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The Little Jamurai II

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Author Comments

The Little Jamurai: A Day in the Park.
***A note to the viewer: We know that dreadlocks were not big in feudal Japan, we know that there were no radios at the time either and yes we are hipped to the fact that the Las Vegas Stratosphere is a recent addition to the planet...This series is a mash up of Akira Kurosawa, Shaw Brothers and hip hop. It's entertainment.
In this follow up to 2000's "The Little Jamurai", our young warrior comes face to face with the ramifications of his prior actions. If you haven't seen the first Little Jamurai toon, check it out so this will make more sense. Enjoy!
After a long hiatus, Dreadfully Slick Developments is back in business of comics and cartoons. Thanks to all the fans in New Grounds who've suppported us this whole time. Visit Jamurai.com for more cartoons and higher quality sound than you can get here, because we're talking hip hop folks, so the music matters!
MySpace users go to myspace.com/thejamurai and join our community.
A note to those quick to jump to conclusions out there: The Jamurai, originally created for mixtapes in the mid-90's, predate Samurai Champloo, Samurai Jack and Ghost Dog which they are often compared to. We don't mind the comparison, but we were here first.


Finally the second

Honestly i like the style, especially the black and white samurai film thing. Style making a more modern day hip-hop jamurai, completel a good flash. One thing though when the enemies or "thugs" in my perspective attack the lil' jamuria they completely miss i was thinking maybe for future fights have it be less short, and maybe the jamurai just duck using some times hand attacks instead of blade. If he say was fighting a gang of thugs. he could just hit him while the dudes rushing unsheath his sword and point it two his enemies face like giving him a warning... w/e just a idea any ways i think its just great you got a ten for humor cuz dat fat bitch at the end of the flash stay realz dawg



Good premise, but lacking

You started out with a good premise, but it was just a ghettoized version of a really bad samurai film. Character designs were yawnish. I get what you were trynig to do with the b&w, but it ust didn't work, might as well colorize it because the Black and white didn't add any type of mood to the clip. The main character didn't have any depth.

very good, haha his hair fell off.

very good, his hair fell off hahahahahaha good stuff man, love it. it has that kill bill kinda feel to it. i think you should make more, with some scenes being in color, and other not in color, but black and white, itd be cool. orrrrr....since its like jamaican samurai, maybe only use Green, red, white black and orange. i think those are the colors of the jamaican and japanese flags.... definately wnat more. and any little anime geek who cant take a shot in the arm of this genre, can bugger off this is quality shit. more man. please.

velly velly interesting!

to start off, the concept you have going here shows a great deal of promise, to say the least, and so do you as an animator. What I can't seem to grasp is why this particular cartoon is generating so much hubbub amongst the various denizens of Newgrounds. Every time I think I understand the general mentality of the racist elements of our society, they hall off and do something that leaves me bewilderred at the state of things in general, and the few reviews of your stuff that I've read that fall under this catagory have done just that. Secondly, there seem to be some fuedal japan purists/elitists that are also in a tizzy over these 'toons. I don't know about the rest o' yall, but I never once got any kind of sense of it being in Fuedal Japan. It seemed to me like you were going more for Seatle or Chicago with an alternate dimensional dashes of samarai-ism and martial-arts-o-the-east thrown into the mix, making a very original and creative setting that shouldn't be objectionable to anyone. But whe you consider the fact that most (if not all) of the afore-mentioned uedal japan purists/elitists are probably fans of anime', and most anime' fanpeople are alergic to creativity and originality due to their lack of real exposure to it, then maybe their pissin' and moanin' isn't as hard to understand as one might think. Regaurdless of what fools and invalids may say, I think your stoof is awsome, and gleefully look foreward to seeing more in (hopefully) the near future. DON'T MAKE ME WAIT! NORVOLO DOES NOT LIKE TO WAIT!!

dreadslick responds:

Fear not. You will not have to wait long. Besides, when we come across a review like this, by someone as insightful as you obviously are (your anime comments are DEAD ON) it makes us want to work that much harder to please our fans.

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Credits & Info

4.00 / 5.00

Jun 11, 2006
11:10 AM EDT
  • Frontpaged June 12, 2006
  • Daily 2nd Place June 12, 2006
  • Weekly 3rd Place June 14, 2006