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CHEAT - To remove the bottoms, set the bottoms to "Chains," then click the tip of her right (viewer's left) wing.

HINT - If you cannot see the whole image, open as a Pop-Up in a new window. If you cannot see skin tones and many other fills, make sure you have your Flash player updated past Flash8.

I'm a rebel. I take a stand against the norm. And the norm that is...the casual dress-up game. Why does it look like they were all made in just one afternoon? How come the anatomy is totally off, the wardrobe is mishmash, the scripting is iffy, and the overall look/feel lacks refinement? Does ANYBODY spend time on these?

The questions haunted me for the longest time. Why does such a great idea always get a half-baked treatment? The answer...it doesn't have to. It only takes one mind to tackle it.

About a month ago, I began an ambitious collaborative project with the infamous illustrator TeruChan. This is the final product. I worked on the color, the majority of the costume design, the scripting, and the little bits of animation that are thrown in. He generously offered his own line work as a template. The lines that this piece is based around, as well as other work, can be found at:


Before submitting, I ensured to acquire Teruchan's permission first. I have a .jpg screenshot of an exchange that proves I have his permission, and is available on request.

I put way too many hours into this. You won't find a single rasterized pixel anywhere in this. It's all vector, all done in Flash8.



It could have been better if you made it so she was pantsless as well.

Oh Baby

I made her look like my slave ;)


the flash is magnificent easy access to outfits. you gave the thing to remove the bottom the demonic pieces of wings tails etc make the girl even more hot and u included just about all u need for the anatomy *note not much to vagina graphics and she could have bigger breasts*. but great

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Absolutely incredible.

I first saw this on Deviant art and I was very inpressed.
Now I come here and I see you just smashed out a sequeal. I have to check it out!!
Anyway, great work. Just great.
SO many combinations, options, and great possibilities. Maybe put in a 'Print out' or, 'Save' option so I can see my creations later or something. I wanted to preserve some of my creations, but the flash does not let me do that, so you lose 1/10. However the game is very pleasant to look at, which brings me to the graphics. Great graphics too.

I can see you worked hard on this. It shows. Keep it up. 5/5 and 9/10.

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Perfect, Sexy and Amazing

This is truly the work of a master! Great job.

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Jun 17, 2006
6:08 PM EDT
Gadgets - Dress Up
  • Daily Feature June 18, 2006