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Most of you know me for Retarded Animal Babies (don't forget there's a brand new DVD out!), but there's another oddity on the internet I'm responsible for: this interdimensional 25-gesture version of Rock-Paper Scissors. Originally made as a plain ol' JPG on my art site (umop.com), by popular demand I teamed up with my programmer/buddy Andy (also the voice of "Dudley" on "Sci-Fi Guys") to create this interactive version.

Features: Select not just the 25-gesture version (RPS-25) but among several smaller versions as well, to prevent brain poppage. There are 1- and 2-player modes for any game.

I hope you enjoy the game!



very fun i played with bros for hours

I saw these on the internet a while ago..

and I always wanted an interactive version. Really well done, I like it.

(Btw, try choosing one of the symbols and keep pressing it until someone gets to a hundred. The computer beat me like 10 times on the other ones but then I tried nuke and I won 100 - 96. Nothing can beat nuke. Nuke pwns you.)


Are you on crack!?

Nothing beats man; I mean nothing. Especially if it's me.

nicely done

very fun and funny for some of them but one thing. when you use the axe vs. the nuke it says "Nuke incinerates snake".. and when you use the snake vs. the nuke it says "nuke incinerates axe".. just thpuht you should know.. other than that it was a very good game.. keep on making more

This game ain't bad, untill it gets boring.

You'll love this game if you like rock-paper-scissors. If you dont, dont play this game. It's kinda fun player with other people, though!

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3.93 / 5.00

Jun 19, 2006
8:47 AM EDT
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