The Little Jamurai II

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The Little Jamurai: A Day in the Park.
***A note to the viewer: We know that dreadlocks were not big in feudal Japan, we know that there were no radios at the time either and yes we are hipped to the fact that the Las Vegas Stratosphere is a recent addition to the planet...This series is a mash up of Akira Kurosawa, Shaw Brothers and hip hop. It's entertainment.
In this follow up to 2000's "The Little Jamurai", our young warrior comes face to face with the ramifications of his prior actions. If you haven't seen the first Little Jamurai toon, check it out so this will make more sense. Enjoy!
After a long hiatus, Dreadfully Slick Developments is back in business of comics and cartoons. Thanks to all the fans in New Grounds who've suppported us this whole time. Visit Jamurai.com for more cartoons and higher quality sound than you can get here, because we're talking hip hop folks, so the music matters!
MySpace users go to myspace.com/thejamurai and join our community.
A note to those quick to jump to conclusions out there: The Jamurai, originally created for mixtapes in the mid-90's, predate Samurai Champloo, Samurai Jack and Ghost Dog which they are often compared to. We don't mind the comparison, but we were here first.




Great action.

I loved the action in this flash very creative! The graphics were great! I loved the basic black and white style to it. The characters were in great detail and the surroundings were great as well. I also thought the weapons were amazing and looked very life like. I gave you ten for style because of the black and white colors. It fit very well in the story. What I also thought was very stylish was the blood spray when the samurai's got killed. It was very creative; I've never seen anyone use blood like that before great job! As far as sound goes I thought you had great voice acting. All of the characters voices fit perfectly. Although the gang leaders voice was a bit hard to understand. I have you a 9 for violence only because there wasn't a lot of it. You only had about a minute of action but it was amazing! I would have definately given you a ten for violence if you had more fighting going on. I gave you five for humor because I found it funny how people talked and how the wimpy samurai ran away. Once the movie was over and the credits were on the screen, I found how you showed clips of the flash during the credits was very professional how you did that. It was still black and white and ran very smoothly. Great job makeing this flash I enjoyed watching it very much! The only thing I can think of improveing is have a lot more action in your next flashes! Amazing flash you got here keep up the good work!

dreadslick responds:

Thanks for the well thought out criticism and praise. We're trying to bring a more cinematic feel to to our toons from now on. I hope we're acheiving it for you.

fuck ya

its abute time someone made a new 1!!!

Very good

I liked it. It was very Samurai Champloo-esque but better in my opinion. "Don't make me turn off my music".

It was very decent

I liked the swordsmanship and the fact that the bad guys keeping coming back for revenge, nice concept.

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Jun 11, 2006
11:10 AM EDT
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