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The Lemon Thief: Ep 1

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YESSSS only watch this if you are someone who can TAKE A JOKE! Any of the spelling errors in this ARE ON PURPOSE and if you cant get that through your head then you are a dumbass ^___^. the story line is very simple--the main character, derkle, gets his lemons stolen, and the whole series is about him trying to find them. if you cant understand that it isnt meant to be serious, then FUCK YOOU


tiny tim

and raving lemons! this is amazingzors

who really likes lemons that much?

you have just scared me for life...... i hate you

Hehehe... It was funny.

Nice job. I thought it was pretty freakin hilarious. The best part was the frolicking in the fields. You do a much better job of making the computerized voice not so fucking annoying, unlike Clock Crew. Keep it up!

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that was funny and retarded all at the same time i like it karrot undeline karrot

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dude, i wanna see the whole thing

that cracked me up man, the only thing i can say is that i wanted to here more of that happy sun song and when he got his lemon jacked i wished he'd turned his head to where it was. Oh also, try not to mix the songs, like with the rave and the funny ass happiness song. But other then that it was swwwweeeeeetttttttt.

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2.86 / 5.00

Jun 11, 2006
10:42 PM EDT
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