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XIN Session 18 (Finale)

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Note: This animation is almost 30 minutes long at a little over 13 mgbs.
We thank Mr. Tom Fulp everyone at Newgrounds for letting us submit this flash.
This is currently planned to be the last session of the series. If you are new to XIN, we urge you to atleast watch the animations from Session 10, if not the very beginning.
A very special thanks to all the viewers of the series who have helped us get through the 18 sessions, and especially to the voice actors who have all done an amazing job in bringing these characters to life. We hope you enjoy the 30 minute (almost) finale, and we'll see you again in our future projects.



The hardest part for any film/series/game is getting people to care about the characters, and you guys nailed it! I loved the little couple scenes at the end. They gave me that heartwarming feeling and a bit sad to see it all come to an end.

I also loved how it all came together plot-wise. Xin always felt like a background character to me, which made it odd that his name was the title, but you cleared that up at the end (nice). Like all great works, your team knew to leave the audience craving more, and that's definitely how I feel. I'm sure it's not easy to end a series you spent literal years working on, but it's for the best to end at the high point.

I'm a huge fan of this series, so I'm probably going on long, so here's a quick rundown on individual aspects of the finale and show in general:

Art: The artwork used in this series has grown and evolved as you worked on it tremendously. While certain things such as the buildings themselves seem a bit flat and 2-dimensional, the backgrounds were usually consistent. 7/10

Animation: The animation is great. It's clear that you guys improved throughout the series, but there were always a few instances during the fight sequences that kept it from greatness. Drawing certain turns were a bit awkward, I assume, but you seemed to iron them out for this final episode. Good job. 9/10

Music and Sound: No complaints here. From the first Session all the way to the finale the sounds got progressively better, and the music always fit the scene, especially for the more somber, quiet moments. Keeping subtle music during the final fight at points was also a great touch. It makes it more meaningful and (excuse me for using this) epic! It just works, and feels right. And I'm personally a huge fan of soft, orchestral, and even classical, music during violent or fight sequences. The unfitting theme of it works better than just riffs. SO kudos on that. The sound effects, not just the punches and kicks, but also the more subtle things like footsteps, etc. added to the realism of it all. 10/10

Plot: From the characters themselves, to the twists, and the reveals, the entire series had a flow that even some anime don't quite obtain. You keep things hidden without leaving the audience confused, told each character's background fairly naturally, and you knew just how to end a chapter as well as a series. Wonderful job. 10/10

Overall: I love XIn Sessions and I look forward to watching your other animations. Great job. 10/10 and 5/5

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Nice work, maybe make some more?

Man, I just love your work, the whole idea of the "pillar system". The whole style, and storyline is really amazing! It is really good work, so perhaps you could make a 3ed Chapter? Well anyway, just love XIN, so good luck with your work!


There is no animation like XIN


i reallie luved ur work you had put into this!!!i just luv the ending and the whole story, i luv how you put like action,adventure,education, and romance in it.....i reallie think this is one of your BEST work i've seen=) i reallie just luved it(sorrie repeated) guess you guys have a fan, hope to see more of your great work, including ur latest i've seen Kazahana


Oh Really? I laughed so hard I almost died :) XD

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