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June 11, 2006 –
October 21, 2015
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

YEY!!! frontpage :D thanks Tom :)

Boyscouts are pwning your forest so it's up to you to masacre them all... pretty much.
[ARROWS] Move,jump and duck.
[SPACE] Attack
[P] Pause, you can only pause 3 times each round.

Thanks to Aetolon for the great cloak animation.

For the stagknight contest!


Mother of nostalgia, Batman!

This game is amazing. Just play it.

Awesome game. Just awesome.

If not for this game, I don't think I would have 300 fans on my page. Thank you for using my song and getting people to listen to it, I could never promote it as well on my own.

Awesome game, even if its old as hell, I remember loving it back in the day!

WUL good game

It shows it's age but that's not a bad thing, I can see how it got to front page way back when and it's a good memory of NG for me.

how can a bunch of n00bs ( i mean boyscouts) pwn a forest?

its ok but needs way more work like more weapons and things

its pretty good i agree the sequal is better. but thats why its a sequel not a prequel. haha but overall quite addicting

but Really....this game is Boring

The sequel was better, because it allowed for some more powerups and stuff. I did not even notice how they resembled Simpsons characters with their yellow skin. I find it very strange with how camp scouts are able to use laser guns/arms. Then again, I am a powerful knight in the middle of an ordinary park. The music is good and I also like the sounds of them dying as they spray out gold coins and health. Tip: be sure to remember to jump when you are confronted by air projectiles.

Pretty entertaining killing Simpson-character-look-alikes (as well as sound-alikes) as a character that looks like Darth Vader.

fucking rules the sound the animation everything so awesome!!!!

finally decided to write a review for this...and post this -> kills 1024 score 1465

need medals MY SCORE 244 kills and 330 $

Chuck norris disguised to kill kids

Pretty fun to decapitate and cut open annoying little boy scouts, could be better but fun to play none the less.

imma boy scout! help!

It reflects on my 5th grade vacation when that guy wouldn't get out of the forest.Nice game.

I DON't wanna be a boyscout in this game


Freakin excellent. Who doesn't wanna just chop the crap outta boyscouts?

absolutly loved it, so so addictive, and it reminds me of 'letum' too :)

I will never go to a BS meeting again

it was fun

I wish the boy scouts had lightsabers when I was a member!

It's good, but you should add weapon upgrades. Not like a shop, but evey somany points the sword should get stronger and/or bigger.

ok but the rounds last too long

i use to play this game 3 years ago on armor games.....tight

shit happens

awesome.. but, add cheat please!! ^_^

how do you get to next leval

thats fucking awesome fukk boyscouts join sea cadets


killed 192 awesome game!

REALLY FUN, Its a great stress relief if you are angry at boy scouts, although the game needs some work, oh by the way its really funny how the boy scouts scream, they scream like fags LOL!

love it love it boy scouts suck dick any way join 4-H

WOW I played this long ago and yet this is still addicting. Im suprised I didnt write a awesome review yet.. Oh wellz! THIS GAME RULEZ!! -Agree with me or yall are just idiots- *ya I just said that o.o*

this is a good action game

It does not ever get boring. I hate boyscouts so slaying them in this game is sooo much fun!!!!! A good challenge, too, fighting off the scouts with darth vader masks and lightsabers. The graphics are also great, I love it.

LOL pretty soon it looked like a star wars battle field. Funny! Great idea

I love this game! Very fun and amusing. I have a couple idea's to help improve it. Two words... Levels and Upgrades! Make a menue to where whenever you clear a wave of boyscouts, it acceses the menue and you can use all that gold you collect can be used towards a weapon upgrade, health upgrade, and maybe even some gadgets to help out. That would make this game 100% better =D

The graphics are quirky, but somewhat uninspired. A bit of fun for a short time, but it never claimed to be anything it wasn't. Solid effort, just a little lacking in execution

this Sucks


it was bad but ill be a nice person and give u a 10

10/10 man, very easy but probably one of the only action/fighting games on NG that i can get a really highscore and have fun, nice job! :D

this game is so horrible!!! but itis so FUN!!!

I was scared the game might get really repetitive and boring. but the second it got a little dull, it got more challenging! great game!

Love this f****** Game to the retard raid666 "huh" Your an asshole you couldnt see a decent game if it shat on you


that was the shit simple yet harcore

this game was a little different,but i kind of liked it.

This was always one of my favourite games.

this game is awesome but you should be able to get a permanant sword upgrade

how do you get the upgrades

Really good game, every thing is well done, and the music just took it to another level :D

any know if that was part of another song? if so, any one know the song?


Really fun. The second Staggy does have levels and upgrades.

but ya should have made lvls and had upgrades

the only thing it needs is a plot. You should make it like a story

this game kicks ass...its a lot harder than it looks.....and wer did buy scouts get light sabers and lazier canons


COOL! that was an awsome game! 1554 boy scouts killed. keep up the good work!

Staggy r teh_1337.
Those boy scouts deserve it, being in his forest and all..

Why on Earth would you give this game a 6 or a 5. This game roxz! Full of blood and you get to chop those fairy boy scouts to bits! :P Like many others have said I hope there is a 3rd with more blood and weapons!

I went to 1086 but i ran out of pauses and died.oh well.

This game is great I love it after all there is almost nothing more in life I hate more than boy scouts and I love the fact that I can now slice then to pieces oh and all even better work with staggy 2 and I hope that you will make a 3rd staggy with even more content than the other 2 but if you don't that's cool to


but i think you should get a little more foreknoledge. (A) boyscouts dont wear green...its tan. (B) all the boyscouts i know are probably bigger then you are and they all play football. (C) NO boyscouts play with sticks, ever.

not that much to the game need to have more room to move around

i love this game and number 2 just gets better!

loved it, should have been able to have upgrade or something.. still one of the funest games

see, this is why i quit boyscouts

this game is one of the best games on newgrounds you should make a flash series of staggy

sweet music too.

This game really didn't really appeal to me. There was no strategy, and it was pretty much the same thing over and over, just slightly tweaked.

A great way to relieve stress though i wish there were more weapons and levels

is there gonna be a staggy 3 ?

liked the idea and the game, and now i bet all boyscouts around the world are scared, so great job!

ha i loved the shin spliter. i would like to see this as an rpg

Game is very simple but again so dynamic and fun. I think that we can see all of its glow in the sequel, in here it looks unfinished because there is no pauses between matches and those points you pick up are good only for highscores and not for some weapon buying.
Anyhow great game and great idea!

It was really funny, I like the idea, DIE BOYSCOUT BASTARDS!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!!!!

But it does get imposible after a while.

Like when there is four boyscouts with lightsabers and two with lasers behind you.

its a realy good game i realy have fun...but i dont get how you pass rounds????

Good game, but the health pickups should have given back more health IMO.

bu it was repetve

good game overall

The headline: Millions of people addictid to staggy, one of the best games out there. This is truly a awsome game!
;) it is


awesome game that was staggy's forest they deserve to die

This is such a great, fun and funny game! Great music too! There is not one bad thing about this game!

i love how it has a simple, funny, and totally awesome story =b

this game is so fun and addicting you should make a high score chart!!!

its a huge slice of heaven between two drops of sourdough awesome on the island of greatness

ilove how you can get so meney kills

great game but when is the movie coming out, i've been waitting years and nothing

hell ya this shit is fucking awesome!!!!!

I actually liked this one better than number two. The song progression, the bloody sword effect, and a number of other factors made this game... well... awesome.

LOL! its funny to hold space down and walk through a gruop of them xD

its fun but theres no brakes and no difrent levels more and more just keep cumon at u

I love the random violence! the music was awesome! and i like how it got harder and the scouts got better! i also liked hwo the scouts with bows died in one hit! I couldnt beat it but is there a ending or a point where you win?

The second one is better , because it has more weapons and grenade and a god mode , but this one only has a uber sword as a different weapon.

when I played for only a few seconds I noticed how fun this was, I like how the weaponry is upgraded and I also like how I can seem to stop killing the little boy scouts (I used to be a boyscout)

Homer Simpson scream, sweet.

I love how their weapons advance up to like laser guns and light sabers

awesome game... hilarious, gory, simple, and fun good job

I like its almost better than staggy two, but it still fuckin rocks!!!

the sword actually gets bloodier as you go, how cool is that. call me crazy, but i like this more than sequel

This is fun as all get out. What's the name of the song at the Main Menu?

the best game on the whole intrawebs. i like this one better than staggy 2, but if ther was a 9.99999999 rating i would go with that cuz this would be way better if you could block. but thats just cuz i love to block.

that was fun. I got 1024 scouts

this game is really great i got 346 kills, but the second one(staggy 2) is even better i got 910 kills there

Awsomely addicting and fun lol
Best humor too I have seen in a while. lol

I cant belive i fell for this game....awsome :D

This game is one of the funniest games i've ever played, and it's very very cool, the idea may be simple but thats where the term "Genius in it's simplicity"

Awesome I Killed 228 Boyscouts

If I got light saber training I would have stayed in the boy scouts. Good game it was really easy untill the blasters started to chase you down. Good music too

who'd a thuoght that boyscouts has lightsaber training, lmao...excellent

that was fucking great!!!

Perfect, awesome, great!

Great Game.It has a sense of madness,with the evil idea of killing little boys.But still a great game. 10/10

Loved mowing them down! First played this game a year ago and still love it.

and staggy2

Play Mettalica While Playing...Its AWESOME

great game gotta play the second 1!

i thought it was gr8 still gotta play 2

Not as good as Staggy 2 but its up there..a store and in game breaks would have been nice

Needs a Quality Control like Staggy 2.. and perhaps a Store?


This is really entertaining.Better at original website.

LOL instead of get out of my lawn GET OUT OF MY FOREST! I loved it. The only thing bothering is if u dont kill much the become like armies. It was challenging at the same time easy.

This is such a good game! I can't think of anything better then cutting boyscouts to little pieces and hearing them scream.

Anyone That Has A Blood Lust As Bad As Mine.. Will EnjoyThis Game..

the best song on this game would be"Let the bodies hit the floor" by Drowning Pool the onlly bad thing is that even with the beam sword you can get jumped by a lot of them at once and some of them takes liek 4 hits to kill. the fun part is picking them out of the sky by jumping and hitting them XD

I play this game everyday because it has a true arcade feel to it and the gameplay is great. My best is 1,211 kills. I can't get enough of this stuff!

very cool game music fits perfectly with it

Very nice game. Killing boyscouts have never been this fun (I wouldn't know, really)
I actually went to a screening in London and saw the movie in an unfinished version with my class, so seeing it here in gameform is soo cool!!

i do like it a lot!
Great effects... nice gore... sexy boyscouts... umm... forget i said (typed) that...
One little thing though, attacks a bit repetative!

Anyway keep it up!

i like killing, and blood. your game provides both of these! and its really cool when you get blood on your sword, thats a snazzy effect!

d00d this rulez i cant wait to play number2!

what a game!!!

I Love To Play This Game!!!!!!

uber good fun

Best game ever, all there is to be said. BEST GAME EVER...and fuck boyscouts.

I loved this game so much! I only gave it a overal 9 because you should be able to buy stuff with the points you get that is all.

This is one of the best games I have ever played in a long time..I mean jesus,how many games let you run around and kick some boyscout ass?MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

pwning my forrest eh? pointy sticks eh? darth vader eh? i shall smite thee with me toothpi- err umm sword...
cool game lol

this game is fun i like to kill things it makes me happy

this game have kills too much are very fun kill


The graphics were ok, but cool. The style was old school. The sound effects were awesome, I loved the screams. It was very violent, blood, guts, gore, I loved it. For a man-slaughtering game the humor was pretty good, boy scouts and all.

Awesome game man! lots of blood hahaha!

not bad (because its so super good!)

I love it! It has everything a violent game should! The weapons are the best! The option to buy and switch weapons is awesome. The ability to hear blood curdling screams is even better! This game has kept me entertained for at least a half an hour which is very long for something that isn't an RPG.

A very nice game too play

it takes it a lot of time to become interesting and once it does its imposible to keep it without been overwhelmed. althougt i like onslaugth scouts ;)

I am ninja, he is ninja, she is ninja, too. I am ninja, he is ninja, and I believe that you are ninja too!
I loved this one, not as much as the second installation, but thats simply because there's no light saber on this one. : ( So no jedi, but it's cool to be a ninja anyways. Besides, jedi knights don't have shuriken.
Damn those Boyscouts...

i liked it keep it up

I love murdering boyscouts

Bloody awesome! Played it again and again! I like the idea of killing boyscouts! Keep up the good work!

