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For me, to shoot your sperm in a womans face is not like humiliating her. Every time you are allowed to do it, you should be somehow thankful, because it shows how much she loves you.
It´s like she letting you have your way and that says a lot. It shows trust and love.

After all, sperm is not just some fluid. It contains the essence of life.


Why Not?

It is very difficult to rate it...

Well, to be honest, the topic and.. "story" (or theme) of this Flash is very stupid, controversal and pornographic... but on the other hand, your graphic is quite good and you have a specific style.
So, to conclude: I voted high enough to protect this piece of Flash, but I would be very happy if you will create somenthing less offending than this next time. You have some skills and there is no need to show them this way (anyway, it is correctly rated and there is a nice graphis, so I hope it will stay here).

Fleischmond responds:

Well, maybe you shouldn´t look forward on my next flash based on your opinion of my style but actually take the time and think about this one.
I agree, that the topic is controversal and pornographic but I don´t understand how you come to say it is stupid. Many people watch porn, the mechanical act of penetration and stuff. No one ever thinks of sex more than "doing it".
This topic is like I´m saying: "Look at porn and think about it. Think about what you are looking at all the time."

What the?

TBH It was fairly uninspired.

Granted this movie is old as fuck, and I respect that flash was still developing back then, but yeah. I've certainly seen better animation, and tbh I'm not a fan of facials at all. I get your point, you say it's not humiliating her, that she trusts you, etc. etc, and true enough, if she lets you, she obviously does, but I have to ask...

Why the fuck would you want to in the first place? What's so special about cumming ON her face? Far be it from me to say, but other than a gesture of her devotion to you that she'd let you, I don't see how either party really enjoys it, unless she has a kink for it, or unless the image of her with jizz all over her eyes and hair turns you on somehow, which if it does, then I have to wonder.

I've never gotten the POINT of facials really, and the simple fact that most men these days are so selfish about sex is disgusting. This act alone I think stands out among those that speak of just how selfish sex has become. A facial isn't something you do for her pleasure, it's something you do for your own, and women get far too little out of sex these days as it is, if you're asking this guy.

Then again, that's just personal bias.

I'd clean up the lines next time, work on shading, and try to make the skin effects blend a little better.

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the why didnt make since at all.... oh and the least you could do is make her blow them.

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Jun 18, 2006
1:48 PM EDT