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Lemur Wheel

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A very simple game with the intention of having a general cracked out feel-good grace to it. I made this as a birthday card for somebody, one who is a fan of meatloaf (the singer), lemurs, Katamari Damacy, Ziggy Stardust, and pretty much every other vector that bounces around in this game. Yet, after a couple of playtests, I have been told that this may in fact be the most addicting game I've ever made.

It's simple. It's silly. It doesn't make a lick of sense. But if it keeps your attention for two minutes or more, mission accomplished on my part.

This was also submitted for a Flash class. Much to my chegrin, after spending hours programming in every Meatloaf, the class I turned it in was the same class our teacher taught us a little thing called arrays. My teacher can vouch, I just about threw the keyboard into the monitor, I was so ticked at just how stupidly easy arrays were, and just how much time it would have saved me.

So, hope you guys enjoy a roll on the Radical Meatloaf Lemur Wheel!

Music: Blueberry Stream by DJ Taka.

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This kinda made me think of Wario Ware minigame bosses, a crazy, yet very fun idea. so i would say, keep making games like this, keep that piano background music and make even crazier ideas! And maybe I would see you on the frontpage.


Bizarre but cool

A very weird idea, a rather fun game. Great tunes, too.

omfg times 10048965986234896836489

I like the music. I like the gameplay. I like the graphics in the background; they remind me of my friends.

This has got to be one of the best things I've ever seen. Yay.


Oh dear god. This has to be the GREATEST flash game I have EVER played. The sheer absurdity and complete randomness this game harbors, as well as the style of gameplay, has made this game truly, truly marvelous. This game is wonderfully unique, and shall find a new home in my favorites section. You are a good person. Give yourself a hug.

the 'wrapper' around

Played it, not sure what to expect. Read rules. Played game. Charmed by the music. Played maybe 5 times (mainly to see the bg changing), getting a best time of 1:59.

++++ Really smooth gfx for the bg and the lemur.

++++ Cool bg vectors, and they really made me want to keep playing.

++++ Groovy tunes.

+++ Great inertia

---- The collision of when you will hit meatloaf seems a bit woolly. It seems we're never exactly sure of when the hitTest is 'turned on' and where exactly the boundaries are.

- You should add a 'tens' digit for the seconds. Saying we got a score of 1:4 when you mean 1:04 just seems slightly confusing.

--- Limited gameplay.

++++ Difficulty ramps up fairly quickly. Makes a massive difference when folk have probably played tens of these games already.

I had fun playing it. Don't think I'll return as so many other things offer the same mechanics. But really, the 'wrapper' around this game is totally awesome.