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Alien Sea

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Author Comments

I had this pretty clear idea of an ocean animation, and I had the style thought up. I was inspired by the ambient music of "Carcase". I built the animation around the song, changing the mood according to the music. Some of the animals even interact with the sound. Enjoy.

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No way!

It is an honor to have someone make a music video of a sort for one of my songs (something serious I mean). You have a good idea and It thrilled me to see that someone picked up on the imagery given off by the song. I always thought of a pond + twighlight setting when I listened to it. You have inspired me to make an actual music video! Something using a digital camera though, because I couldn't use flash if it meant my life.
All I really saw though, were simple objects being moved accross the screen. If you put more effort into the art, maybe team up with somebody else for help, then you would have a magnificent flash. You say you made it in one afternoon, well, yes that won't quite work if you are going for quality, so I can't say you're a bad artist, you just need to put more time and devotion into it.
Its already been said, but I agree that you should devote more time into a flash. Perhaps make it a week project, if you have that kind of discipline. I would love to see a remake of the flash if you ever decide to get around to it. Good luck and keep flashing!

clarke0 responds:

I might make another one SIMILAR to this if you make more ambient music (hint hint). I have learnt my lesson with this though (week or 2-3 weeks per project is good). Thanks for the for the decent score, and thanks for your fantastic music!


The effect is somewhat good, but ... in terms of flash animation, it's pretty halfassed. Learn to use movie clips within your main clip, so you could have fish tails swishing, jellyfish moving etc. so it gives it a bit more credibility. I had to score low because this is just a bunch of really halfassed graphics tweened over very long periods, the best thing is the music and you didn't create that so no credit. I was expecting alien sea too, not poorly drawn dolphins, better drawn clownfish, and stingrays that pop out of nowhere. So yes you've got potential I suppose, just put effort into your graphics next time. That's what let you down here.

clarke0 responds:

You must actually animate with Flash... darn. Yeah you have a point, but I meant for this to be a quickie (I made it in an afternoon and a morning.) I was hoping the style, color use, and effects would be enough to leave a better impression, but that seems not to be the case. I do know how to animate, I'll work harder with the moving parts for my next production.

Surprisingly good

The graphic were simplistic but very soothing, especially in concert with the music (which synched marvelously, BTW). It was pretty, pleasant and an all-around good work. If this is a beginning effort then you have a lot of potential!! Keep it up!

clarke0 responds:

This is a beggining effort in this style, but I've worked with other pieces before (which didn't turn out good enough to be worth submitting.) I tried hard to get the animations to work with the music and its nice to see that its paying off.

Not bad at all...

I enjoyed it, nice music and good animation. As other reviewers have said, it is a little slow and droll, but artistically speaking I enjoyed it. Good luck, and I hope to see future submissions from you. :)

clarke0 responds:

I'll be sure to work hard on any other submissions I produce.

good stuff

dude, you have alot of potential as the first review said the only thing is that you need to make stuff a little more interesting. i was watching this with my cuz and he wanted me to click out in the begging.

clarke0 responds:

I'll work on making the characters/things more detailed if I make another animation in this style (I tend to dabble in different styles a lot.)

Credits & Info

3.48 / 5.00

Jun 15, 2006
6:37 PM EDT