The Interrogation Part 2

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This one will test your powers of deduction. Bridget is an expert liar and manipulator. You've got to catch her out. Have fun!


A whole series of absolute greatness!

The good: The whole series.. unbelievable.. I love games which keep leading up into something. It really gets you thinking and I like the fact theres a story tied up into all of this. I love catching out the bad person and though it takes quite a while, cracking it feels quite good.

The bad: W-ell, I really would like to see the remainder of the series come to newgrounds, because I would like to catch someone out. And- I would like to know Bridget's motive. She obviously has something to do with the murder, but why would she kill Angie.

Problems: None, whatsoever, though I would've like to see a hink button on the who wrote that speech question.

Spoiler: First of all, you can get everything out of her without giving her immunity even if she threatens you, and never go talk to Yale, or "The black dude" in her words, just stick to her.
-Tell Ted to stop singing he'll ignore you, but he will stop singing.
-She didn't see Ted and Ted will scream that from his cell, she'll scream back and you'll have a little shouting scene
-You then ask Bridget why she left Yale's car outside Ted's apartment
-Then tell the annoying weasel detective to go away
-Bridget then pretends some is attacking her, no-one is. Tell the annoying detective away.
-Then ask Bridget when she realised the car wasn't Ted's
-She'll ask you about a stupid speech, say the Spanish Novelist said it.
-Explain truth is not the sum of all facts
-Say an innocent person wouldn't park his car behind the apartment
-She did park it there to frame Ted
-Then don't book her for grand theft auto but for murder, then she'll ask why.
-Ask her then why she want to frame him, then she'll make up some crap about him being a bad father.
-Then explain to her how can she frame someone if she didn't know a murder was about to be commited. She won't know how to answer and this means she definetly part of the murder.

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I play this one over and over again, seriously, best in the series, possibly the best on newgrounds.
After you have her, I think Bridget is telling the truth (If shes already booked for murder, why would she continue to lie?) and I believe episode 10, part 2 is you being Bridgets lawyer at her trial (Part one being the interview with Yale and Helen where you get Yale charged for murder) at least, thats what I think.

I only have 1 complain

This whole series, a masterpiece. You should be writing novels, man, or something for TV, seriously. I only have one complain though, I went through all the episodes, I had to retry some of them A LOT of times, I had to REALLY pay attention, etc., and when I FINALLY pinch that lil bitch in the ass and get to the Trial... imagine my frustration when I find out I won't be able to get to the end of all this because I have to pay for it. I loved this series, but come on, I'm not paying for a 2 minutes flash movie. And I'm sure not a lot of people will, although, of course, some are stupid enough to actually do so. I mean, you make this great stuff, you get a lot of fans, and in the last episode, you start charging for it?! It's the last episode, man!!! I wonder how many times was your name cursed by your very own fans! It's just not right! Really, you should put it up for free, or you'll lose a lot of viewers. I, for example, will now distance myself from your work for I do not want to get all hooked up in something again and then get utterly frustrated at the end for something as lame and stupid as having to pay for a 2 minutes flash movie, regardless of how good the story was. I don't think I'm the only one saying this. Very god job, dude, but you trashed it in the end.

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this game was awesome i played everyone in the ambition series and this just like blew me away it has a great storyline and is a very fun game...the trial looks great i hope you put it on this site..keep up the great work man..

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great flash when will the next one come out?

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Jun 15, 2006
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