Good amount of violence and great sounds but what did the boyscouts ever do to Satggy and why does Staggy live in a forest?!?!

This is a fun action game but there really isn't a plot and the graphics aren't that good. The blood gore and weapons are pretty god though. This game still needs some work though.

you could have had maybe a long range weapon? any way, are there more boy scout types than the lightsaber and blaster ones? and howd you make staggy?

cool but it needed more weapons and also the grafix were not so good

not cool dude



GRAPHICS- I uhh like em.. not much to say...

STYLE- not too original, but i like that.

SOUND- nice screams.




OVERALL- =) =) =)

Yes I know theres a sequel but that needs to have more weapons.

This was a fun game. Though I have seen many games like it before, just with a different character and different goals, etc. The base concept is the same. However, it was still entertaining, and I must say, also addicting. Great work. I'll for sure be back to play it again.

Side note for players: If you want to get a highscore and see how it ranks with others, you apparently can't do it here. So I suggest playing the one at the site it says to play at if you want to compete.

Why are you still reading...the only things needed saying were said. Go play again.

But I think I'll retire. I just managed 13,760 point (2144 kills) and my fingers hurt from all the key pressing. I'm hoping that, had the Daily Top 10 actually been working, I would have gained a spot on it. Maybe not the Number 1 spot, but perhaps Number 7. As it stands, I'm not even sure if 13,760 is a reasonable score. But I'll retire anyway and pretend I accomplished something great =)

Ah, who am I kidding? I'll be back for more tomorrow!

Great game. It's definitely one of my favourites!

was my highscore. Loved it, it was brilliant. Probably better than the 2nd one.


I wish that you could save your progress though, like automatically after each round.

I would not mind not getting the highscore, but if and when I die I hate having to accumulate all that money again to buy the chainsaw/lightsaber/large battery.

Maybe a non contest version?


Too bad that faggot Eric Bauman stole it.


I liked more than staggy because u dont need to go 2 next lvls and u dont need 2 buy new weps.

That was amazing!

Stagknight rocks!

It gets really hard when you get into it because they all start swarming on you and you dont really have a chance to attack them but it is still fun!

10 4 humor cause i like killing things. he's got a geat name but i think that the plot should be more specific...is it really his forest??? is he a tree hugger??

It was fun and enertaining but not that solid of a game

Not the greatest game i have ever played, but still worth playing. If you are going to make a sequal try and make the graphics a little bit better.

Peace out mate,

Great game, just no rounds though? i thought this game was divided into rounds. i like this one better then part 2 though. good job with both of them.

This is a cool game no doubt about it but I like Staggy 2 better--able to power up and refill lost health is a HUGE PLUS! But, I have a question...how it is that someone can get over 8000 ponts on this game I know that the more you play a game the better you become but you have to be either VERY lucky--get the rare Uber-Sword power up or the VERY rare heath pack when you need them...or--and I beleive this is the more logical conclusion--you cheat. you have codes that give you infinate health and what not so you can become a killing machine and not worry about what comes you way. I love games that challenge you but being surrounded by 20-30 bouscouts with bows, lightsabers, and laser guns it becomes close to impossible to survive! if you got the codes or any tips, post them, let others in on your secret.

This reminds me alot of Heli attack 2, except it wast as fun. buyable weapons and armor would be great. everythin rules. GODAMN BOYSCOUTS DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

I was entertained for a very long time on this u did a GREAT job! i think that if you make more you should include more powerups and weapons maybe customizable armor and be able to buy better armor in the shop and a save feature...other than that it was awesome

make part 2 plz! or a console version

This was a good game, I only got to about 1002 kills but that's about it... Yet I wonder how you people get so many points?

This is a nice game, I used to be a boyscout and I don't think they let us use lightsabers, or ray guns, though I never made it to eagle scout so who knows?

this is a good game!!!u should make more power ups or a shop to buy upgrades or BOTH!really good game though!did u copy the sounds off a game called dynasty warriors?(i have sick humor!:))

Rocks. I love hearing them scream and break apart as you slice them. Can't break 3500 points though. Sound and gameplay gets repetitive though. Jesus Did It For The Chicks.

a great game , i just love the guy with the lasersword =d

KICK ASS! How I've always dreamed of living a life similar to Staggy's... slaughtering those damn boyscouts. FOR THE LAST TIME, NO! I DO NOT HAVE ANY BOTTLES TO SPARE FOR YOU TO REFUND ON YOU HOMELESS BEGGARS! NOW I GO STAGGY UPON YOU! GET OUT OF MY FOREST! Oh, umm hehe err THAT wasn't meant to get out but yeah... awsome good.

that is one of the best games on newgrounds, hands down. I can do the moonwalk on it!

I love how gradually as it goes on, their weapons upgrade. Sticks to swords to lightsabers... and then I died. Stupid blaster guy.

Anyway, I have to say it's a really fun game.

First off, this is a great game, but I noticed it on eBaums world. Did you submit it or was it stolen?

Nice game...simple, addidcting, and so funny I was ROFLingMAO. In short...I liked it. Good job man.

that was fun and those boy scouts had freakin lightsabers sweet


I love teh boyscout corpse piles!

and so my sword was stained with the blood of hundreds of boy scouts... and still more seek to join their fallen brethren...

This is a really good game...i was wondering if you could post it somewhere for download because i dont always have access to the internet but would like to play this game alot more...thanks

its really easy at the beginning but it gets so hard theres to many

FUN FUN FUN!!!!!!!!! i like the background music and the killing boyscouts with swords theme

I really like this game! It was a lot of fun. The graphics were drawn and animated quite well. I loved the music and the sound fx. I only scored a 655... i'm not that good.. but it was a lot of fun. I liked how the enemies kept getting tougher and tougher to face. Grat game!

I agree with the others, since you have no 'rounds' per se, why is there a pause limit? Either way, it's a great game, I can't wait on more like this.

Very good game, a lot of fun. But why the three pause thing? That feature makes absolutley no sense at all.


The voice is damn hilarious.

Boyscouts...In my forest?!

Good work, brute carnage

i enjoy the absurd style and numerous of boy
scout fatalities, but it could of used more power
ups and possibly alternative weapons to keep it
from becoming repititive. i also like the subtle
effect of the higher the kills you have, the bloodier
your sword becomes.
score: ***

this game is wicked feaking awesome!!! but its strange, where do the boyscouts get laser guns and lightsabers? o well!! makde more games like this!!!

Dude...That was awsome!

Haha, cool!
had a big smile on my face, dunno y but this is a very cool game although it's very simple. ;)

i loved it and hope to see more great game like this in the future i mean i dont like flash games but this made me change my mind and thank you keep it up!

AND I HATED THEM SO MUCH and it felt good to get out some anger

I was a boy scout, but I was in a lot of troops, and the last one I was in was the worst (mormon) kind in my opinion. Those are the kind I was thinking of when I played this. Thanks for letting me express my anger at them and their false sense of perfection... ...even though this game illustrated none of that. lol

Good game, fun to play, plus i hate boy scouts......KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK :)

i love this game
it brought happines to me and my cuzins]

hahah plz make of these

mucho mucho comicos
very very funny


i liked the whole idea. but the sound got a little repitious. fantastically done!

whats it called it was awesome

Hey, that opening line kicks so much a$$. It really makes to want to chop up as many of those little bastards as you can. Fun and addictive game! That line, man: classic!

This deserves all my 5 just for the fact u had a sweet song in there people don't understand the importance of double bass in everyday life we need it! :) the music=wonderful and all that other stuff was great keep it up buddy later

God bless


Muhahahaha, classic. Gets rid of my need to bash those damn nerds. Camping and sword swinging, FTW!

I mean really, this has to be the funniest blood bath game I've seen yet =]

The most entertaining part is the intro, It made me laugh everytime =P


wow, this game is kick ass, loved it, keep up the work guy.

dude sweet game good graphics sound and physics are great, just where do boy scouts get lightsabers and laser guns?

But hey, it's true. I can't think of a more depraved, god-awful concept than a Darth Vader-looking samurai slaughtering hundreds of heavily-armed boy scouts in a forest to a repetitve heavy metal song, and yet I fucking LOVE IT.

excellent,i love it

Got pretty repeptitive - maybe more things happned later but I didn't stick it out all that long. The idea is amusing but it's a little too simple I suppose.

I Like anything that involves knights and this was just awesome. Great job

Me - 3218
boy scouts- 0
internet porn- 1

cool game, nicely done

This was one of the BEST flash games I have ever played.
Props to u for making this game.

Great game. I love watching the heads roll to the ground and the puddles of blood below two split halves of a scout. It brings me great joy. One question though, why would scouts have lasers or lightsabers or even swords? You should make a sequel with weapons that you can actually choose in stead of just a sword. Hows this for a start: Battleaxe, Sword, Battlemace, Warhammer

Of course you can probably think of some cool varieties for them and even more kinds of weapons. Maybe even have more gore!!

This is a pretty fun game, but it is just mindless violence. There is nothing wrong with mindless violence dont get me wrong, but dont expect to get a 10 with just hack and slash forever and ever.

Despite the fact that getting pwned by boyscouts in starwars outfits irritates me I really liked the game.. Fuc#%in boyscouts...

Good job on a really well done game :).

boy scouts degrade our society... this game is truly a blessing! :P

that was great. them is sum hardcore boyscouts, lightsabres, laser beams? not likely but god lots of fun, and blood, but mostly fun.

This game is friggin' awesome

you need more weapons but besides that it is fucking sweet.

Oh, man! This was great! I love the Stag Knight! This game was truly fun, I love how you're killing off boy scouts! hahaha, they're even Star Wars nerd boy scouts!

I really appreciate how it's very simple, and yet there's room to get really good at it. There's a strategy in there, like, "Do I jump or duck this arrow/laser?" or "Do I hide behind this rock or jump over to get the sword powerup?" On top of that, this game has such a fun concept that I'm bound to come back and try it again! Great job!

At first it's fun, then it's just fucking retarded. Besides...nobody can top Tom's score...FAGS

I really found this game fun for 5 minutes but after that it got boring. Sorry, but slashing gets boring after 2 minutes. Also the game lacks depth and originality. To make this game better, I suggest adding some special moves and maybe more levels and some enemies that attack in different ways.

nice game some things that bother me though
if u make a staggy 2 add some stuff like new combos or maybe a level thing noone wants to be pwned by then no matter what

I absolutely love this game, I cant stop playing it. Gore, freaks and lightsabers, what more could you ask for, the only bit that annoyed me was the way Staggy held his sword other than that it's perfect, keep em' coming.

I loved it, there could've been more moves, and it did kinda get a little boring in the beggining, but after the guys with the lightsabers came, it got good

keep it up

As I said for the umpteenth time in all my reviews, my speakers are broke, so dont mind the 0 for sound. The game is awesome! It gets repetetive after a while, so why not add some more extras like combos, or weapons or stuff.. Good game.

could have been more moves but was great game.

if that's so you just have a crappy pc

it was a fun game although there should have been more to do instead of only slashing


this game doesnt work on my computer at all i was able to play it but the
graphics are messed up i can't see my character at the begining i can but then
it falls down behind the green background it makes me so mad so this game
gets the worst rateing :(

this game is the best action game ive ever played! i give it a 10!

LOL! This game is da funniest/voilent game i've eva played on Newgrounds, hands down. Suck BOYSCOUTS! The gameplay is super addictive and simple. The graphics could be better, but only slightly. The music is HOT!!! Highly reccomended for anyone into slashers or/and arcade games.

this is so much fun i hate boyscouts so much. my brother was in the boyscouts and he turned out to be gay!! 0_o !!!???

I hate boyscouts and this is an easy and fun stress re-leaver. All this needs it like a shop or merchant to sell you goods and weapons of mass death. Examples would be like a lightsaber, throwing knifes, throwing axes, ninja stars, a sickle, a syth, a battle axe, a ninja sword and the list goes on. Upgradable health and different levels. Very bloody and very violent just like the most of us enjoy. Keep up the great work!

it was just so monotonous and repetitive.

it showed hardly any effort.

it was fine but wat really was the point

That game is fun and has a lot of violance.

Okay, this is an OK game, beyonf anything that i can make yet, but THIS DOES NOT DESERVE THE TOP 50!!! I'm sorry, but it flat-out doesn't. It's too simplistic. It's mindless. It's not addictively fun. And the animation is almost below par.

this game sucks altogether sry but it does

I don't see the big deal.. u run around, jump around and swing your sword at some people... sure the graphics r pretty good but it is just a walk and slash in a confined area... Personally i don't see the attraction

Nice job i added this to my favorites it was a really funny and good game keep up the great work!!!

