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This is an experimental art style, tell me what you think and if I should use it in a full animation. Also, I chose not to add sound, so please leave no comments on that fact.

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So this was notbad while this was more of a test the film and animation within it was a success i think you could even advance on this with much more to it like more depth in the backround and even more wild animation within the character and there could even be some added color and effects overall its a good animation just wish there was much more to it anyways keep up the fun film



A nice and simple FBF nimation! Good graphics, smooth animation and nice artworks as well. Can't get much better than this, keep up the good work!



i liked it. simple. pleasing to the eye. upon reading the review about "take on me", i went and watched the movie. i have to disagree to the resemblence. then again, i'm rather ignorant to flash movie styles.

but i like this style. whether or not it's been done before. i especially liked your use of a black-line person and a red...uh...line... nice contrast.

what is it with people and no sound? i swear. this is going to become annoying. just a little bit of music livens up a movie so much. music. love it. embrace it. use it.

i liked the cat.


Cool style if more work was put in

I agree that this looks like "Take On Me" by Ah-ha, but its still a cool style. I think if more detail was put into it, you could make a nice visualistic flash. I guess "Take On Me" was done in pencil though, so putting that level of detail in (and that number of frames/frame rate) would be difficult, but I say go ahead, I like it.


This felt alot like the video for "Take on Me" except that I didn't enjoy it much. I know you were just looking for opinions on the animation style, but as a whole I just didn't enjoy it. As for the style, it seems like it's done right, as long is you aren't claiming you invented that style, i say go ahead and use it in an animation, you can only go up from here.

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3.26 / 5.00

Jun 19, 2006
1:24 PM EDT