PONG: The Movie

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This is my second Flash video, and it's kinda cheesy, but here it is anyways!

After looking around Newgrounds seeing a variety of different VG videos, there is not one dedicated to one of the greatest games of all: PONG!

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I could get the appeal of this movie. It's probably the best Pong movie we'll ever get. I really did think it was too basic a concept. Your animutations are much better. I liked seeing that monkey. He appears a lot in pop culture, doesn't he?

I just wish it was more elaborate. Well, that was the joke. I can see how it was an earlier submission. Then again, your first one was great, at least in my opinion. I guess there will never be a Pong collection here.

the truth

finaly someone is actualy telling the truth about thier first or secound flash movie or game.normaly its a game that would of took three years and the creator is very experianced. and,no offense,tis is a good flash movie but not a passable movie for a expert flash creator.so this is realy good for a first or secound time. nice job man
P.S. dontread this it is realy long XD.


i will single handedly save this flash just because it has pong in it lol nice work btw love the monkey


wtf this movie is that old god dammit nice video and...I just noticed about this video and im late.

Btw how old is this movie?

Jonathan Fung

And please dont make fun of my last name and in chinese so dont fuckin make fun me


And i don't care if you rate this useless.
And I also think this review is retarded.


Wow. I kinda like it. The "CLIPPING MONKEY TIME!" part cracked me up when I first watched it. XD

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3.41 / 5.00

Sep 17, 2001
10:10 PM EDT
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