Read my sumary.

Great game man, it would be way better if we could pick up the weapons like the gun and the bow tho insted of using just those 2 weapons. the music and sound were one of the best things too, the blood going everywhere and efects were awsome!! 5/5!

About the best game on this site. Simple and fun, the two ebst combinations. Any one can get used to the primisis, just to kill boy-scouts. And who wouldn't wanna do that? Love this game. I demand more staggy! I wanna kill hippies amd vegatarians next. But going beyond me this game was great from beginning, to plastic lightsaber, to end.

That was one of the best games on the net that i have ever played!!!!

very good

lol awesome. very good. my favorite part is, that you'll jump up and the sword will hit the guys face, and then all of a sudden he'll start bleeding from his crotch. nice.

dude that game wasss..........KICK ASS COOOOOOOOLLLL!!!!!!!!!


I loved this game, it kicked ass, loved the music, if u apply this kinda gameplay to some sort of adventure it would frikkin win awards!
One Question though, how the hell did those guys get such high scores!?!?!

that was kick ass.....straightforward yet sooooo verry effective!

Great job!

It rocked man!

those starwars scouts were hilarious,

please make more games like this...=D

Yeah, seriously - I loved it :)
The idea is great, the screams and the in-game music! My god, that rocked! Whats the name of the song and the performing band? Only one thing that should be changed - more power-ups!

i loved the music and how they screamed when they died.

you did a good job my friend

I was so thrilled killing a horde of those boyscouts!! if you hate boyscouts, this is a game for you, it will be nice that if you make another version, you can use dual swords, or also picking up the lasers! and what about mines? ok they were all used in another games, but i will love to se how the boyscouts corpses fly with a big boom!
anyway... great job!

Holy shit that took hours out of my day but I made the top 10, 3rd place baby but I lost the ability to blink while worth it rats off to yea.

Who knew killing Boy Scouts could be so much fun? Sure, my brother was a Scout, but that's besides the point. I liked everything about the game, although you should make it so that the sword upgrade dropped out a bit more and that you could duck, without having to wait for the attack to finish. I like how the sword got bloodier and bloodier, though.

This game was so fun and addictive. *Favs* keep up the good work. What's the highest score everyone's gotten on here? (besides the highscores already portrayed on the game)

Great music, violence is great, and I was laughing like crazy when the star wars guys came after me. (they were tough though, the ones with blasters...lol..)

the game has an edge to it that makes it way cool

I love this game, it is so fun and relives me of my boredom.

Keep up the good work man.

DIE BOYSCOUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Still, more weps would be cool, maybe more moves, especially in mid air.

Other than that, it rocks.


i really liked this actually. I do like the way it builds up and generally you get harder baddies ( or rather scouts with better weapons) but I'd like to see more for the knight. I found the odd sword upgrade but these normally game to infrequently. I suggest maybe a new type of weapon or something is unlocked each 50 kills or something.
I'd also like to see some specials in there too.
but really like it

dude i love the game
but is there actually a second round ??
or do i just suck for not getting to the second round...
i really love the game ^^

it had every thing a great game needed but here are some things you can put in the next one
1. upgrades with all of that gold(y do boy scouts have gold anyway?) you could make an upgrade screen with new armor and swords and stuff.
2. you do not have to make this a never-ending game you could make levels.
3. i like ur song on theret went with the game style i would like to see more songs

P.S y did the boy scouts have red lightsabers? should'nt they be on the light side? cause you know, y would two dark sided people fight each other?

That was frkn funny! BOYSCOUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol! Awesome work!

it is a really good it is cool how the more boy scouts you kill the bloodier your sword gets

very good job i love this game very much thxs for making it xD

This game fas totaly worth the time it was fun to play and easy to control. why humor 5? because "boy scouts in my forest i DONT THINK SO" lmao

Though you should have made this game a level type though as a score game its fine as well

Well...This game is interesting..yet it's pretty simple. Nice animation and the idea is fun. I like it.

Nice man. Pwnd by lttle kids... with eried guns and glow stikz.

But yeah, good game with some of my faveorite music. woo!

Wow, the lone knight killing all of the nerdy boyscouts. Nice. Keep up the good work!

what an awsome game! loved choppin them boyscouts up. but where do they get the budget for laser guns and lightsabers?...
anyway, keep up the good work.

Is good you can do it better but is good..

Muhahah haven't had fun like that in awhile. I loved the style and it was very basic, but as mexican said you should really add upgrades and more powerups and such, then it would be amazing!

Yay 3rd place, this game was very good, the only problem i have with it is that after a period of 40 minutes it gets to repetitive, I thought that after like 1 hour the whole screen would be full of boyscouts, well that and the fact that you can't upgrade pisses me-off.

ps. if you wan't tips on how to get good at this game go to kclansa.tk, register ( it's free ) and I will teach you my secrets btw my name in the high-score list is mexican.

This game is great. Excellent idea and great gameplay.

Hehe, I got a score of 1335, I love this game.

Nothing much to it, but still pretty fun

Damn.... this is the most addicting flash game I have played, excellent work! It can be repetitive at times, but still amazingly fun. Hope to see a sequel soon.

the style is wicked sweet. and very smooth gameplay. but i also agree with those before me that this needs some wicked knight upgrades cause those boy scouts get frikkin lasers!

very fun game ^^ very addicting >_>;; i just wanna know how those abstards got those weapons int he first place >_< other then that i agree with pennstate needs some weapon upgrades

games pretty awesome... id say just have like more than one level and me able to upgrade weapon because it sucks.

Its awesomeness lies in its simplicity, one of the very best strait up action games ive played, but man it gets hard once they start swarming you with blaster rifles!

BTW, to the guy below me, WOW man, how long did it take for you to get that score? I found a way using the rock to go almost endlessly without getting hit, but that score musta taken 2 hours of flawlessness to get...

FInally hit the leader board... and at top Three!

i thought it was fun ,but you should make more weapons...

Nice concept, I like the style of this game. You should make more then one sword animation though, it gets boring to look at after a while.

man dont get me wrong, the graphics were OK but HOW FRIGGIN BORING AND SLOW MOVING WAS THAT CHARACTER. As soon as i tried to play it i knew it was gonna be crap thats why u get nothin'! zilch! cuz u gotta be more user friendly and innovative!!!! u suck...

what a waste of 30 seconds of my life lol

can u get anything higher than a 10 on violence lol

i liked this alot not only coz u can kill boy scouts on it
it gives ya summin to do for 20 mins
maybe a sequal wid more stuff to do an different weapons
keep it up

You should have the player spend their points periodically for upgrades to make the game larger and more interesting. Other than that, good job!

i love this game plz make staggy 2 whith more weps 2 get and more people 2 kill

You is teh shiznit!

this game rocked!!! lol the darth vader and retarded archers....lol they all goy pwned big time!!!!

That was a lot of fun. Great graphics, great story, and just a fun game. Keep it up.

Great, good storyline, good graphics, Lovely style. You've gotta make a sequel!


The hacked up Boy Scouts animation was pretty funny, and when they get lightsabers and lasers it was funny also. I agree with the previous reviewer that some more options instead of the single attack would be better, but still a fun little game. I didn't get through the first round though, so maybe I'm missing better parts of the game.

can get a little repetitive but still a little addicting. mabey next time try more sword attacks other than just 'hack' and more enimies.

not too mate.

This game was sooo fuckin good i made my score different.-7 really is a 10 but the music was soooooo good with the game i gave it a 10 which is really a 13 so tecnicly my overall is 13 MOTHER FUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

its to fun and good


I love this game, the music and gameplay are great. I think there needs to be some more attacks though, and IMO the sword could kill everyone that takes 2 hits in 1 hit, and the guys that take 3 hits in 2 hits, and last a little longer. Then, you could have a light saber that kills everyone in 1 hit. I think that would make it even better. Some more sounds would be cool too, I'd love to hear sounds effects such as the sword slicing through their heads :)

Pretty cool killing boyscouts like an arcade and trying to make an highscore. Awesome game! :D

Great game, great graphics/violence was pretty realistic. Great music. Great everything.

there is just one thing i want to know
where did you get the music? I want it :D

plus you should add a bigger level and some combos it will make the game worth while


this was really good, but it'd be better if there were more powerups, like invincibility, or KO all of the boyscouts on the screen. a game with lots of potential.

I loved it. The simple mindlessness of the whole thing went well. The music worked, and the gameplay was simple, but more addicting than anything i've seen in a while.

my only problem with the game is that you can't attack while you crouch. beyond that, i'm quite happy with it. hope to see more of this kind of thing

Why stop at boy scouts? How about retirees? special olympics? I see potential for an entire series of rampages!

Also, it'd be spiffy if you could have combo-animations of a sort, and attacks for crouching and jumping.

Fun stuff!

Great game. Gets a bit hard, though. But, none the less one of the best games I've played.

i have played this game alot and think it is really fun!

i really liked this game, KILL THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

first i got bored but i started enjoying it. good job.

More powerups though

It's really starting to piss me off. How the fuck do I get a score over 4000? I've read tons of other peoples reviews for tips, but none of them seem to work! I've even posted in the forum.

Anyway this a great game and I hope you make a second version of it.

Well done mate.

what he said

Hey my guy. You are kif. I imagine hats off to Monty Pythons for the black night and the gratuitous blood spilling? Anyway, that is an ussum game and i've played it to friggin death. I've nearly incurred the wrath of my boss a number of times. good points for bloody kif violence, kif music, kif idea. Super limited in its longevity though.

It was fun to run about slicing through many-a-scouts but I have to say the voice audio at the begining and the eventual repetative background music effected the score a little. That aside I would say it is a pretty good game.

Its been a long time since ive had that much fun on a game, although one criticism would be more powerups. Good Job.

This was good fun to play and didn't get boring as quickly as I thought it would so an extra point to you there, but I was a bit disappointed when I realised how small the level was, and that I was contained to that small arena like area. Should it have more levels with bigger maps it would have got at least a 9. Apart from that I did find it addictive and spent quite a long time playing it. Not bad at all.

A pretty simple game but it was very good anyways. Lots of replay value. High score 2800 :)

That was the most pwnage I've seen since Alien Hominid! Good job! This totally deserves frontpage!!

I too does hate boy scouts=) Here's a joke:
-Who is a boyscout?
-Boyscout i a kid dressed like an idiot lead by an idiot dressed as a kid. =))))

But this one really lacks a purpose. I like the variety of deaths but running back and forth and doing the same slash over and over and over and... It's a one-play game. I didn't last long i guess but anything worth a wait wasn't coming anyway.

Graphics, sound were alright. I like that the enemies just jumped around once i was killed, catches the boyscout sprit=) still looks more like a coincidence

how can some people get such a high score...damn you nerds. anyway, need more weapons, at least one more....say for example, an Uzi

This is a very simple, yet stylistic game that got me hooked when I started playing it. Though I kind of wanted to stop when I saw the high scores and compared them to mine, I still enjoyed the whole "kill them boyscouts" thing. Though it would be nice to have more another weapon besides a sword to use. Overall its a great gae

i love killing games, the ownage makes the game l33t

I recomend this to cure boredome, by the time i died my sword was completely red.

u could add some combos to the make the game more fun

I've never played a flash game that lets you kill boy scouts! Keep it up bro!

This is truely great. All tens Mother fucker.

this game rules! i could play it all night if i wanted to! but i dont want to.

it was kinda fun ^-^, attacking and killing boy scouts or something. it looked so funny when they were using sabers

Crazy but fun game. Who would think boy scout to be pure evil!

Heh... That's a really nice one =)
The gameplay becomes a bit dull after a few minutes of grinding those folks, but it's a great game anyway.

Simply classic...

That was so FUN! the violence was awsome, it was challenging, and the graphics were good and it still ran super smooth! MAKE MORE

that was a great game =P very very addicting....id keep thinking i was done with the game but then i just went back for more scout bashing! ^_^ hope to see more great games like these =D

that was pretty awesome its pretty easy and and fun and the sound goes well the game sometimes the sword swing was awkward and swung twice when ii only hit spacebar once. Its pretty fun to kill boyscouts too.
I hope a sequel will come out soon.

you see this why boyscouts shouldnt have lightsabers. was the screams from homer simpson?

i liked it alot but the only thing i didnt like was he only did ne move
o well

keep up the good work

This has to be the flash game I have played the most of all the flash games I have ever played. It is extremely fun, even if the beginning is kinda slow.

