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Finally, under the request of a few people, and against the requests of alot more people, i have made another flash staring Link. Some of the jokes may make more sense if you have seen the other 4 but it should still be funny if you havn't. Basicly, its just Link in another attempt to go against the videogame (and movie)laws.
Note: This isn't a real trailer because i am never going to make a full movie about it, so dont report it as just a trailer. This is the farthest im going with the idea.



are you really going to make a movie of this?

roehrboc responds:

no, I don't actually plan on making it (as stated in Auther Comments).


wtf but still good

roehrboc responds:

thank you

lol yay cows!!

that was quite funny and i hasve to say you seem to have a knack with funny flash making... keep up the good work!! oh yeah...... yay random cow lol

roehrboc responds:

well, thank you very much. I am glad you enjoyed them

its stupid

Here's the thing my friends and i were both reviewing and yelling about who gets to say what about what on this movie, so i picked and its; me. And i say i do don't like it.

roehrboc responds:

timeout... you and your friend were arguing about what to say... all just so that you could say something as simple as "its stupid" and "I don't like it"? Please, grow up a bit and learn how to write a decent review. I don't care if its bad, but atleast give me more than an insult to work with.

EAT TEH COOKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what can i say............................................mmm cooooows

roehrboc responds:


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Jun 12, 2006
3:11 PM EDT
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