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this is a sequel so feel free to see the prior one. warning of seizures.


amazing s3ri3sÂș

duality, am i right? thats the reason why he appears over-human, post-human perhaps. such as in 'kabbalah' Adam, the first man, was blessed with a varity of superhuman abilities such as walking through wood and stone. duality in moral and sexual ways. and as Adam was an androgyne till he was split in the two genders-duality in sexuality. your humanoid is dual holding in himself good/evil, the second humanoid. I've seen the sequel of this movie(just voted for it on the portal actually)and I noticed you share the satanist believe that evil always prevails over good(Anton Lavey's church). but perhaps, just like a Dada piece, this movie has many meanings, one for every watcher, and I'm already on my ship. it's quit3 b3autfulÂș

YEASSSSS awsomeness in flash form!!!

very very awsome man!!! I have been watching your stuff sence the movie "the beggining" which was the best one so far and have been anticipating this flash for a long long time now!!! :D thanks again for making these, and no offence to your clay work but these ones are much beter and like one of the other guys said, you could easily have a series going real soon, so long as you keep up like this. lol, and now I am a bit off on my religous knoledge... but didn't Jesus walk the deserts for 40 days? I think that might be were your going with this and if so YEASSSSS bring on the flashes that are deep that make a person think. Big fan of both of these so far and am really looking forward to more and do apreciate you making them, I know you said it takes a long time and a lot of effort but damn man... this stuff is awsome I can't say that enough!!! well I'm gunna end this so you don't have to read any more so yah... thx again and keep making that shweet shweet candy :D cheers!

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Very well done

Wow, I am impressed. I love your graphics style, it suits this flash very, very well. You've got the beginning of a good flash series if you keep this up. Oh, and the music was great, too. BLS rules!

Costa-K responds:

ain't nobody better then bls.

it was weird

it was pretty good but really weird.

Costa-K responds:

it was really good and pretty weird


Just wicked can hardly wait to see more EASY 5

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Jun 13, 2006
6:40 PM EDT
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