Anyway, it takes some time to reach high scores, but there is one trick to reach unbelievable ones: go to the rock on the left, and keep jumping back and forth over it, while slashing. If you do it well, you wont ever get hit, or so rarely that the medkits will be more than enough to patch you up.. The very first time I used this strategy, I got a 18k score, and I only died because I clicked outside the window.

However, without this trick, the game is too hard, and too reliant on luck. Otherwise, exceptionnal. I even registered just to be able to review it.

first i thought it was gonna be boring, luckily i stuck with it lol. how the hell do they get lightsabers and lazerguns lol?i destroyed as many as i could but got only about 3000 pnts before dying.it was fun, i liked it.

This game is better than any other game aimed at mindless violence.

However, improvements can be made.

1) Have a break every ___ kills, designated for purchasing health/armor/weapon upgrades.
2) Fix the ultra-sword glitch where it takes 2 hits to kill a powered-up laser scout.
3) Make more power-ups, like invincibility and explode all enemies at once.
4) Eliminate the pause limit. I'm not sure what you were trying to prevent by including this feature, but it has annoyed me as well as many other players.

The boys with the range attacks. They're so fucking annoying! A block ability would also be nice.


i've been waiting a long time for a samurai game.

Holy shit it was from stiks n arrows 2 StarWars N then Uber starwars people :)

a very good game!

Lots of fun, lots of violence! I found it to be highly addictive too! Great job!

Pretty good game. A few more options would be nice. Also, I think Tom is addicted to this game.

I got nowhere near the table.

This was pretty cool though.

more options to the music would be nice^^

Great Game liking the killing and stuff! Whats the music on the game cos the music is really good! Best game i've played in a while Well done!

I think the way the boy scouts get better and better weapons is really well done. Maybe a few more power-ups, or a weapon and armour shop, just to make it a little more interesting and boost the interactivity. But those are just things you could add on, as it is its still a brilliant little game.

thats the coolest game i ever plaiied i put on top ov mi favs :)


Tom Fulp r second lmao XD
The highest score which I got was 1500 :/ Zomg.. I know, i'm shit, but an amazing game man :p

Lol that was freaking awsome! So much death! Great job on this game! Looking forward to another!

P.S. to anyone who wants to know the song for the menu is Undead Rave by G-rave. Go search it in the audio. dont know about the song in the game

Verry cooool game, you could'v made more power ups, The game was kinda hard because so many were coming , I died at the part when the dudes with Light Sabers came, well A.I.A it was a very awsome game.

Playing this game for my first time just brightend my day. I couldn't have enjoyed much more. Excellent work!

Though the game was lacking in the amount of maneuvers available, the game offered simple, mindless hack-n-slash FUN. I truly loved it. The music rocked too.

I feel a sequel should be more varied... but that said, I'm certainly looking forward to seeing one.


Well so it wasn't something too new or creative, but hey, it was done well. Decent graphics, smooth enough animation, excellent sound (with a perfect song to mesh into the background), and hey, you get to kill boyscouts. So, it could have used a little more depth. That's why theres such thing as sequels.

Keep up the good work and try to make somethin a bit more complex next time. A sequel to this would be nice.

dude the gore was so awsome

this is an awsome game. i cant feel my fingers ive played that game so much.

wow Excellent game i would like to play the sequel though... no way of saying it was bad.. you'll love this game ppl.

You know, with Powerups and levels and so on. Otherwise great. 5/5

It really is. Could have better QLT and could be a little more easier...with a little more powerups...and more music. Sound of the guy was kinda weird, but his armor was cool. It's a good game, I like it... 8/10 and 4/5

i was laughing so hard when i played and the boy scouts got owned!!!

Crazy fun game. Don't think I ever had so much fun killing so many people. It was gory, repetitive, and never ending, gotta love it. Finally found the pattern and got like 60,000+ but I got bored and gave up. I see Tom is still cut off from all human contact. Slash away Tom. ^_^

Cool if u added guns and sabres that would be super awsome!

good but more weapons and cool powers would do

OMg this game fuck all the rest xD it rox like valhal xD i played it first time and i were powned the musik is great can i have the name of the band and the song plz xD its great DO MORE PLZ thx bye

And the musci kicked ass!!! Who is that?

i could play this for hours!ur good at making games

The game is good but to difficult.

The graphics leave something to be desired, and the blood-curdling screams of the dying boyscouts made my testicles creep up into my stomach, but its a smooth game with good music. And, I finally get to kill boyscouts without getting arrested...again...

Nice as hell man, I can't believe no one has done something like this (I'm not really sure if someone has or not, just havn't ever seen anything like it-and refuse to do searches.) You have to make another one, a employee going sadistic on his co-workers, other employees, and his bosses or something, idk. I loved this game though, "Boy-scouts.. in my forest?! I don't think so" lawl... oh, and one more thing.. how the hell did people get up to 80,000? The best I could do was 3,000 *shrugs*

Cool game.. But maybe to much the same.. it become boring after a while, always same thing and same maps and all...
But at overall its a nice game. Good Job :)


great game i loved everything about it apart from one little thing.....the power-ups were REALLY random, one time u would be showered with em and the next time they would be rarer than water in a desert. but apart from that great game, i just hope the film is as good as this

That game was awesome. I loved the screaming when they died.

Keep up the good work!

Nice. Nice. I always hated those Boy Scouts and now that I know they have gained the knowledge to build primative light sabers its a good thing we have people like Staggy to stop them. The voice to hilarious. the overall feeling of the game, I like. graphics were above-par. Nice job and keep it up.

I found this game very addisctive, fun and humurous but... if you had a "blood lust meter" or something of that sort that allowed an increase in speed, strength or maybe even provided the ability to perform some sort of special attack it would have been even better, posibly easing it repetiveness.

Awesome game, Im totally addicted. Currently my favorite game on the site. Im not exaggerating when I rate it a ten, it's that good.

just like the guy before me.. it is the best game I ever played for quite a while...
plus the fact that I don't like BOYSCOUTS make this game even better...

That has got to be one of the best games i've played in quite a while. Very good job. But try to add maybe more levels//weapons.
Also there is a little problem with the fact that, if you kill a boyscout close to one of those hills then his power up will get stuck up on the hill..
just lettin you know.


Mwahahahahahahahaha!!! They stand no chance. First sticks, then bows, then swords, then lightsabers and blasters?! They will be smashed like a useless snail in MapleStory! Mwahahahahahahahaha!!! Please, I beg of you! Add more weapons like a katana or a lightsaber for better gruesome effects.

There are very limited things to do, but you only need one move to kill a boyscout. Beautiful in it's disturbing simplicity.

And even if you're not, this game kicks ass. Although it's already been said, who doesn't love killing boyscouts with blaster rifles and the whole Darth Vader arsenal? You can:

-cut their chest open to reveal their intestines
-chop off their nuts
-chop off their hand
-slice their legs out from under them and watch them writhe in a final attempt to kill you
-cut off their head

And the truth is, every boyscout I know is in to Star Wars (I think I only know so much about Star Wars because my friend Oraukk got me hooked on it).

Keep up the good work.

I fucking love it!!! It reminds me of when i used to kill noobs in wilderness on runescape a few years ago like 24/7 hahhaah ..

One of the best online games i have played in a while. I will definatly come back for a replay. I only gave it a 5 on sound cause i didn't listen to it at all.

This is just the thing we need to get us through the day, the mindless slaughter of boyscouts is just the activity to release the stress of day to day life, great submission.

Now I can mindlessly slaughter boyscouts without leaving home, but serriously, awesome game, I just want to know how you get SO MANY GOD DAMN POINTS!!!!!

When I first started playing this game I was all like, "These boyscouts are attacking me with sticks! What a bunch of dumbasses!" I said as I giggled with glee as I was slaying numerous boyscouts. But then they had to go all Star Wars on me and use those damn lightsabers!


Awesome game though. Definetly going into my favorites.

I notice that Top Fulp has the high score with 81000! HAXZORZ! XD

from ebay of course thats where boy scouts get those things

where the fuck do boyscouts get swords and light sabers and guns and shit

I'M addicted to this game! Great job! Good music choice too. Demon Slayer 12 is one my favorite audio artist. Althought, I take it you can't get out of the pit, can you?

Great game... very fun... should have waited till next week for submission no way you could pwn Xin :P.

To the previous poster the 80k scores are fake... Tom Fulp is the creator of NGs.

They cannot hook up hiscore systems to NG... need to vist the actual creator's website for that.

That was a great game ^^
although, how the crap did they get like, 80k in points ><
you guys have to much time on your hands

The game's awesome,nice and...well,of course,cool.LOlz.The starwars added a some sort of excitment and humor,but i think Staggy should go to a shop after a limited period of time.

Very nice. I was wondering whent he "round" would end :P. I died before it did, though. only 2105 points ;_;

That was a really fun game......But....Starwars?
lol......I'll vote a 5.

A little repetitive, but loads of fun. I like how they start out with weak weapons, such as sticks, and gradually get harder and harder to defeat. Great job.

The killing of annoying, goody-goody boyscouts + Doing it as the Black Knight = FUCKING GREAT!!! One of the best games I've every played... online that is... But nonetheless, nice work. Keep making some kick ass games and I'll keep playing those kick ass games!
(Oh, nothing against the sound... I just didn't listen to it since I shut them off.)

One of the more humorous games I've played thus far. The Star Wars nerds thing added a lot to the humor as well. Slaughtering all those boy scouts was a joyfully, fun challenge. Keep up the whole work.

That was one of the funnest games I've ever played here at Newgrounds. The controls were smooth, the graphics were awsome, your sound on that was superb, and the fighting itself was really entertaining. I love it! =)

This was a great game. It was a lot of fun to slaughter all those boyscouts and the sword gettin bloddier the more you killed was a nice touch. Had to give it some humor points for the Star Wars nerds with the Lightsabers and Blaster rifles.

YES, that was awsome, I loved the music, fun game.

This was awsome i may suck at it, but it was a bloody brilliant game.
More powerups would be nice.
More weapons.
That'd be nice.
Furthermore GREAT GAME!

This game is tons of fun. The thing I enjoyed the most about this game was the music(along with the massive amounts of ass-kickery). It totally kicks ass. If you make revisions to the game or release a sequel i have a few suggestions:
-Being able to attack while ducking. The guys with the lazers pwn hard.
-Different attack animations.
-More powerups!

Good job on front page.

i love killin boyscouts
but the last reviewer was right about some changes...
5/5 10/10

Sweet game. The fact that i was cutting up little boyscouts was hilarious.

The Darth Vader guys caught me off guard, even made me say "wtf??", but that only added to the comedy.

I found few things I think could improve it, but I'm sure they've already been mentioned:

-Possibly a more interactive surrounding, like maybe a campsite with grills that explode when you hit them

-Maybe a ranged weapon, but make it have a good, long reload timer, so you cant just sit and shoot the lil buggers all day

-Little events every time you hit a certain body count (i.e. a big, fat, cookie-consuming boyscout comes out after 150 dead scouts)

Well, don't make it TOO different from the original, because I hate it when games get like that. Great game, keep it UP!!

- Mouse

Great game. I really like this because I'm a boy scoute and hate it. THis is the perfect game for me. Thank you sooo damn much man. YOu have to make another one of these with more playable characters weapons and even levels

i liked it but i dont get it. it was fun for a while then the kids ran at me with laser beams and light sabers. i thought they were boy scouts not star wars battle droids. other than that thing i liked it and keep up the good work.

not bad, but it could be a bit better. This is about one of teh most addiction games I've playn in a while though. SO KEEP IT UP =D

And you're not doing anything to improove the genre, try something new, but its a good start. (BTW the sound rating is for the "AAHH!" wavs in there from that show)

Very fun game, and addicting. If you make a sequel, you should make more levels/make the level bigger.

Nice little timewaster, but still had a twist to it. Nice relief from studying all the time (exams and shit)...

Nice work, keep it up (with Viagra if necessary)!

Sweet game, but could have used more weapons for your character.

I liked this, though I did have a few problems with it:

1) Could have used more upgradeable items...

2) Why can't I use a Lightsaber? I feel gipped.

Other than that, very nice job.


Great game to pass the time and have a bit of fun!

Good Job! if you ever make another make more weapons we can use like guns or cool transformations, I don't know :)
Anyways good game!

This is a pretty well-made beat-em-up, didn't see any bugs or anything and the controls feel pretty good, but it's way too straightforward and simplistic. If I'm slaughtering hordes of characters I want to feel a little cooler doing it. More moves would help, like maybe directional buttons + space for different slashes or combos. Perhaps double tap the arrows for a quick dash.

