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(this is a WalkThru for the "Fiend!" game under my other submissions)
Flash Player 8 Required!!
here is the walkThru for the game, however - most people don't seem to simply want the answers, they want hints. so this walkThru is set up accordingly - mouseOver a location for hints, & Click on the location for more answers. try to do it with just the hints. this is also set up in semi-puzzley form.
please rate this, it's obviously well-built & bug-free (!?)...if it were to get "blammed", then no one would be able to use it as a resource.
thank you.
(this took one fierce night to create)


Secret room---> how do u get in it

i put on the password and ive read the walktrough but i still cant find it, some1 please help me

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Great Game

This gams was really good, never played a game with like this. Very unique, some ound would have made it more creepy and weird. But overall the game as great, love the ending. It did take me awhile to figure everything out and when I finally did I felt special....yah....make mor games damn. Very few ppl can make a game worth playing and you did...yay!!!
~Ebie >_<

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Im Lost... i got the shrooms and ive done the cocaine... i still have the syringe, the spoon, the candle, and the lighter...now what?

Haha, I loved it

Make another include Mescaline in the other one, Ketamine, MDMA, LSD-25...ect. ect.

Great game, unique and different.


cool game, but i can't proceed :(
cant find hidden door and can't open safe

and also i didn't understand authors walkthrough
where should i mouseover and see hints?
inside the game there are no hints, outside rhere are no too
even google says nothing :(

starBastet responds:

*in the walkthru, mouse over the thumbnails, this will give you a list of all things found & used in the room, etc...clicking on that thumbnail tells you more.

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3.50 / 5.00

Jun 11, 2006
10:18 PM EDT
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