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Noocap gets all patriotic in this special Local Workings advert for the World Cup.

Written by Kath Phillips & Boris McStoglin

Art by Nalem & Wonchop (http://wonchop.sheezyar

Animation by Nalem (http://nalem.sheezyart.

Voices by Samuel Ellmer (http://theelmo.sheezyar

Sounds from SoundDogs.com

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Lol england

if you notice I've become pie so if you dont' mind :3. -leaves-


2, not 3 - mildly interesting. I was interested to see where this'd go.

'Dalmation' - I don't understand. Is this just a deliberately random bit, or is 'dalmation' maybe some colloquial term down south?

The end - I didn't take in the shared backs the first time. I think it should've either been slower or maybe shown them more from the back, if you see what I mean.

Graphics had no real flaws, but weren't stunning. bgs could've been a lot more detailed. The photo doesn't fit in too well kept as it is.

Didn't do much for me.

IslandofGarry responds:

The dalmation was meant to be a parody of the British bulldog. Sorry you didn't think much of it :(

Savor the punch line.

Well it wasn't too funny, but the end was quite a shocker. It was the kind of thing that caught me by surprise and I had to think for a moment to get it.

Sometimes it's hard to know where you stand. Maybe everyone is a sucker, or maybe you're the only one that doesn't get it.

Keep on keepin' on. LW stuff is cool.


I liked it but whats with the chicken man?... it's a mystery but hey I don't mind one bit... although the humor was a bit plain. You should make a flash about this year's World Cup that would've been funny with the guy getting head-butted in the chest :D Well I guess I saw the first one then :S Cheers! ^_^

Short and sweet, but a little sour...

Nice to see someone made something about the World Cup, though I don't watch the sport. XP

So let's see... in comparring these graphics to the older ones nalem has made, it's an improvement. However, I still find a chicken gentleman a bit hard to understand...

Style is good and well worth the watch.

Sound is also the same. It wasn't bad and you could hear what everone was saying.

No violence. But that's not bad since there wasn't enough time for any. There was no interactivity either.

Now I'll be blunt..., this wasn't very funny. Yes, the part about the chicken man, and the shirt and how a ot of people had them was funny, but that was it. Like mentioned before, it was short, so not very funny either. But how much humor can you put into something of this length, right?

Overall, I give it a seven. I found the snips of it funny, it had good graphics, style, and sound, and had no violence, so it's basically one that anybody could watch. Good luck on your next work guys and I hope it's longer than this. ^_^


IslandofGarry responds:

This was an advert rather than an episode. Episode Two (also Nalme) is currently in the works.

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3.12 / 5.00

Jun 12, 2006
2:45 PM EDT
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