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Silhouette of a Breeze

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Author Comments

(Press the Ink Bottle to Play. Sorry for the lack of preload, didn't need one at the time. It will lag like an absolute beast on high quality, no matter what your computer is.) Wow. Long time since I submitted anything here. I was assigned a school project of creating a 1:00 long flash movie. Unable to, say, make another Dance of Evil, I turned to my longstanding love of the Victorian Era and created this. It is an experiment into lineartless animation as well. It's not violent, funny or anything that makes it common to Newgrounds, but I hope you see it for what it is; an artistic experiment. It took me about two weeks of work.

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Nice Victorian Flash

This is a very good flash, and I'm surprised it got to the portal, despite the no violence or funniness. You did a really good on it nonetheless.

The graphics were iffy at times, with the bright colours and overuse of gradients. You did a good job with the motion tweens, but you could have done some better frame-by-frame animation in places (i.e. The flag at the end.) I expect that the Anime style for the people is a homage to Emma? (That cool Victorian one.)

The sound was perfect in every way. Except for the lagging. It suited the style nicely.

The ink bottle intro screen was genius, a very good way to set the stage for the movie. But it wasn't a game, so interactivity isn't really much of an issue.

I'm glad there wasn't any violence or humour, because there's a time for everything, and this movie just isn't meant to be funny.


Let's get right down to it.

Graphics: Pleasant enough - on accasions they looked a bit scrappy and some of the colours were too bright and, thus, didn't compliment each other too well. My advice to combat this would be to use the colour-mixer and make your own colours; all from the lower quartile of it. The abundance of gradients made it lag for me.

The style was quite standard. Nice tweening, when it was there, but you seemed to rely heavily on movie-clips. Try using a wider variety of shots to make it more interesting to watch.

The sound fitted your theme well, so full marks.

No violence here.

I didn't find a replay button, it just stopped on the Union-Jack for me. So, 5/10 for including a play button (the addition of a replay button would've gotten you 10).

Not funny. Not meant to be. Zero.

You get a high six overall. I would've liked to vote higher, but the lagging issue and overly-bright colour pallete made me second-guess myself. Your idea was interesting, I haven't seen anything like it done before, but I would have maybe liked to see more. It seems to me that you were portraying Victorian England yet the British Empire played a small role.

Not bad at all, 3/5 and much kudos for you.

pretty good

Is awesome to see movies like this one, that have great art and like have alteady say it doens't have violonce sex or rock an rollxD but still manages to be entertaining. hope to see more


nice piece of art there, but what happened to the music half way through? It ceased just as the rain stopped, otherwise it would've been a masterpiece. Either way, I'm very interested in looking forward to your next submission. Good job.

Open-sketchbook responds:

It's due to some mad lagz. You were playing the movie on too high a quality for your computer and so the music lagged behind the action.

Flash shouldn't e just about humor/ violence.

That's why I like your flash. You have obviously put some time into this flash, and it deserves to get past the portal. If a picture of a guy licking crap can get through, or a girl who was raped and beaten, then you definitely deserve in the 3+ range. You have a good sense of graphics, with the correct camera angles- and you use a style that no one else does. the sound doesn't overlap and is pleasant to the ear, and the flash is very entertaining. I liked it, and I don't like the previosu reviewers low score because he is abusively not being instructive- nor helpful. I hatre the fact that NG must be restricted to violence or humor...life isn't only about those two facts. Its a pity, a real pity. Good luck getting through 5/5.

Open-sketchbook responds:

That you for that. I always wondered how Newgrounds, which is at art an art site, managed to build up a systematic need for violence over style.

Credits & Info

3.44 / 5.00

Jun 11, 2006
10:48 PM EDT