Harry Potter/DBZ

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((UPDATE #2: We've recived Emails requesting to know when Our next cartoon will be out. If you would like to be added to the mailing list just send us a email and tell us.))

((UPDATE!: Part two is out it's a completely different cartoon who's story takes place a few hours after this one before you judge us watch both of them then if you still hate us so be it))

We didn't mean to offend any one this was just a cartoon done in good fun. If you can't take watching harry potter or DBZ be poked fun at don't watch this or the next one. And thanks again to all the dragon ball fans who have emailed us support and ideas for another one. On a final note we didn't pick Potter over dbz, potter got killed too though some of you didn't notice that. Truth is we could care less about DBZ or Harry Potter. With that being said enjoy the movie.

((UPDATE! If you right a review we will respond to it useually with in 24 hours or less. also if you didn't like this one for what ever reason you might like part two which is done in a different style thanks and enjoy the cartoon.))

INA Crew


hahahaha fantastic

this cartoon is like a really fat person running you ralely see them and its always funny

It was...

It was wierd but funny.I like it.I give every thing a nine but not soud.I didnt really like the sound, but every thing else is ok.:)

ImageNation responds:

Thanks we will work on the sound we wish people would tell us what it is about the sound they don't like but still thanks

Good Ol' Randomness

Yeeeeaaaahhhhh, That Was Definately One Of The Most Random Cartoons I've Ever Seen On This Site...........Still, It Was Mad Funny =]

P.S: Krillen Screaming LMAO


DivneClyclone Is a Son Of A Bitch

That last fella that reviewed your flash, dosen't know wot he's on about. This is some good shit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . I loved all the different cameos in it.

pretty good

pretty good. funny

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3.48 / 5.00

Sep 16, 2001
6:52 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody