Cherry Cola

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Help Cherry Cola reach his way.

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Its Ok

why do people think its annoying? its easy for me and not so annoying

Not really good

I'll put aside the plot. The music I have muted. And the graphics, I have given worse-visual games better scores.

The first problem I find is the positioning of the tools. If a tool is one pixel off, it will be totally ignored. This applies both vertically as well as horizontally.

The second problem is the trajectory lines. They don't really help. And to work with the lines successfully may result in them being such that you won't use them, per [Problem 1].

The third problem is that a time-based bonus is given, but to even figure out the tools requires critical time that draws from the bonus. And the bonus doesn't reset after falling which with [Problem 1] and [Problem 2] is (to be kind) foolish.

Its only saving grace is that its premise is original.

that...was annoying

this basically made we want to punch a baby. its like WAY too hard and the entire concept makes no sense, the general idea was good but it could have been made WAY better, not to mention that i dont rreally understand the "plot". if you gave it an understandable plot, a more playable sequence of actions and maybe some different controls it could have potential. OH and for jesus sake, get rid of the crappy music please, i wanted to scream. if you're ganna loop music, loop a long song!

Bad execution of gameplay and music

I find the concept original, but flawed. The logic behind the plot is terrible, but even if that was intended, the game-play is awful.
The trajectory lines do hardly anything to help and evrey level has to be beaten by progressive trial and error.
And the music is bad as well, to the point of me turning off my speakers to even write this review, never mind concentrate playing the game

Now to stop being completely negative: the concept IS original, and I don't find it to be a cheap knock-off of some popular game. However, the tool trajectory should show where the cola will land exactly, and not just a generic line that in many cases is completly off based on the positioning of the tool.
Music should be upbeat if desired, but not pounding and invasive to a focused mind. Also, it should not be so blatantly repetitive. I understand if it was a track loop of a minute and a half at the least, but not the same sound loop every 5 seconds


Everyone has their own opinion.
As for the game, MY opinion on it is that it's kinda luck-based and is drawn badly,
but otherwise is pretty good

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3.54 / 5.00

Jun 18, 2006
7:01 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other