Also I'dve liked a larger, more interesting area. Something that makes the ability to jump a little more interesting. Perhaps some more rocks or a treehouse that you can jump up into or something. Being able to jump out of the treehouse with a special downthrust would be pretty cool.

I had a good laugh when I saw the first Darth Vader scout.

It was good but it got repetitive really fast but it was fun while it lated.

wtf was with this i started it and my guy just kept falling down. i left my comp for 5min and he was still falling

seriously, the only bad part was that it was just running in the same area hacking & slashing.

besides that it was great.

You really have out done yourself on this game...You may just win the contest.

The game was really well put together. I like the idea of a dark night killing thousands of boyscouts that seem to come out of nowere :)
good work

I love this game and it kills so much time ya like everyone else is saying more weapons and what not and what is the music to this game i love it

dude, this is a kick-ass game. good graphics, and it is fun as hell to kill blood-thirsty boy scouts as an even more blood-thirsty evil knight. tightness. the only thing i have to say is that maybe you could add some combos, a couple of powerups and maybe a ranged weapon or something. otherwise, killer game.


I never thought killing Boy scouts could be so much fun!

Even though the game is very simple (just move and attack with space) it's also VERY fun. And doing it to heavy metal was pretty cool too!

this is so fucking awesome, funny and gorey, i'd rate 11 if possible!

that is an awsome game. you might want to throw in a boss or something every 500kills or so. how the hell do you get 10000+ score. i can only get like 5,000 score at most. is there a trick or something?

do i detect those screams from homer simpson.......? well anyways...great timekiller!

didnt like the numbered amount of pauses tho and yes, it could have used more weps and varied gameplay but otherwise, it was a fun, addicting game.

I love playing this, its so addicting. Graphics could be better though and more weapons would be good.

That was alright as a game, but the music was kinda getting on my nervs... and you should create more parts to the level.

Ha!, that game is awesome, love the fact that your just slaughtering little kids.

this was awesome, a knight killing boyscouts. I mean you get to kill star wars fans AND boy scouts, hell i was even a boyscout once hehehe better than any of the shit they did. this should become a real sport, pay 10 dollars and kill boyscouts till they smack you dead, it would be worth the eventual death.

I must have played for hours and my score barley got above 1000! Forget Alien Hominid, THIS is the game that deserves to be made into a real video game! For next gen consoles even! It's that good!

I want to congratulate you on owning. You can make love to me any time you want for this. Although, I can't seem to make it past the first round...and I'm still not sure how to know what round you're on.

When I saw the boyscouts coming at me with sticks and bows, I thought "wow this is going to be easy".
When they started to come with swords I got a bit worried...

When the lightsabers started coming I laughed so hard I couldnt even play anymore and died... in game of course ;)

But i have a quick question, when the fuck did boyscouts get lightsabers and rayguns? xD congratz on a good game =D

on the highscore board thing there is the name "Kill all Jews"

I am jewish and i am not blaming it on the maker but the fucker who put that upthere needs to get their account banned

This is the first time in a long while that I've been able to give a submission 10s all the way across the board. I'm not entirely sure I've even done it before. As soon as I read the beginning of the description ("Boyscouts are pwning your forest so it's up to you to masacre them all"), I knew this was going to be interesting, but I was not expecting something quite THIS awesome. I'm not really sure where to begin, so I'll start by saying this: Staggy (I'm assuming that's our noble hero's name) reminds me strongly of the black knight in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail," and I found myself loving him from the second I began playing. He is animated very well, and for some reason, his movements strike me as mildly comical. I also love his cape, and, of course, the glowing red eyes. The visual aspects of the game are really solid all around. The boy scouts look good, in a similar comical way that contributes nicely to the overall style and humor of your submission. All the foreground objects were well-drawn, and although the background was not incredibly intricate, that's probably a good thing; the color choice was perfect for the forest setting, and anything much more detailed could easily have been a distraction. As for the sound, I'll be honest: I'm not particularly fond of the in-game background music. However, it does fit the mood of the game, and I therefore feel it would be unfair to penalize you in my scoring of the submission based on a mere personal preference. On the other hand, I absolutely loved the music on the game over screen (it's really nice), and the rest of the sounds were awesome. The variety of screams you used for the boy scouts was hilarious, and I especially liked the voice in the opening scene ("Boy scouts? In my forest? I don't think so!").

The game itself was incredibly fun. I found the control scheme to be very easy to adapt to, and I greatly appreciate the user-friendliness. Though the controls were simple in nature, the diverse use of weapons among the scouts kept things from getting boring at any point (nice visual effects on the lightsabers and laser beams, by the way). I didn't find myself ducking much, except when dodging arrows, but the jump was very useful, and there was nothing quite as fun as going on a rampage with the sword power-up.

The theme of this game was hilarious. The game was funny in so many ways (most of which I have already mentioned), but the idea of slaughtering boy scouts in itself struck me as downright hilarious. They are usually considered to be the type of people who go out of their way to do good for society, so the portrayal of them as evil, destructive monsters stands out in my mind as pure brilliance. Not that I have anything against boy scouts, I even used to be one myself.

The best thing of all in this game was the excessive and gruesome violence. There were so many types of deaths to behold, from decapitations to gaping wounds across the abdomen that exposed the vital organs of the victim. The deaths were all very graphic, which was rather refreshing. A little detail I particularly loved was how the sword, slowly but surely, became more bloody as the game went on. Nice work! It isn't often I have the pleasure of viewing a submission that is this satisfyingly disgusting.

The flaws in this game were few and far between. There was one visual element that bothered me: if you got the sword power-up and moved to the far left of the battle arena, the meter telling you how much sword power you have remaining disappears behind the rocks. Though I'm no Flash expert, I imagine this could be easily fixed by switching around some layers. My biggest complaint would have to be the three pause limit. I know it was intentional, but I tend to multitask a lot when I'm online, and I've had to ignore incoming IMs and such for minutes at a time when I'm out of pauses for a round. It's a shame, because this limit detracts from what is otherwise an amazing game. Nonetheless, I look forward to seeing more quality submissions from you in the future!

Ever since i quit the boyscouts (we had a gay A** leader) i have wanted to do this

Definitely an awesome game. You should make more of these, maybe not the exact same type, but it was a fun time killer. Is there any way to turn the graphics up?

this game was awsome, the only prob was the pause limit

i loved the music! its just like killing boy scouts in real life!

...that the previous reviewer was never in scouts. We got to play with light sabers and blasters all the time. Anyway...

Loved the graphics, great style, sound effects were pretty cool, violence a plenty, I had no trouble at all interacting with the game, and it was funny.
5 and 10.

Nice game. Killing boy scouts is great. One question though. HOW DO BOY SCOUTS GET LIGHTSABERS AND LASER BEAM ARMS AND I DONT!?!?!?!?!?!?

Very easy to pick up and play!

Good graphics, exellent BGM...(the voices sound a bit like Homer S. sometimes lol) and smooth movements.

It's surprisingly quite enjoyable slashing scouts with lightsabers, why is that?

Impressive flash. I really enjoyed it.

... BUT IT'S FUCKING GOOD GAME!!!! No wonder it hit the front page...This went straight to my fav's! Its addictive, It was easy at first but then came the lasers and laser guns? u can't block the guns or arrows, wish we could have a block thing?

this game easy and simple thats y it kicks ass.
And people just hold the space button so u dont have to push it a million times

Pretty good. But how in god's name did tom get such a high score?

I have to discuss this on your next leader meeting. With laser swords and guns we might finally be able to kill those bastardic forest guys...

could this game be the downfall og NG with tom playing it so much??

That was wicked man, soooo funny, keep it up.


yo pearse.

no way that you could have made 56750 points >.>

This game deserves a 50 hands down awesome job man. The only thing it needs is more power ups and it would be perfect keep up the good work.

dude all I can say is make it a download feature cause I got no internet at home have to go to a wi fi place mka enoather one to I really liked it alot I played for like 3 hr but I did not get a high score

dude this is going in my favorites, i love how after a little while it keeps getting with harder people and how there are bonuses and all...this is up there with AH good job, maybe come up with a sequel:)

dawg this game fucking ownzzz!!!

this submission was allright but it would be better with more variety like if you could maybe use different weapons or be able to get out of the little space your in and have different levels that always makes a game better. another suggestion is let the player read the instructions instead of automatically starting the game.

fun to play and funny but gets hard and somewhat boreing after a while

Well, actually, I can't say anything because my annoying cousin in a boy scout. But it was fun to slice their little heads off. Mu ha ha ha ha ha!

That was Awesome! Those damn Boyscouts.... Where the Hell did they get Light Sabers and Ray Guns?!

seems like i'm missing something because i can't get any higher score then about 1600...
but other then that, great game
some possible improvements:
experience, so that ur char gets a bit stronger later in the game
combo moves

but don't overdo it, cuz then it won't be fun anymore :)


This game is wild and crazy. I enjoyed it throuougly! I had so much fun playing this. I played maybe 3983072x before I finally stopped lol...Never touched the Highscore list but I still had a blast. This is a high recommend for anyone needed a quick thrill ride. 2 thumbz up d('.'d)

- Lyricist

This rocked man i think you should get "New Wave Dave"s Smashed up battered up head GOOD LUCK MAN!!

I never knew that boyscouts had access to swords, lightsabers, and blaster rifles.

Great game to waste time with and is very addicting. You don't just wipe out hundreds of boyscouts, You wipe out thousands!! (If you have the time and know how to do it right)

It took me about a day to figure out how to stay alive longer. While there really are no tactics to this game it helps to stay near that big rock kinda to the left and keep jumping over it while the killing all the boyscouts.

The one thing I don't like is the scream for the some of the deaths is just Homer from the simpsons screaming.

Holy CRAp that was kick-ass man......I loved mowing down hundreds of them boyscots...made my day!! great work and sweet game. I think I got a boner....JK

Yeah, I'm in a BoyScout troop just as fucking retarded as the one in this game. They would definitely say something like "Let's go get our lightsabers and laser-guns and take on the ultimate fighting machine! It'll only kill 256 of us!!!"
Haha, killing Boy Scouts is amazingly good fun. I only wish you didn't always die in the end. FUCKING BOY SCOUTS JUMPING UP AND DOWN IN GLEE!!!!! I hate it so much. Maybe you could make levels where your life refreshed, or give more power-ups that could unleash fantastic kill-effects - perhaps small-scale explosives of some sort. I would like something to make the guy stronger, and a way that I could get him to not die. He always dies! WTF, mate?!?!
Also, I noticed the pause thing said only 3 per round. What, in this game, is a round? Is it when the Boy Scouts get more guns & ammo? Or is there some level system that I'm just not good enough to access? Bwargh you must TELL ME!!!!!!!
Have a Nice Day

Great and really addicting. I can't believe some of the scores! It's sooo hard to just get 8,000 pts! You should remake it with a bit more of a variaty and more scouts!

Eh this was a good time waster..pointless gore and killing it made me giggle to say the least..But thats bout it good job keep up the effort

Truelly, being an ex-boy scout, I know that somehow they would have fashioned lightsabers. I say that all things shown in this flash are true and beyond respute. Also, Boy scouts need to be kicked out of the woods sometimes. Great message here.

We would NEVER have lost that many men. Shameful I tell you

That is the most fun thing I have done all day. It would be more fun if there were levels though or something. But still, that was amazing! I loved every second of it.

lol. That was pretty fun. Even though I'm a scout, I thought it was pretty fun. That other Scout that watched this was being way too sensitive. Coolioso!

I thought this was tight but put more attacks, and more levels.
the one slash get boring after a while , some spins and shit woul be good to.

im sorry times 1,000,000,000 because i gave you a 4 and it lowered your points by one so thats why, but overall i hearted it times 1,000,000,000 ~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~

A great game, and i thought it was hilarious how the boy scouts end up with lightsabers and laser guns, but there is not enough space to do stuff, no levels , no upgrades , but i think if this were expanded to be a bigger longer game then this could be fantastic.

Levels, and more terrain. I mean the game play is great but it would be nice if you could add levels, or just more scenery would be nice. Other than that, great.

I aprove this game. Nothing much to complain about.

This can is great but it needs a bigger level

This is a great game although im not the best. Havent beaten 200 kills yet....
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I've spent a good five hours just playing this.........
now my eyes hurt!

This game is so awesome i yelled at my grandma for interrupting me at 500 kills. Awesome violence!! Please make a sequal with more powerups, levels, violence!!!!

i liked being able to kill boyscouts but there wasnt much else to it next time have some levals and a bigger plying feild with some upgrades. other than that it was pretty fun!!!!!!!!!!

