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Time Apes

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Okay, second time typing this.. I love the way NG logs you out by itself..

This is my resubmission of the animation I submitted yesterday by the name of Time monkeys.
I have taken on board all of the useful reviews that i recieved and have done the folowing:-
*doubled the frame number smoothing out the animation and slowing it down.
* added colour
*changed the soundtrack

This is very random. anyone who say time monkeys and hated it, chances are you'll hate this too. although the sound change really does make a big difference.


(( Short but i found it entertaining ))

Very short but has some good animation, and some nice use o color, aswell as some randomness to it, notbad at all, maybe make it longer next tome with abit of other elements maybe even its own story, anyways nice flash, keep it up.

Add more content or add more shorts to the clip.

A short but colerfull animation.


Not bad.

That wasnt so bad at all.The animation was smooth but very basic.Next time try making it a bit longer.

i love

stuff in this style. longer woulda been nice, sure, but i learned something from this i never knew before... i won't give away what that is..

drag-5 responds:

lol, I think I can guess what that is ;)

thanks for the comment!

y'know, I would have made it longer, but I thought people might get bored!!!
hmm. maybe I'll rework it at some point?

Sorry to give u a 1/5 but...

To be honest, nothing made me laugh, and i really think u should have at LEAST made this twice as long to make it have an effect. 2 years ago i had a flash tht would have probably done pretty good...but i didnt submit it cause it was...unfinished, like this. Dude look at these reviews and ask yourself, "Are these people going easy on me?" not bad for your first attempt but my mind is saying "No NO NO!"


drag-5 responds:

no they're not going easy, they're being honest ;)
thank you for also being honest.

nothing made you laugh... is flash supposed to make you laugh? is that the whole point? no. it doesn't always have to be comedic. although I did try and put a little comedy in there, thats not the only reason to make it.

I appreciate your time in writing this review though! :)


another general flash whith a genereal fought well it's gindda ok.
hope to see a new one

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2.10 / 5.00

Jun 15, 2006
1:16 PM EDT
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