Duck Luck Episode #1

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Duck Luck Episode #1: No Room For Rent

Stevie and Duck run into some rent problems. This took an unimaginable amount of effort and I really hope you enjoy it.


Your Style is Good

Ok i liked the graphics the style was diffrent i dont know why, and the comedy was a little dry except for when the duck spit in the guys face that gave me a chuckle and about the voices... um they are all the same person right? well the duck knida sounded like a guy on Estrogen, haha but uhmm i gave you a 3/5 i like your style but the comedy really needs work

overall grade: Satisfactory

Snubby responds:

Yay! Originally, the Duck was going to burn him with a cigarette, but I changed it to spitting.

The next episode will be funnier though. Stevie is poor, and there is this part where he is sitting near a wall like a hobo, and he has a sign that reads, 'Will bark like a dog for food.' and everybody who walks by he barks at them XD

thanks much for the review ^__^


I liked it overall. I just think it could have used a bit more humor. I'm also not a fan of the duck's voice. A duck really shouldn't have a voice that deep. Try something a bit more scratchy and more high pitched. Other than that, great job. I look forward to seeing more of this series.

Snubby responds:

Nobody really is a fan of Duck's voice except for me. All voices are a variation of my voice, and somebody had to be deep, so why not the badass duck? lol, thanks for the review ^_______^

Very well done.

You put a good amount of effort into this. I wasn't too into it, to be honest. The jokes weren't funny and everything went slow. Still, the movie looks great.

Snubby responds:

What an honest review, thanks a lot! Thanks, and yes I did put a lot of effort into this.

nice work

i liked it i thout it was very humoris continue the series id like to c what happens next

Snubby responds:

Cool, thanks a lot! The series will continue I am already working on the next episode, which will be better.


I saw your house in the artist thread on the forums, everybody made a big deak about the shape of the house.

Snubby responds:

Yup, I suppose I should have made a better house. That guy aloneinthedark was just joking tho.

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3.46 / 5.00

Jun 17, 2006
11:30 PM EDT
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