The Interrogation Part 2

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This one will test your powers of deduction. Bridget is an expert liar and manipulator. You've got to catch her out. Have fun!


The beauty of a second playthrough.

First I finished this having not played the previous ones in years, and it all sounded like drivel to me. THEN I went through the whole series, and my mind popped like a grape. This is one of the best investigative games I've ever played.


this is awsome! i only thought there was seven! now theres ten! well sooorry. i really love the episodes man. (im talking to who created them). whats next? ambtion number 25? hope so! and keep goin!


That was great. The only thing I didn't like about the Interrogation ones was that one mistake and you're screwed. Wait, that's the case for all of them...

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I liked part 1 and I am sure all of his other games are exellent! I just have not completed Part 1. But I will some how! I am going to follow sagodotcom's guide and see how the result ends up to Bridget!!

Awesome 10/10 A+

This game was great it really gets you thinking A++.
and if anyone is having trouble here is the walkthrough:
-Ask if she's suggesting yale killed angie
-Tell her you've got her on grand theft auto which is five years jail time
-Tell her ted is in a cell and ask her why she left the car near the apartment
-Go and talk to Ted
-Ask him to be quiet
-Ask Bridget how she could have seen them chasing helen at 11:30
-Ask her why she left the car in the alley
-Ask her to take 2 steps away from the cell
-(bridget will pretend to be attacked) Do nothing and restrain duke.
-Ask when she realised the car belonged to yale
-Ask why she parked yales car in the alley
-Spanish novelist Miguel de Cervantes
-Correct her saying cervantes wisdom was those who profess to know truth.
-Tell her an innocent person would not have parked the car.
-The reason was to frame ted for murder.
-Book her for murder
-Ask why she wanted to frame Ted.
-Tell her the problem is when she parked the car no murder was committed.

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Jun 15, 2006
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