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The Rest is Silence

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Author Comments

A parody four hundred years in the making...

Shakespeare is definitely underrepresented in the world of parodies-- what with modern marvels like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings so ripe with intrigue among today's modern youth! So, if you've ever wished revenge on your high school English class and desired to see a classic work defecated on, here's your chance.

Just as a side-note, I really do love reading Shakespeare. I just love making fun of him more. He he he.

Alright, class, let's begin. Before I get started, here's a few notes to take down:

I: I'll give a free cookie to anyone who can guess Shakespeare's accent. Sorry, that one's my fault.

II: If you haven't read Hamlet, don't worry! The jokes are not esoteric.

III: Also, if you haven't read the text, and wish to know the references, go to Sparknotes or Cliffnotes and read the synopses for Act I Scene 3, Act I Scene 4, and Act V Scene 2. Or you could really read it. But who wants to do that?

Finally, IV: Purists, beware! I've taken liberties. Don't kill me.

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You really have talent. I can't say much more - I can't remember when such simplicity made me laugh so well last time! Especially if you know what Hamlet is about, this introduction and three scenes are on par with the "Hick-a-doo-lah!" spot from Family Guy (and I freakin' laughed my rear off there), if not better. I gave you a 5 on graphics and sound due to their quality but I have to mention that these not-too-perfect elements fit in quite well, although the FF7 battle theme (if I'm not mistaken) might've been a bit louder IMHO, but that's really just a small thing and I'm obsessed with spectacular music ;)

If it was for me to say what you could do better - I'd think for two, three, five minutes, and come up with the conclusion that it could have definitely been more, but if that was the case, the humorous quality might lack because of the mass. I guess you know better how to balance quality and quantity, but...

...if you have any more ideas like that, make another one like this! It ruled!

I rarely give a 5, but you have mine!

PS: Interactivity was rated 0 because there was no intention of an interactive movie here - this zero does not indicate any quality measurement.

Dily responds:

Thank you for your helpful review! And I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Bit by bit, I've been attempting to strenghthen my weaknesses; I really appreciate valuable reviews like this one to help me along that path.

Even Cooler

With each Flash I watch, you seem to get better and better....

It's great how this often gets turned into a family-run sort of deal. This had me smiliing and even laughing throughout. Every attempt at a cheap-shot on Shakespeare and his plays is mercilessly exploited. Facial expressions are flawless, but the fight sequence wasn't too great. There wasn't much actual fencing, but fencing wasn't the point. This was all about fun.

A few tweening issues were there, but for once, I really didn't care.

Sound quality, however, was sort of inconsistent. Some parts, like the fight announcers, were on the low side, while other times you could hear the characters perfectly.

In all, this is definitely the reason why you should continue working in flash, even if your art is quite simple. I'd recommend uploading your hand-drawn scanned images onto Flash and tracing them using Flash's tools. That way, you can somewhat bypass the crudity of drawing purely with a mouse without any references to trace over.

(( NICE ))

This was impressive, i really like dthe animation from start to finish, good use of color, nice presentation, and good storybase, even the file size was notbad, an all around animation keep up the good work.

Make more episode.

Good animation, an all around animation, keep up the good work.


bzzz? Bzzzzz! BZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!

10'd the graphics because I know first hand how tireless and patiance-wearing that type of animation can be.
Great stuff though I would have liked to see some ragging on that ""Is that your daughter?" "That's what her mother tells me at least"" Joke. Honestly, how many times can someone use the same tired joke like that.

and "Whore"atio for the win!

Yeah... Uncle Claudius is stupid =P

Nice job. I like how it's a family collaboration on the voices, and most of the characters were very feminine in nature. At least it's not one of those five second "HaHa, pwn0rz!" flashes that get blammed all the time.

Dily responds:

Thanks! Your comments are very much appreciated!

Yes, I would be thoroughly embarrased to submit a "haha, pwn0rz!" flash, so you don't have to worry about one of those from me. I don't know how anyone can submit something like that in good conscience. Those people should not be allowed to own computers.

Credits & Info

4.15 / 5.00

Jun 14, 2006
12:35 PM EDT