^^Good Points^^
The most impressive part about this is the graphics. You animated everything very well, like walking, and drew everything nicely. Your blood and gore is very well drawn. The sound effects were blood curdling, but I guess it fit. And who likes boyscouts anyway? I had fun playing this game, definitely.

^^Needs Improving^^
I felt that this game got old a little fast. The play field isn't very large, which confines you to a very small space to play in. Since there weren't any levels or bosses or anything, the constant attack from scouts gets a little boring.

ok, im a boy scout, im offended, but the games to god danm fun 2 make me mad! nice work, and i look forward 2 more

It was ok, woulda been more fun if it had different levels to give you a break or something and if you could buy upgrades for your sword....Or did I just not get far enough? :P

IS FUCKING AMAZING!!!! who doesnt love to kill boy scouts. this game is likesuper great and godly.

i absolutly love this game i love random acts of violence i like the starwars thing and i hate boyscouts so this was the awsomeist game ive played in a while so good job and keep making things like this!

This was superb! Controls were simple, handles well, funny as hell, upbeat music, and certainly contains plenty of the violence that NG loves. And seriously, killing boy scouts... that is an incredibly original idea. I gotta hand it to you, this is one of the best games on NG.

it is incredible it is a must-play specialy if u are a boy sout. like me!!! (we (boy scouts) aren't always whith scout clothes). good grafing good stroryline exeloent items.

man your like a game god. this game was fun untill you died. mabey next time make lifes insted to keep the game going.
really good altogther

Very nice time killer/stress reliever i would like to see another

great game but as a warning and Wade if you read this ban the previous reviewver he is posting a link to a dangerous virus!
it is all true please ban/kick well back to topic Great game

I think it was a trojan virus so ya wouldn't recommend getting it

Niceley done, but for some reason, the music didn't loop, so that was a bit of a letdown... Also, I smell something fishy... The guy claiming to have the "full version" of this game posted the same exact message in another review for a different flash game... Chances are that he's running a phishing site or something... DON'T GO TO HIS SITE! And happy boy scout slaying. ^_^



And about this game.. its pretty cool :)

Why do boyscouts have lightsabers and lasers? But anyway...great game...really orginal!

this is probably one of the most entertaining games i have ever played.

how in the world did you come up with this idea? quite random.

That was quite an excellent game but theres just one problem, too laggy you cant get any cool moves or action if it's way to laggy..fix that and your game is completely awesome nice job.

This is one of the best games i've ever played! Keep up the awsome work!

I loved that game so much........'HOLD ME!!!'

Don't listen to Wade Lover, I got a virus from that.

Great game u got here, wen the full edition comes out i will sooo play/buy it

thats for ruining the forest you boyscout pinkos

This waz a kool game i loved this game it waz fun and kool. Im especially loved the sound.

awesome dude, but there's one thing that bugs me and that's the fact that some of them had lasers and lightsabers. HOW THE HELL DID THEY GET THOSE?! what, did they find a way to make them in their scouting manuals? i mean, boyscouts have been known to make useless shit all the time, but, COME ON! LIGHTSABERS?! BOYSCOUTS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE SATISYING AND LAUGHABLY EASY TO KILL, NOT ARMED WITH HIGH-TECH WEAPONRY THAT IS ANNOYING AS HELL TO DEAL WITH! oh well, u did an awesome job on this man, but i would've liked to kill them while they just stuck with sticks and bows. u still get a ten for the concept of killing boyscots lol

omg dude extreme cool. really awsome:D like the gore XD

this game is the bomb u should totally make more.

it was good. plain and simple. this is the first flash game that i have played, knowing it was a flash game. im always watching movies, but this is great! keep it up!

The music was just fucking awesome. Also, VERY violent. Next time you should make a game like that but where you go through different levels and bosses, different weapons, etc. A very good game and I hope to see many, MANY more from you.

Excellent game. You just can't feel sorry for these guys either. After all they are the ones carying knives and craving to start a fire.

This game is REALLY good, BUT, needs more upgradeds, like faster speed, diff weps, maybe guns, more upgrades AND more often, i kept dying cos health packs wernt dropped enough, some people might say im whinging cos i died but i only got 2 health packs during 1600 points. make more, i really enjoyed this game

Nice game, good job on the sword when u killed somebody.(it got bloodier and bloodier each time) Kind of addictive and i am amazed at how high the people got their scores on the hi-score list.
Make more, cuz this one was good and I expect you can make some pretty good stuff with ur talent!

I cant belive you made a game about killing boy scouts! God i loved slicing there heads off! i got 2000 points cos i rock at this game, but i doubt the guy in forst really got 9999999, he just wants to look cool, but everyone knows im the best,(you just dont know that you know yet).

Anyway, i gave it 10 for humor cos who doesnt like killing boyscouts?

Very good game.Got myself to the Vader guys who used laser guns...and scored 935 points. Great game indeed...

The Pain...The Agony...


... ok im quiting boy scouts.

This is an awesome game. I liked the music alot, I saw Darth Vader. A couple things though, you should be able to use the weapons like once they die you can pick up the weapon and use it. And you should be able to buy weapons.

Please tell me that you are going to make a part 2 to this game.

If you do I'll give it a 5 too!!!

A good ten minutes of addictive mindless violence:P Didn't check with the pausing and stuf, but there are more than one round? Or is one round the same as one enemy-type? Anyway, good unwholesoeme fun

I DONT THINK SO! Man this made my day after i played it..i used to be in the ol boy scouts myself and i have to admit..even though i had a good time some of the pricks i met deserved a good slaughtering! 5/5

To Darkembers: This game is SUPOSSED to be like this. Simple yet addictive. You don't need so much things like weapons, rage, etc. Don't be a total asshole by making every simple and addictive game into a thriller of an RPG-like slaughter. These are 2 diffrent things and the "simplicity" of this game is kick-ass.
Truly an awesome game. Character design was awesome. So were both gameplay and graphics. This DEFINETLY worths a 5 and the frontpage!

its was a very simple game, walk to one side whilst tapping space, turn around and walk to the other side whilst tapping space, i was just about to close it wen i saw those pwnage boyscouts with lightsabers and darth vader helms which i though was ......original....:|....anyway there are TOO many things to improve to be able to list them so heres a few
1.) maybe different weapons, or attack patterns, the same spinny sword over , and over, and over, and over and...yes you guessed it...over again gets soooooo repeptitive
2.) maybe a rage/overdrive/power meter so that when you fill it with boyscout blood you can hit 1,2,3 and use god powers, or become uber strong for 10-15seconds
3.) the expansion of the map, a map where you can walk from one side to the other in 3 seconds is not very exciting, and it alos means you just have to stand in one spot and wait for the scouts to come to you as they have nowhere else to go
4.)maybe some abilitys, like sticking your sword in the two rocks on either side of the map to climb higher and maybe backflip off the rock

I would have appreciated the ability to navigate a little bit more. Very entertaining concept.

This game is awesome, an improvement i could see it combo moves, that would make this more of a badass then already

I'll admit, I'm addicted to it. It's hard as hell, I have no idea how people get on the hi-scores with like 44K points =\ I calculated for 50K points, you need to kill 10,000 boyscouts. I have no idea how they manage that, I can't even do 4/100 of that =\

Dude this is a fucking wicked ass game bro! Its hard as hell to play but still awesome... Dude that music was awesome man, i was banging my head and killing at the same time haha.... Killer game bro u should totaly make a sequal to the game!

Sweet music, cool fighter rock on. You get my props

At first I was less-then-impressed with this game. But, around 50 kills or so, it really ramps up. New enemies and tons of them! The controls are sharp, though I found it really hard to dodge ranged attacks, and the attacking part is quite fun. The art is solid and so's the sound. A good, and relatively quick, way to vent some steam. If you play it, however, definitely make sure to keep going for a bit. It get's a lot more intense quickly!

-Animation is quite nice
-Lots of death animations
-Good enemy variance
-Lots of enemies onscreen
-Fun factor is intense in this one
-Manages to avoid being boring

-Graphics are a bit underwhelming
-Dodging ranged attacks is a bit hard
-God help you once they get out their damn blasters

That is what I call a real action game,I love pwning all those boyscouts!!!!!!

Absolutely fun. I enjoyed choppin the boy scouts to pieces. The swords guys and freakin darth vader and such like its crazy they get tougher and surround and there are tons of them its great LOVED IT


it got really repetitive but i realized i was killing boy scouts so it kept me interrested =-] good work

That was one of the best games I ever played. I personnally think boy scouts are stupid, so it was even more entertaining to me. However, you should make more powerups and weapons. Thtat would make it a ten.

They went from boy scouts to sith and storm troopers. Hahahaha! That was hilarious! A good game, but the main character's sword style was nothing but just a vertical slash. But I can't complain too much 'cause I know I couldn't do any better on a computer. Well...good job, and keep up the good work!

sweet game kicked ass : ) Where the hell do the boyscouts get light sabers??? i got pwned...

Nice game with nice graphics. The difficulty goes up every onece and a while. Pretty Damn hard to get in the High-scores.

to repetitive and only one sword but it was cool that after a while i got blood on my sword.

very fun game. Well done ;)

it was fun but it was really bloody and why cub scouts?

I used tio be in scouta too but i found it to ber quite boring but this hgame is sweet.

first of all, i am a boy scout. actually an eagle scout.. boy scouts are awesome, i have learned a lot more from scouts than sittin on my arse all day watchin tv.. but this is an awesome game.. there are some people in scouts that i would like to beat over the head with a sword every now and then.. great work

wow this game is feakin sweet!! the music is perfect for what is goin on the game!! the sword gets bloodier and bloodier!! so kool!!!
the people get progressively more difficult, which keeps your interest longer!!! this game is really really good!!!

I enjoyed kill them all, loved the music to

it is difficult for me to describe how much i love this game

every now and again, and i actually say this to myself, i wish there were a constant hack and slash game

this is it!!!!

maybe there could be more power ups, like u get the sword more often so u can just mass pwn those scouts, but other than that, it is incredibly satisfying and delightful

great work


You are going to get gang beat by a groop of boy scouts one day or even worst girl scouts.

Yeah, this is a nice game, but this is just the same thing again and again, kill boyscouts...

by the way...
really nice song!

Man that is some funny game!!! What the hell is wrong with the boy scouts!!!! I mean sticks and bows/arrows...ok but lasers and sword like what the hell?! Not that its bad its just funny. :)


Nice game but i have to agree with Hyrus.You need to add more options and moves.Maybe you should add store screen between levels and use the gold for better weapons,not just a sword bonus that runs out in about 20 or 30 seconds.Do that and your game shall live forever on Newgrounds.


Nice to see a game like this make it to the front page. Some of us do hate BoyScouts... Oh, how I wish. Just once, I can be a black knight and slay BoyScouts as they stomp thier way through my wood.

A total 5 here, maybe it wasn't the battle style, maybe it wasn't the BoyScouts, but it had to be the black knight...

Graphics - 10, the guy in black armor looks awesome
Style - 5, Not the rarest thing to find, but I liked the way the guy slashed his sword
Sound - 9, The intro took it down, the way he talked sounded weird.
Violence - 10, They all get cut up into pieces, can it get worse? yeah, but we'll ignore that.
Interactivity - 10, although some combos and ducking attacks would have been nice.
Humor - 5, It's always fun to cut up boy scouts.

Next time, add more weapons to use, or maybe you get money which you can buy weapons, health and more with? Also, I suggest more than one move, to make it more realistic. The slash animation was great though, much better than other games.

Killing boy scouts is fun!^.^

no matter how many times I play it it's always fun, gets kind of old after awhile and has some big WTF?! moments but it's fun all around... it taps into the inner self and a hatred we all seem to have for boyscouts...

Awesome game lol

Very similar to a great many other hack-em-up games, but its fluid movement and an abundance of death animations and sound effects puts it above the rest. Enjoyable, but not for very long.

i hate boyscouts they ruined my life it waqs great that you got to kill those fucking bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it was verry fun i just want to know one thing whats up with the starwars boyscouts they were cool but they floooded me okay this was a great game thank u

Damn that was awsome! Fun playing as a guy in black armor and go on a killing spree. The music kicked ass. Its a shame I couldn't right click and change the quality, even after I paused.

A hack & slash game! I liked it alot , every time I had the sword twas like CHOP CHOP :p , I don't get how ppl can get those high scores though :s

i went so smooth! I LIKE THAT!! ! AWE SOME GAME DUD!

Nice graphics. Good game to play when you are, say, sitting at work and need to kill some time. Hacking up boyscouts is just the cure!

nice game! I loved the smoothness of the gameplay, but the sounds did get a little annoying after a while (not the music).

