Rube Goldberg DVD

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Author's Note: As much as I love a good critique, this is submitted more for nostalgic reasons. If you want to see more recent stuff, you can check it out in the pulldown menu and see my other games that I've done. It is on those that the criticism is truely appreciated.

For some very odd reason, I'm still very attached to this little animation I made. This was about a year ago when I was very new to Flash. While I had some experience with vector in illustrator, programming in Basic, and knew the animation principles by working on a traditional animation project, this was the first serious effort I put into a Flash animation. Ever.

I made it for a class. The basis was to create a 12 step Rube Goldberg machine (wikipedia it for more info), and I was getting pressed by the deadline. So there are some bits which look really refined and others that look like half-baked whims in comparison. Thus is the nature of a classroom environment.

Sometimes it's fun to watch, and realize just how far I've come.

Music, Spin the Disk, by Good Cool. Oh man, back in the days when I thought nobody would recognize DDR tracks! Hahaha, I was such a noob back then! (Pokes old self with a pole wrapped in barbed wire and acid)

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GODDAMN that ending got me. Nice one, Vest!

Loved it

This flash was very cool to watch,the animation was awesome and all the antics of everything going off whether it was the DVD popping in the player or the shotgun (or whatever it was) hitting the TV screen it all was just pure madness and was very entertaining to watch plus the song was cool as well so overall i think you did a great job on this flash.


What was he going to play annnyways?

what was gonna play? i wanna know! sequal when it really does work!

oh so close

almost got the movie going
now u got to buy a new tv

LOL - Did not work out as expected no?

You shouldn't be lazy.
Once again. Working so hard at being so lazy
Ho ho ho
It was a decent animation.
Not the best I've seen, but decent.
You could improve more so on the music.
I felt that it wasn't quite appropriate for cartoonish shenanigans

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3.65 / 5.00

Jun 18, 2006
7:38 PM EDT
Comedy - Original