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The Adventures of Steve 1

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Front Page?! Wowzers, looks like the second one has quite a lot to live up to! Thanks!

TO ANSWER SOME QUESTIONS - First up, the graphics/animation will be somewhat better in the second episode. Strangely, half of you are going "it's funny but it looks bad!" and half of you are going "it's funny, don't change how it looks!". Basically, it'll have the same style to it, but things are going to have XTREEEME Flash technology now like shadows on the characters (omg), more detail for the backgrounds (lolz) and most likely some better animation for everything (wtf).

As for the thing that's had the widest range of comments - the voice acting - I'll see what I can do about that. Sorry for the very few of you who don't like it, but Steve's voice just IS Steve's voice, and most likely, so is Jimmy's (although I'm going to work on that). The boss character, however, was something of an after-thought - I didn't really have a voice in mind for him, so he ends up sounding almost exactly like Steve, except with a cold. He'll definitely be changed, but whether that's going to be through a new voice-actor, or some kind of crazy speech-altering program, I don't yet know. There are also going to be a few other episode-specific characters, in particular a few women, so I guess I should go get recruiting with the voice-acting shiz.

I'm also going to try and tighten up the lip-sync a bit, for those who asked.

One last thing though - for those of you who have been like "omg this is crap, not funny, you have no life, by association everyone you love is an idiot", I'm sorry, but I'm going to keep making this cartoon. Humour is an odd thing and I hardly expected anyone else to find this amusing, but I've been overwhelmed by how many people love it - so thanks everyone for the hugely positive comments, you're the reason I want to continue making this series and be able to develop my madskillz as a Flash artist throughout the series.


This is my first proper animation, which revolves around the life of the ultimate anti-hero, Steve. Steve is pretty much your Average Joe - he loves porn and hates his job (did I hear someone shout 'cliche'?), which he's pretty useless at anyway. However, Steve has one redeeming feature which always seems to save him getting fired time after time - he is incredible in a crisis. Whether it be a threat from zombies, terrorists, or tax-collectors, Steve's office is prone to frequent and highly improbable attacks, and Steve is always on hand to sort things out in his suitably cack-handed way.

Well, hope you like it!

ps. the fighting moves are extremely derivative of SF3 sprites, although if you watch the animation, you'll see why

pps. 'mad props' (cough) to Matt Wilson (creator of Bonus Stage), who indirectly got me interested in animation in the first place

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Pretty good. The one that started it all.

Good Job!

Boss Man: 'your shift ends in seven hours'

Steve: 'I dont care'

Totally agree with that.
Great animation funny too.


"unable to end program" ai mphf,xmprthpisrixcrtma ,ucmrmopur |o|z


was awesome!!!!!!

Its my fave flash of all time!

Dont stop making them though, I love Steve so much, its so funny! I hope you make a lot more cause there simply amazing!

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4.42 / 5.00

Jun 17, 2006
5:33 PM EDT