Offensive? Nah, I was a boy scout, and I can just see it as a game...


Not bad. I'm an Eagle Scout so I took some offense to killing Boyscouts, but then I realized how much the little guys in my troop used to piss me off. Awesome game, very funny.


Great game.. Never knew boyscouts come is such great numbers.. Better
Take my sword with me from now on

the perfect typical flash game u want to play in ur break
very well done
in an next version u maybe could add some different levels and more powerups

great game but needs better music mannn n i dunno how u ppl can get high scores like that!

Oh man nice game. i could play this game for hours, but i have things to do... this game is kick ass, just the humor of killing nerd boy scots is comical!! nice work dude, ill reckamend this to anyon

I was havin a bad day, and let me tell ya nothin's better than listenin to some heavy metal and killin boyscouts. The animation seemed kinda blocky... but still, IT"S BOYSCOUTS!!!!! Keep em comin, and good work!

Deeper than a Fat Bitch's Cracks and Crevaces,

It has a great balance. It starts off as a basic bloodbath in your favour, revelling in the hilarious screams of those boy scout bastards. But after a while, when you're used to the controls, it becomes a lot harder, seriously solid when more and more different scouts come onto the scene. There's only one method of attack, but really, your mind is on other things, having just the one button to dish out death with is prefect.
The music is great, gives it a unique atmosphere, readies you to kick some ass.

God, I sound like a sadist. Great work.

not bad not bad at all. defintely front page worthy! liked the music added some intesity to it (DEATH METAL FAN =D) but kinda true there was not much to the game to easy i held down the space bar the whole time and ran around there was only one upgrade and nothing really happend till u hit the 100 kills mark

Pretty good..
kinda boring cus you only press one button to attack..

the upgrades didn't come that often.
my final score was 2420

gets kinda intense.
my finger started hurting from pressing the spacebar ;(

That was good. I just thought maybe some more weapons for the knight? A mace to crush their bones? )

Despite what that other guy said, you can't do more in the old MArio than you can in this game. Anyways, I liked it. And just when I was saying to myself "i should tell him to put in more than one kind of weapon".. BAM a kid walks in with a bow. The only thing that would be cool with this would be to maybe introduce new character models like camp councilor's or something. Make another version and keep it up. :D

i haven't had this much fun since i was playing Dyna on my 486...

You could do more stuff in the old Mario. Add some special attacks, combos, and levels. Maybe even a stat customization thing at the end of the levels. Kinda fun, but not enough control

Great! my score was 665 :O
10 for so many boyscouts and star wars things XD

Good game but it gets repeatif.
Boy Scouts?
Why kill them....?
Try be more certain of killing someone...like zombie or anything.

There are sooooo many games like this, and it got boring really fast. Though its fun to chop boy scouts up, it was an OK game that could have been better. Graphics werent the best, but they werent the worst.


ok well... the game which had good humor and a different style (as reviewed^) lacked gameplay and graphics. i mean theres no challenge all u do is hit space facing the way the boyscouts will come from.
the graphics werent horrible but werent good.
so all i say is keep youre humor and style up and id like to sumthin cool from u

Yeah i like games look like that. It is good & i like that, but... is so boooooring when u playing so long. Next time make it longer and make more places for killing!!

At first, I was offended by the nature of the game. Killing Boy Scouts? What have they ever done to you? I'm an Eagle myself, and quite frankly, the time I spent in scouting is going to serve me far better in life than the skills you showed making this game. Moving on...

Once I started playing, I was like "SWEET!" the game rocks dude. Kudos

I liked it. A cool game, I enjoyed jump-and-attack and other combo attacks. The prizes and powerups are good, but there could be random ones.
Scouts-Jedi? well...in that case I would advise that this killer should have an opportunity to take a light saber from the scout...
COnclusion:excellent game! all my 5!!

You should add more power ups though, like temporary Invincibility or different weapons. Other than that, great game!

First of all, EVERYONE needs to ignore HenryColeman's post about a "full version" of this game. The link is directly to a .exe file, which means it could be anything, but is most likely a very bad virus. Just a warning to any fool willing to try it.

Next, to the author: it's an alright game that does become challenging after several kills. I don't really get into games like this, though, because it feels too repetitive. Even if the enemies do get tougher, you have 1 attack (and maybe an upgrade). It's solid animation, but could use more objective. And the guy looks pretty cool. Plus, I give props for humour, slaughtering boyscouts in your forest is great

HenryColeman's websitre is a trojan horse! i havent played the game yet, but i had to warn my fellow newgrounders! now off i go to play this game

If it hadn't been for the rangers and just the one simple slash over and over it would have been almost a 10;)

at the beginning, it was cool, but at the end, i didn't like it.

I gave you this score because i didn't rreally like it.

that was nice,man!

But for the one who mentioned a another version of this game can either being use this game as stolen or virus content

Virus Content or Enormous Computer Crashes >.<

it was pretty good coulda been better with combos and new weapons it got boring pretty fast but still good

A great game, a typical repetitive hack 'n' slash, but so addictive it's unbelieveable!

it was cool but it was kinda repetative but i give u a 9/10

That was really nice, I liked the way the sword get really bloody as the game progresses and the simplicity of the controls, But it would be cooler if he could slash while ducking and if he had other moves than circling the sword around... It is fun to slash boyscouts...

Definately one of the most entertaining games I have ever played! Really good job with this one, maybe if I'm lucky enough I'll live to see a sequel to this with even more goodies and stuff. Keep it up, awesome game.

Just when you thought you knew boy scouts.....
I really enjoyed this game, the violence was entertaining enough to keep me interested right up untill my death with a score well below the requirements for the leader board.

Thank you for this great game.

Awesome game, very fun to keep slashing those boyscouts, lol

Ow yeah man ! I played this game more than a hour (I'm in highscores !!!! look at name "galak" that's me ! =p) Anyway, it's a good game, although it's simple lol...

It's really simple, but that doesn't change the fact that it's awesome to get the sword powerup and plow into a group of 20 scouts with your sword swinging! I really liked the variety of dying animations, it's small details like that that makes a game like this fun to play.

maybe it was just me, but it didn't seem to work. like broken or programming error. but in the begining the graphics looked nice :P

Oh the humour!!! I love it so much!


Hahah i made teh list! thats aweosme. but, it was rather fun. i like killing. good music too.

Nice time waster, a lot of nice killing. As for future improvements or a future game I'd suggest a larger stage and a larger variety of power ups. Some other user before suggested a Rage meter or something like that that makes the character super powerful for a bit of time, and I'd think that'd be a good addition unless there is enough variety in the powerups to help you kill overwhelming numbers.
Fun game overall though, nice job.

This game is awesome! It is without a doubt one of my favorites on newgrounds.

Only for the computer impared. and maybe some rounds and bosses and shit. more of a plot otherwise it gets to monotonious. Love the music. METAL FTW.

that was a great violent simple game. what would be fun is if there where magic powers to blast them away. i have a friend who's a scout but he is a bit on the funny side.Great game best one ive played in a while

Lol, pure pwnage.. Next time try adding that rage thing..(when u massacre alot, the rage bar reaches full and you will hit reel hard, you could add SPLATTER at that moment, making the knights armor red n all)

could be alot better like if you put diffent attacks or maybe more stuff but its definatly a newgrounds game so goodjob but it the future more detail and action

The link leads you to a virus site, don't download it, I'm serious!!! I tried it, and my anti-virus program alarmed immediatly. Be aware!

It's a cool, if typical, mindless killing game. I looked more like Darth Vader than a black knight, just give me one of those lightsabers :). I thought the difficulty ramped up too fast after staying too easy for too long.

I like it. Pointless killing of things in fun, especially when those things are boy scouts. :)

I'm a Scout and I love this game!! Kill them all, heh

Just plain fun...and the Star Wars boy scouts are a nice touch rofl

needs stuff such as:

shield (with limited use)
custom knights
ability to knock down and be knocked down
special moves (?)
campaign (?)

other than that, really nice job.

193 kills...

that'll teach you boyscouts to stay out of my back yard...

It reminds me of the arcade mode of that stick game that was featured a while ago.

Anyhow, it's a decent idea, but it gets repetitive a little too quickly. A little variety (different power-ups, more weapons) would spice things up a bit.

its pretty good but not to addicting.what it needs is combos attacks and weapon upgrades and maybe more places to fight or more levels,if you do these things youd get alot more people to play

Dude awesome!:) All it needs is a mace. Or a create a knight mode. plus more gore like a spine ripping thing. other than that excellent. so peace out

The premise of this game is just plain awesome. I already gave it 5 reading the outline. his could be an all-time top screr with more features etc. The last reviewer said everything that needed to be said.

This could be good, no wait, it IS good, but it could be sweet as.
A few things could have been done (some of these have been mentioned im sure)
-No kneeling attack?
-No shielding?
-Maybe some different weapons? Variety is good.
-Needs a long distance attack.
-The 'arena' needs to be bigger and more varied.

And whats with the lasers..? Omg it made it so hard.

Whats not to like?

• Slaughtering Boyscouts
• Nice Speed metal playin' in the background

I had a thought though:

How kick ass would it be if you got points for kills and could spend them upgrading your equipment!

• Bigger Swords/Weaponry
• Different Background Songs

Just some ideas...

Nice job on this one.

This game is fun AND addicting!Theres not much games like this.I give it a THUMBS UP ^_^

My only gripe is the lack of a kneeling attack.

Lots of fun otherwise!

I thought it was awsome.

The only thing i would like to make it better would be a different song, and maybe in the beginning add what the stuff you pick up does.

Personally, I think this is how every flash game should be:

Quick and to the point.

Loved the humor, the gameplay, and the sound effects. Kick ass, brother!

Next time, you should add a sword-combo move. That would improve things a bit. Other than that, it was killer.




I jsut didn't find it very easy...

when it becomes hard, I lost life as a river lost water..

but a very nice game

it was pretty fun but you should add some stuff like being able to buy different weapons and other stuff but that is just my opion

Pure gory fun! The game got really neat and interesting once all the Star Wars fans started coming in. Then there were boy scouts EVERYWHERE and you're just hacking through all them.

The game seemed simple at first, but then it actually became challenging, and you started needing some amount of stratagy to actually survive. It was really cool.

Osterius is awesome (or cheats?)! I only got 1970 myself, and I thought I was doing pretty well. I eventually got to the point where there were just too many of them on both sides of me and I could not duck, jump, or slash enough to stave off their attacks. I like the concept of killing boy scouts while dressed up as Darth Vader. And the music was very nice.

~The Pros~
This game has to be one of the most intense games that I have ever played on NG. Sure, its suprising to see that Cub Scouts can actually kick someone's, but what do you expect? The graphics were really simple, but they were done really well, and that's what counts. All of the sounds were done really well, and if I'm not mistaken, I heard some Simpsons sounds in their as well. This game was truly a violent beauty, so to speak. The ways in which the Cubs Scouts could die was crazy good. All of the controls worked well, there were no glitches, and it was esay to control.

~The Cons~
Well, most things in this game were done exceptionally well. There were some things that could be touched up upon, though. For example, the background was really bland and had no artistic skill present whatsoever. Backgrounds are very important in any flash, but there wasn't any sign of one in this flash.

Overall, a really great sidescrolling flash that was definitley one of the more intense games on NG. I hope that you benefit from this review!

5 out of 5

This game is quite humerous. I mean, lets kill some boyscouts! I don't know who did the song on this but I like it. Neat little game, indeed. Keep up the good work.

awsome game dude make another like it!!!!

get ready 2 kick some boysout ass ehat did they do 2 u nothing but kill them in nagis sytl it was fun but bloody and u cant but feel sorry for then when chop then up but u not feel sorry for them any more when they got swords 2

i think i see some writing on the grass..., not just the site, but somethingthat looks like 5ODHI...

I've always wanted to play a game where you kill those lame innocent boyscouts... It's like as if you've known me my whole life...

'nuff said.

Wholy f**king s**t! I love it, maybe more swords or different weapons and more health and stuff to keep up with the scouts tech upgrades, that would have made my 25 minute stay maybe an hour or 2. Nice, great work and I would love to see more.

Fucking boyscouts

I loved the voice of the Black Knight! Haha, ohh that's the quote of the day. "Boy scouts? In my forest? I don't think so! *shing*" Ha ha!

I very much enjoyed slaying them all, I must say! I have no idea where they got swords, lightsabers and rayguns from, but hell. Awesome game. Very enjoyable, and some sweet upgrades.


I really liked this submission, thought it was F***ing hilarious!

That ws bad....
I couldnt move, (i have all the flash)
the screen was totally green....

Really cool. Graphics were good. Style was good. Sound was cool with the guitar backround music and the screaming. vionce well your killing boyscoutts so thats cool. Interactivity was good. Overall 10 fucking terd.

1) The graphics rocked. Very cool. Especilly little details like the sword becoming bloodier over time.

2) The fighting was dull...very repetitive. Why not add some combo attacks like a Down + Attack move, Up+ Atk...etc. Cause using the duck move kinda left you a sitting duck.

3) Music as awesome.

4) I liked how you plugged websites in the grass...lol

I am a boyscout and i thought this was aswome!!!!

The graphics were sick but the knight needs some better moves, and yes boyscouts do get badass lightsabers.


But I wasnt offended. Good job.

Dude, please make a secound one. I beg you, I want more violance and gore. More weapons, and MORE SCOUTS!

what more you wnt me to say i am speechless this is awesome

only one problem tho. the nite guy is stuck in a small little space if u made levels and mayb a main menu with a shop where u could buy better weapons that would be great. otherwise best side scrolling game ive seen in a long tym.

Aw, who am I kidding. This is the greatest side-scrollong game EVAR!

I killed over 50000 scouts LOL fun fun


Not much replay value, but it's surprisingly fun to mow down boyscouts...nice variety of deaths, by the way.

Haha I'm an Eagle Scout personally, but I thought this was fucking funny. I wish my troop would let me use a light saber...I got the third high score by the way, damn easy game I must say.

I would have to say this is prob best game of its kind i have played games like it but the terrain is much larger =:p and you know how that is always runing around i would like to see in a future instalment diff sword attacks that would have more effect on how the were desmembered. G.G. play WoW


Only one button to kill, but it was still a lot of fun. I loved the characters and the concept was kinda' funny too. Not something I could play again and again though, once or twice is good enough for me. After that it gets kind of repetitive.

It was going well...then they had lightsabers?! yeah i got owned, but i loved the game! I love when u kill the archers, sounds painful...

Hell yea. Rock on dude. Rock on.

this game is so totally awesome man! loved the star wars stuff :D

It's a great game!!!

A lightsaber in the game, lol xD

This cracks me up. I think the funniest part about it is that I like playing this game, and I'm an Eagle Scout. Man, it gets crazy after a while. Though, I don't remember them letting us have some of the items that the scouts use.

that was so great ... i only wish that there were actualy levels and a point to the game if there were it would have been alot better but as it was it was still a great game this is somethingeveryone can get a laugh at.

This is pretty hard, but very fun nonetheless. Those fake people on the high scores list are pretty good to get those ridiculous scores :o. I got about 2 minutes into the part with the guys with the laser guns. Then I died really fast.

its good but u need less repetative scenery and the sword is in the same position the sound ended up getting annoying but it is good but add more attacks

Now, I don't think its possible not to like this game... well, unless you are some overactive soccer mom who actually houses a boy scout. The graphics were OK looking, but overly repetitive. I also have to comment on the main character's movement. Even when jumping, the sword is in the same position, and the sword only makes one motion. The little sound there is is fine- but after a few minutes of playing, I found myself viciously attacking the Mute button. The violence; blood, gore, death... well, after playing the game, you know what I mean. I was laughing through a few parts of the game, when all of a sudden instead of sticks, I see a freakin' lightsaber! Man, I dunno what else I have to say. Just play it and I think you'll agree- Staggy is pure, fun violence.

that was pretty fun. repetitive, but fun

That was cool. I would have liked some more weapons in there or maybe the ability to impale a few boyscouts all at once. i agree that the option to purchase things with the money collected would be great and also i didn't like the fact that i was stuck in one area, some more scenery would've been nice. Other than that it was brilliantly done, i loved the sword action and the fact that i was maming boy scouts. good game, please make more like it.

this is some goood stuff.but i gotta say ive seen this kinda game too much so i gave the style a 7.sound 6 because the moans where kinda annoying.But it was soooo addictive i gotta give it a ten!!!

Good job with this, man!
The sound in the intro needs to be fixed. There were too many clicks and pops in the sound.
The graphics could be spruced up a little, too.
The rest of the game was great! Very addictive!


Strangely addictive. Good job, but it could have had a bit more variety.

just add purchasable upgrades and bossfights and... i dont know what would happen but it would be really good lol.
boyscout killing is the coolest thing i have witnessed in weeks

very good this game brings back old memories

Hell Yeah!!!!

really fun and children being eviscerated by a black knight.

A really fun game including alot of armed children, blood and gore. I (i'm a violent person) enjoyed this terribly much :D...

Play this Game!!!

the Sunk

OH fuck yea!!!!
Now THAT made me feel like a man. In armour. with a big fucker of a sword. hehe. yea. BRILLIANT!!!!! Lovely controls as well!!!


I really liked this hack and slash game! It was simple, yet fun to play! great work!

i loved the jedi geek campers!!!all i can say is needs better weapons and more pickupables or maybe even shorter levels with a shop??

Good. It was kinda hard starting out. also, it would be a lil better if u added in more attacking variation

I lived the boy scout invasion idea. Great animations and Great job!!

the high score thing didnt work right it didnt take the number of kills times 5 like it was suposed to

this is truely a great game i loved it all from the decapitation to the disembowling make more like this it rocks!

A fun game, but it takes a while before enough enemies to make it the awesome game which it is arrive. (I loved the way that the blood stayed on the sword) It would be 10 if it weren't for the whole time it takes to get into it.

This is cool and humourous.
Killing boy scouts?

it was good i give it a 10over all

THAT was FUNN man. That was really really awesome dudes I Loved it

I like the idea, but it became a bit repetitive. Maybe add in a few more powerups. Apart from that, an excellent game :).

Now thats what i call lot of blood ....... music is fucking ass man ^^ u rule dude ..... do more gamez .

That was real fun. One of the best flash games I've played in a while. Keep it up. Make another one but with more power ups and attacks.

I loved everything about this game! even its simplisity!! Keep it up.

Konge, rett og slett bare Konge! :D

pretty addictive for how simple it is, nice job man

Yeah I used his music for one of my flashes (which is also my favorite creation now) ... he makes pretty good rock/metal stuff doesn't he.

anyways, the game was da shyt! how come I didn't get a laser pistol or lightsaber in boyscouts!? lol jk i'm not into that... but w/e I think it woulda been better if there was more than 1 attack, and it was a little more complex than run jump duck slash.

but it was still a great game... 5/5

This was a nice massacre game. One thing though. I might misunderstood something but a counter that shws when the next round comes would have been cool. BUt i didnt even get to round 2 so.. :D
Keep it up!

Haha! Sorry I don't have time to review this game! I'm too busy enjoying it!

Lil Fugitive :D

Awsome game. Is it based off a true story?

That was an awesome game, really violent and funny, which is a great combo.


This game comppelled me into a new universe where I kill those damn boy scouts.It may not win the money but,it has to place in the top 5!

Its always fun to go and chop some stupid scouts heads off :D me like when i get big sword <3

That is one hell of a fun game man. Great job on that one. There is nothing like chopping the hell out of some boy scouts!

That was ultra cool !!!!!!
make more games make more games!!!
althought a stroyline and more power-ups would be great but i loved it !!

Nice game, juste one of two suggestion(s):

Add levels, and goals or time to complete each level.
Add upgrades too, (weapon, shield, allies... or something else ^^)

Good work :)

It was kinda lame actually.... Ehee. But just so I aint being rude, heres a compliment : My 6 year old bro thinks its funny and cool.

this game was very original and the game fits how i feel. those damn boy scputs have had it to good for to long! I'm not on the highscores because i suck at life. And because the ebenys got harder and there were more of them coming every second. i love this game. watch out for the lightsaber and blaster droids.(they will fucking kill your ass) GOOD GAME!!!

DUDE! You rule :P. This game's so simple, yet so cool, and original. Also, the style's different, but that's only because it's for the Stagknight contest, isn't it? Well I hope you win something (can't be bothered to check the contest out).

I wanted to give some tips here for if you make a sequal, or a second version, but I don't think you need it. Overall you placed everything I/Newgrounds wants in it as far as I know!

Good luck on the contest, and success with your other works!! KEEP THE GREAT WORK UP!!!


I loved it! At first I thought it was pretty cool, nice graphics and it's fun hacking them up - but it was a little easy. And then they started to get hard :( When I got the sword upgrade thing and there's a huge group of boyscout/darth vader crossovers.. boy thats fun.

I really hope you win that big mashed up head, you deserve it.

makes me think of "Rage"

amazing! that was really fun ^^

amazing stuff!

funniest game i have played for long

A word i rarely use..."Coolness", but this submission gets it so good job though it was a bit easy except when them damned "Lightsabers" and laz guns popped up lol.

This is the best game i've ever played so far! great job on this! al though you should've made a Stroyline Mode and a Survival Mode. but either way awesome job!

"Scouts in my Forest? I dont think so" XD that was so fuckin great xD thanks, 5 from me

At first I thought this game was gonna be way too easy, but that was until I was getting swamped by 20 of the scouts at the same time. I loved being able to jump and swing to decapitate them, and slaying wave after wave was just so satisfying. Keep it up man!

This game was much better than I had expected it to be. I never thought I would see the day where boy scouts and Star Wars mixed together. The ability to crouch would come in handy to deal with the arrows and lasers though.

I'm a scout but this is freaking hilarious. Keep the murder coming.

I would give it more, but too bad Newgrounds only goes so far.

this is definetly going under my favorites because i like games that are good for anger management

but sooooooooo funny

the different ways you carved up those boysscouts.........
i loved it

this will be in my favorites , just for the angermanagent factor

Awsome it brings the joy of killing 15 people at ne time

Great game, but maybe you could add more moves and combos.

Good job mate!

Nice F'n game.

Very well done! The concept was unique and original. I loved your graphics!

This should make front!

lol thats awesome... arent the light sabers a bit advanced though? anyway, i gave it a 5

Needs better voicing, but a really great game.

Some guy with a sword killing boy scouts.
Badass music.
Excellent programming.

You sir, win first prize.

Dude that was awsome, i'm a boy scout and i still laughed me head off. I definatly see front page in your future with this. Congradulations

Yep, it will be tough for other people to make something better than this!.
Graphics: The characters(Scouts) are a bit simple, but, being so simple allows them to be in great numbers without slowing down gamplay!The knight, on the other hand, looked amazing!.Animation was great, I loved that there were multiple deaths for the enemies, its so funny to literally chop their limbs!.
Sound: The sounds were neatly chosen, I liked the Coin one ,reminded me of "Claw". The `music fits perfectly and it's nice to play with it.
Overall+comments: The gameplay is very addicting, when I first tried attacking I thought it'd be sucky since the knight moved while doing so, but it isnt! it actually fun!. The game, specially thanks to the deaths, and different scouts designs(VIVA DARTH SCOUT VADER!!), is very addicting and replayable, it never, and I mean NEVER gets old(Well perhaps after 3-4 tries....). Another thing I like is that there is only one powerup, and its awesome! it really helps the pwnage. One of the best games I've played, Good luck winning the contest;).

i see fronpage in your future. exellent game

add a shop, its boring without one, possibly some other, mosre interesting missions other than just a survival mode, other than that brilliant.

Decent graphics...I love the gameplay.

Awsome game! You did a great job making it and you came out with a quality game! Just think its a great game!

Bad qraphics.Good though.

yo! that was a good game, it has damn good
music and blood efects!
excelent art and motion of the characters.!

Only got 9 on the highschore. But dude.. freakin' awesome.

All I as it that you add a quality toggle button. It seemed pixley and I think my computer could handle a bit more smoothness.

But everything else was just plain awesome.

never thought killing boyscouts could be so thrilling, i like the blood graphics like the starwars rip to, fun powerups great game

They all fear me!

I got #1 on the highscores!! Go Michael McKay!! :D well i thoght it was an awesome game, very fun. But, i had a problem with 2 things. 1. not enough moves. 2.I got killed by a darth vader! I gave humor a 2 b/c the yelp they gave out was priceless

that good the contols are good. the grafics are realy good. and i hope this make it into newgrounds!

I love it, good thing to do when your bored or angry. Also the controls react very fast.

good job,

first of all, the controlls react slowly, i press left, it doesnt go left for a while, i press right, same.

work on that.

i enjoyed the quickly increasing difficulty definitly made the game better than i expected

Ok. im a BIT biased.. but i think it rocks.. Hope you win the contest!


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4.19 / 5.00