Saiyan'

please tell me if there are any mistakes


Name =hygro from universe 7
Hair=ssj gohan (red)
Eyes=(red eyebrows)Black(angry 2)
Nose =fat
Torso=Tank 1 (Dark Blue)
Belts=belt (Red square)white
Boots=type 3 grey and red
Draggings=lightnings and Shenron(background)
He is from immortal race that was destroyed by Bills which is in southern galaxy.But some of his race members was in earth when the planet immortal was destroyed.Immortal doesn't mean the eternal life in other galaxies.It is a word used for the race.his parents doesn't know that they were from immortal race because his father was just 6 months old when his whole family was killed by the legendary immortal who was more stronger than goku ssj4 at that time.Reason was the power.
the Legendary immortal left the earth.many years ago and nobody knows where he is.Hygro is a hybrid Immortal like Gohan.Once hit came to Earth to tell Hygro that he is the next legendary immortal because one warrior immortal was good friend and mentor of Hit.Immortals and Hit have the speed in light years.So going to another univese was not big problem to them.Hygro was only
8 years old when Hit came.He teached him using his powers.transforming into ultra immortal 1 (at the age of the 12).transforming into ulta immortal 1 was like goku transforming into ss1. it took 3 years to him for transforming uaim(2) (at the age of 15) .he transformed uaim(2) in planet Tersk(planet in universe 6) when xeno decided to make stage fight between Hygro and Hit.He defeated Hit so difficultly.their match time was 2hour 15minutes.He loves fighting but not like saiyans.He is a good guy and very calm.He want to meet Goku but not now.He want to meet goku when he will be at the peak of his power.his other forms are UTIM 3 (transformed in age of 18) UTIM 4,UTIM 5,UTIM 6,UTIM God,legendary Immortal. UTIM means (ultra immortal).

Name: Kenji
Race: Saiyan (Deceased)
Gender: Male
Age: 130
Universe: 7 (Other Future / Timeline)
Head: Bruised
Hair: Goku hair
Eyes: Light Blue
Mouth: Blank
Nose: Pointy
Ears: Saiyan
Body: Muscular
Hands: Wrist Bands 1
Torso: Fusion Dark Yellow and Black
Belts: Cloth Blue
Legs: Pants White
Boots: Type 4 Blue And Gold
Dragging: Halo

Backstory: Born with an Identical twin Kenji and Ken are both "weak" low-class saiyans (note: goku hair) Raised until they are adults on Planet Vegeta sees Bardock in space fighting Frieza soldiers, they decided to help him but got pushed back by Frieza soldiers. They were being chased by them until they saw an escape pod heading to an unknown planet (baby goku was in the space pod.) and found themselves a space pod, just right for the 2 of them. Then 2 days later, Both of them were starving and wanted something to eat until they saw an unknown Planet (I think the planet is called Metamora). They crash landed because the fuel of the space pod ran out. They were knocked out. They both woke up and saw Metamoran people everywhere and (4 years later) Metamora was attacked by the Ginyu force and Kenji died fighting them. The Metamoran's Dragonballs were used and Kenji was bought back to life, but his Halo still appears. 4 years later, the Metamoran people now are trusted friends and allies and they have decided to teach both Ken and Kenji how to fuse and has mastered it ever since.

I just wasted my damn time XDXXD

Name: Red
Race: Angel-Saiyan-God
Gender: Male
Age: 105
Forms: SS1, SS2, SS God((Green Version), SS Rosè
Universe: 6
Head: Cut
Hair: SS Goku, Dark Red
Eyes: Blank, Blue
Mouth: Blank
Nose: Small
Ears: Saiyan
Body: Muscular
Hands: Gloves 2
Torso: Fighter Black and White
Belts: Cloth White
Legs: Pants Black
Boots: Type 3 White And Black
Dragging: Halo

Backstory: As a 11 year old in Universe 6's Planet Vegeta he built some kind of universe travelling machine and went to Universe 7 few hours before Bardock was born to explore a bit. After 9 minutes he was caught by Bills who went to Champa and told him, they talked about the consquences and made him immortial as some kind of Angel-Saiyan Hybrid who would never die with time passing, so he could see his loved ones come and go, he defeated many menaces and went to Goku's level. Now he is in the Tournament of Power fighting alongside Caulifla, Kale and others

that took me some time

Name: Jagai
Race: Saiyan
Universe: 7 (Different timeline)
Son of Cartec (Other OC)
Age: 25
Forms: Kaioken 1-10| SS1- SS3| SSB| SSBK- SSBKX100
Hair: Android 16 (Black)
Head: Scars
Ears: Saiyan
Mouth: Grinding
Eyes: Angry1 (Black)
Nose: Long
Body: Muscular
Hands: Wrist Bands 3 (Middle light green, outer dark green)
Torso: Fighter (Red on outside, Green on inside)
Belt: Cloth (Green)
Legs: Pants (Red)
Boots: Type 3( Main Green. Secondary, Dark green)
Backstory: As a young toddler Jagai witnessed the destruction of planet Vegeta as he and his father
ran away. Though their pods seperated it was a lucky turn for Jagai. He landed on Earth where Master
Roshi found him and trained him. To use the kamehameha. Jagai has also made his own moves such as the Spirit and Soul Crusher and the Saiyan kamehameha. But when Jagai got older. He met Goku and wanted to train under him. Goku taught him the Kaioken, Spirit Bomb and, the Super Kamehameha. By the time the black arc came around Goku, Vegeta and, Jagai took him out fairly easily.

Son of Black goku
Timeline:Where trunks doesn't kill black zamasu
BackStory:The year is Unknown vegito has been defeated and black zamasu grown in power until.Trunks & Zeek over power him.Tbc (To be Continued) tell me if you want more?

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